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Getting The Edge on The Competition – The Apprentice 2, Episode 12

by aurora

Last week on The Apprentice, Kelly was sent over to Apex and the teams were assigned to create an in-store catalog for Levi’s. Apex won the task hands-down, largely due to a ‘fit wheel’ created by Ivana. Ivana was angered when Jen took credit for her creation, leading Trump to congratulate her on her performance on the task. While Apex enjoyed their reward – a visit with Billy Joel – Mosaic headed to the boardroom where Maria and Wes blamed each other for their failure. In a surprising move, Trump fired Maria…and Wes. Six are left; who will be fired tonight?

Up in the suite the members of Apex are preparing dinner and speculating on who will be gone. Jen thinks Wes will be gone, and Kelly doesn’t really care. Andy and Sandy return to the suite and everyone is shocked – suddenly they’re at the final six and it’s truly every man/woman for themselves.

Sandy asks if anyone honestly thought that she would be in the final six, and most of them say no. She says privately that she’s the last one left without a college education, but she doesn’t think that will “play a toll”.

Ivana calls a team meeting for Apex and says that she’d like to be the next project manager. Jen wants it too, however, and throws up a roadblock. Ivana is steaming mad, saying that she feels that she’s earned the opportunity to lead the team since she kicked butt in the last task. Kelly says he wants it too so that he can get an exemption and be guaranteed a pass into the final four. They decide to draw names, and Kelly’s is pulled out of the hat.

Kelly, Kevin and Ivana are in a bedroom whispering about Jen. None of them like her and want to see her gone. Jen overhears them and says that she knows she has no allies, but she’s there to work hard and win.

The phone rings, as it always does the following morning, and Kelly once again gets to be the studly half-dressed answerer. Rona tells him to meet with Mr. Trump at 9am at Trump Place, a new property he’s developing on the West Side.

Andy is the project manager for Mosaic, and he says that Kelly is 37 (old) while he’s 22. He wants to show everyone that youth and creativity can win out over age and experience. Hey wait a minute, who says us “oldies” aren’t creative?

The teams arrive at Trump Place, where The Donald tells Apex to send someone over to Mosaic. Kelly offers up Jen immediately, and when asked why, he says that he wants to keep the strongest team possible. Jen doesn’t look thrilled, but makes no comment.

Trump brags about Trump place, saying how much people love the name “Trump”. Oh please. I don’t know whether to roll my eyes or admire his confidence. Anyway, he says that the teams are about to go to the head offices of Pepsi where they will design a new bottle and an ad campaign for a new product called Pepsi Edge. Isn’t that the low-carb Pepsi? Don’t get me started on that.

With Trump is David B., the Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsi. He will be the judge and decide which team has the stronger presentation.

Sandy and Andy welcome Jen to Mosaic, while Ivana breathes a sigh of relief at having the blond tumour removed from their team. Jen says that Kelly, Kevin and Ivana are very negative, and she would like nothing better than to have a “big victory”.

It’s that time again – Trump’s Lessons to Live By. “Form Your Own Opinion” is this week’s mantra. Trump says that he’s a leader that listens intently to his team, but in the end he forms his own opinion. He says that the leader who wants to be loved ulimately is not going to make it.

Mosaic arrives at Pepsi and Sandy explains that Pepsi Edge has less calories but all the taste of regular Pepsi. Gosh, that sounds like an ad all on its own. They brainstorm some ideas, and Andy starts to get hyper. Could be all the soda he’s guzzling, but Sandy chalks it up to a lack of maturity.

Meanwhile Ivana suggests that they make their bottle in the shape of an Academy Award. Um, fit wheel good, Oscar bottle bad. Kelly puts the kibosh on that idea, and suggests a bottle with a hole in the middle. Ivana keeps joking around, annoying the others.

Sandy comes up with a round Pepsi bottle, but Andy doesn’t like it. Jen thinks a bottle with bulbs on either end is more practical, and talks over Sandy while trying to present her idea.

Apex presents their bottle with a hole to the design team, and it’s not received well at first. They decide to go ahead with it anyway and watch as it’s being developed. They have to wait 12-13 hours for manufacturing, and Ivana feels that since they now have all this time they must be missing something. They all leave the Pepsi building and head home.

The next day Mosaic is at Pepsi early to hammer out the graphics. The graphics team isn’t moving fast enough for Andy, and he gives them each $100 as an incentive. Carolyn witnesses this and raises her eyebrows, as Sandy wonders if this isn’t bribery. She says privately that you just don’t do business like that in the corporate world; it’s like a used-car salesman move.

Andy says that lunch will not come into the room until the designers are done. He reminds them that they’re all $100 richer, hoping to get them to move faster. It doesn’t seem to work very well, however.

Apex is also at Pepsico, admiring their bottles. Ivana says that it was so beautiful it brought a tear to her eye. Meanwhile, Andy and Jen are discussing how much they want to take Kelly down.

Ivana, Kevin and Kelly are all walking around mumbling their pitch, looking like a bunch of crazy people. They deicide they’re ready and head into what they thought would be a conference room, and discover at least 100 people in what looks like a college lecture room. David is there and welcomes them, saying that the entire marketing team is there to see their stuff. The blinds close and Kelly is off and running.

