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American Idol, Mar. 7 – A Night with Whitney and Stevie

Colton Dixon is singing an old Idol favorite, Lately. Jimmy recognizes it’s not in his wheelhouse, so he asks him to play one of his original songs so they can see where he’s at. It tells him Colton should rely on his vulnerability, and he seems to pull it out much bettor, and even he admits he feels it more. Mary thinks he just needs to do himself singing Lately. Singing it it tonight, he does just that, but he seems very muted until the bridge when he really lets it out.

Steven tells Colton it was outstanding. They say you’re only as good as your last performance and last note, so that was great and beautiful. J-Lo knows he was probably one of the most challenged tonight. Last week she mentioned when he starts to feel from his heart is his strong suit, even singing his big rock songs. And that’s what he did with this song, which is why it was great.

Randy admits that technically at first it wasn’t picture perfect, but what is most out of tune is when he was soft and low. His power notes were always spot on and flawless. It’s a Stevie song, but he made it like Coldplay, or like Steven Tyler singing I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. Ryan can already hear the girls screaming in Hacienda Heights.

Shannon Magrane meets with Jimmy and Mary showing them her version of I Have Nothing. Jimmy mentions that voice is the last thing you expect to come out of her mouth. Mary can see her thinking about getting to the buildup. She needs to just feel it, and when she did, she went for it. Shannon admits it feels better, and Jimmy talks about the moment when she clicked. She’s amazing on it, and Jimmy’s right; I wouldn’t have expected this song out of her. Although when she does that, she does get a little pitchy on a few notes.

J-Lo addresses “Sweet Baby” and tells her the thinking got the best of her tonight. She can sing that song, and Mary and Jimmy heard it, although they didn’t get to hear it tonight. She just needs to relax into it; there’s no rush and no big notes. Just tell the story and make us all feel it. Steven admits the nerves got the best of her. He thinks she crashed and burned on the turnaround. She knows she didn’t get to show them tonight, but can sing her butt of on it. Randy backs that all up and says he felt felt she didn’t quite hit, whether it was her or the band, but it started derailing from there.

Deandre Brackensick gets his stool chat time with Ryan, and talks about how he found a way to sing after he got a second chance to sing for a wildcard spot. He just tried to remember that the judges saw something unique in him, so he wanted a way to show that. But they show him breaking down backstage that night, being very emotional.

With a plan to sing one of his favorite Stevie songs, Master Blaster, Deandre meets with Jimmy and Mary. She wants him to really belt into it, as it’s a feel-good song. Jimmy mentions that he he jumps around and flies around, but it won’t be enough tonight, as he’ll have to sing in perfect dynamic rhythm. He seems to completely get into it while he’s out there tonight, and it becomes infectious, as I want to enjoy it too.

Steven tells Deandre he knows he’s loved him since the beginning, as he has that naive male Naima in him where he takes over the stage with a different flavor, like a Jamaican Patois. He loves it and liked it again tonight. J-Lo chimes in saying he has rhythm and soul and just knows how to perform, as it comes easy to him. She loved it, but found it to be a weird ending, but it could be because she didn’t want it to end.

Randy points out that both he and Joshua showed different sides to them tonight. They know he has the Maxwell and pretty voice and the whole thing, but tonight he was in perfect rhythm and was performing. Randy was feeling it, like the audience, and J-Lo didn’t want it to stop. He’s now showed American both sides, balladeer and uptemo.

Skylar Laine takes her rendition of Where Do Broken Hearts Go to Jimmy and Mary. Jimmy asks if she’s ever sung Whitney before, and of course she hasn’t. It’s challenging, as she admits no one compares to Whitney. Jimmy thinks she’s going from subtle to blast, and Mary wants her to hit the high notes before she’s finished. She pulls the chorus back a little and Jimmy thinks she’s in the pocket. Mary admits she’s got it, and now somehow has J-Lo’s goosies. She manges to do just that again tonight and holds it back without blasting it, and shows she has a beautiful voice and doesn’t always have to Reba it, but does throw a little of it in there at the end for us.

As I try to calm my own goosies, Jennifer tells Skylar she’s like the definition of composure. There were a few parts in the beginning that were nasally and not perfect, but she kept it geother and gave them their biggest moment of the night. She shows off her goosies too.

Steven tells Skylar it was a thing of beautfy and well-done. He liked the way she climbed the ladder until she nailed it at the end. That’s all anyone wants, and she gave it so much more than that. Randy agrees, and says what he loves about her is that the other singers are just in one bag. She’s a country girl, but just proved she could sing any song.