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The Voice, Mar. 5 – Let the Battle Round Begin Edition

Back at the ranch, Blake pairs Brian Fuente and Jordis Unga.  We get a quick recap which shows Jordis mentioning everything she’s done to make it as a singer, but she leaves out that this isn’t her first shot on a reality singing show. She was also on Rock Star: INXS, where the band INXS used the format to find a new lead singer. Jordis came in fith place that time. Now, she’s going for #1.

Blake gives them Ironic by Alanis Morrisette.  (Which, when you consider how Alanis is a coach for Adam’s team, it’s almost sort of, I don’t know, ironic?) Brian feels like he’s at a disadvantage since it’s a song designed for a female singer, but it seems like Jordis is having more trouble in the first rehearsal.

The next day, Blake introduces Brian to Kelly Clarkson. Kelly seems to do a good job of putting Brian through the paces. She’s not afraid to really dig in. However, Jordis gets Miranda. Is that as big of an advantage as it seems to be? Jordis seems worried about the duet and asks what she needs to do to win. She gets a nice sit-down moment with the couple.

We also get Blake explaining that he’s pitting his two rockers against each other and wants it to rock and does that thing when you make a fist with you pointer finger, pinky and thumb out.  He has no idea what it means, but he wants them to move him to do that. Blake can go ask Gene Simmons, who did that all the time.  I think Richard Dawson from Family Feud did as well, but I don’t think it meant the same thing.

Brian and Jordis make their way to the stage, both decked out in black. Jordis opens the song. She sings the first verse sounding both vulnerable and strong, and tears into the chorus with Brian basically doing back up. Brian gets verse two and adds some falsetto before he hits the chorus, although I don’t think what Jordis does can be called backup for him. Then there are a couple more lines of nothing much as they end it.

Christina thinks there were a lot of shaky moments, but picks Jordis.  Cee Lo got more of a kick out of Brian’s aggressiveness. Adam says it was tough to choose, but gives it to Jordis. Blake explains how he wanted a rocker and holds up Adam as an example. Blake rips into both of them and tells them it sucked. (Well, that’s awkward.) However, he picks Jordis. While I can’t say that I disagree with him, that’s two for two for the singers that Miranda helped coach. Hmmm.

Christina decides to pair Anthony Evans and Jessie Campbell to sing If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys.  Jessie seems confident to the point of being a little cocky. That puts Anthony in the role of underdog.

Jessie also gets to rehearse with Lionel Ritchie, who tries to rein Jessie in. I’m not sure that he gets what they were trying to say.  Anthony works with Jewel, who coaches to the emotional side of the song.

The lights go down, and it’s time to rumble.  Anthony and Jessie trade one line after the other. Their voices blend nicely and it’s very tastefully done.  Anthony gets the first audience scream, but Jessie comes out swinging too. These two really sound great together.  Jessie gets a fancy “B, B Baby” in there, but Anthony hits some notes out of the park!  Hard to say, but if it were me, I’d pick Anthony.

Cee Lo says he’s really impressed with them both. Adam agrees.  Neither seems to want to give a recommendation. After some prompting, Adam gives it to Jessie. Cee Lo stays mum.  Blake thinks it was so good it was ridiculous.  He picks Jessie because of the “B, B, Baby.”

And it looks like the “B, B, Baby” wins it for Jessie.  While I preferred Anthony, I can’t say that I blame Christina.

The only time I thought the judges really got it wrong was with Blake’s first choice, but I do like Raelynn, so we’ll see how that goes.  That’s it for tonight folks. See y’all next week for Battle Round part II!

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