Kelly explains that they asked them to think outside the box, and what they did was put the box into the bottle. Ivana explains that they can put promotional items into the hole in the bottle, and describes how they spelled out Edge with the holes and the labels. At the end of the presentation, they get a round of applause.

Mosaic is up next, and Andy kicks things off. He says that the soft drink world is divided in two – regular vs diet. Their bottle has two bulbs on either end with a platform on the bottom, and the bulbs look like globes. This leads to the slogan: Pepsi Edge, the Best of Both Worlds. The ad execs look rather shocked, and one woman’s eyes almost pop out of her head. Sandy describes a contest that they can use to promote the product, and stumbles over her words. Jen wraps things up with an instore promotion idea. Mosaic also gets applause.

The advertising execs tear apart Mosaic’s bottle, saying that it looks like two blobs of badly coloured tennis ball, and they don’t remember the last time geography was cool. The whole toom is laughing at this thing. They like the Apex bottle quite a bit though, and think that Apex really captured what Pepsi stands for.

David brings the teams back in and gets Trump on the phone. He says that Apex had an innovative design that was exciting and contemporary. He tells Trump that Mosaic were very consistent, but their bottle wasn’t very interesting and you couldn’t tell there was even anything in the bottle. Apex wins the task, and Trump congratulates them on the speed with which they put everything together. Their reward is a trip on Trump’s personal helicopter to the Pocono’s race track, where they will race Lamborghini’s. Andy swears while Apex hugs, and Kelly is assured that he will be exempt next week and guaranteed final four.

Apex takes off for their reward, and are very impressed with the cars. Kevin says that this is his dream car, and it does not get better than this. They race around the track, and Ivana says that the experience was almost like having sex. What I want to know is why they weren’t wearing helmets. Do they have sex without protection?

Back at the suite, Ivana tells Andy that Jen sucks to have on a team, but she’s really good in the boardroom. She says that Jen has a way of kissing up to the PM and steer blame away from herself. Andy goes straight to Jen and tells her that it’s Sandy he wants to go after. They shake on it and Andy leaves. Later in the kitchen, Sandy asks Jen how she thinks Andy did as a leader. Jen replies that it’s difficult to say, and Sandy points out that he gave out money and acted immature, but Jen won’t commit to anything.

In the boardroom, Trump asks who came up with the overall concept for their bottle. Andy says it was his idea, and that he likes it quite a bit. George asks if he can honestly see 10 or 15 million of those out there, that won’t even fit in a cup holder. Trump suggests that maybe it could be used as dumbells. George points out that the bottle relates to geography, which has nothing to do with the product.

Sandy says that she came up with the contest concept, but when Andy is asked who was the least creative, he says that Sandy was. Andy also says that Jen is smarter, and Sandy is harder to manage. Sandy tells Trump about the money Andy gave to the designers and how he made them wait for their pizza. Andy tries to stand up for himself, but Carolyn isn’t buying it.

Jen is asked about Andy’s leadership, and she says something wishy-washy about him being enthusiastic. Carolyn says that it’s a “safe” answer, but Jen doesn’t think it is. She adds that Sandy did an okay job, but she wasn’t as good as Andy was. Trump says that this team got along fine until they lost, and now they’re at each others throats.

Trump asks Andy if Sandy did anything, since he keeps saying how great Jen is. Andy says that Sandy did the label, which is “pretty good”. Trump decides that the whole team will be coming back in, and sends them out to reception to wait.

George likes the way that Sandy defended herself, and Carolyn questions why the project managers always stick up for Jen. Trump thinks it’s because Jen is smart. Meanwhile, outside, Mosaic is arguing over who did what and who’s pointing fingers.

Trump calls them back in, and he asks Jen why each week she continues to slide by. She says that she works hard and the PM’s have stood up to say that she has done a good job for them. Sandy is asked who did the worst job, and she says Jen because she flies under the radar. Sandy and Jen argue amongst themselves while Andy sits and looks around shaking his head.

Jen throws out the fact that Andy came to her that morning to tell her that Ivana wanted to get of her, and Sandy realizes that Andy went to Jen so that she could back him up. Even George wants to know why Andy didn’t tell Sandy about his decision, but his question just causes a flurry of more arguing.

Trump finally thumps his desk to shut them up, and tells Andy he’s getting pounded on and out-debated. He doesn’t want someone running one of his companies that’s going to get beat up this badly, and so Andy…you’re fired.

Jen and Sandy get up and leave, and start bickering again as they board the elevator as Robin watches. Back in the boardroom, Trump tells Andy that the two women are “tough hombres”, and Andy agrees. He thanks Trump for the “opportunity of a lifetime” and leaves.

As Andy is taking the elevator down to the street, Trump tells George and Caroline that he thought Sandy was going but he just couldn’t fire her after she showed so much spunk. George adds that she “went at it”. Trump says that he’s always thought that women were tougher than men, and this proves it.

In his cab ride of shame, Andy says that everyone has always said that he’s too young, but that’s not the case. He thought that Sandy was going, but obviously Mr. Trump thought differently. He laughs about the absurdity of the boardroom scene he just experienced and says he never though it would happen this way. He’s proud of what he’s done, and he hopes his family is proud of him as well. I’m pretty sure they are.

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