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The Voice, Mar. 5 – Let the Battle Round Begin Edition

Now Christina gets her turn.  She pairs up Chris Mann and Monique Benabou and gives them Power of Love by Celine Dion.  This is the first male vs. female this season. Chris has the advantage in terms of experience, knowledge and just power, but Monique is not going down without a fight.

Christina actually got Lionel Ritchie to come in and help out. Lionel taks about embracing his imperfections, embracing his gut and giving an emotional performance.

For Monique, Jewel comes in and watches her blind audition.  Jewel did a turn on Nashville Star some time ago, and I remember that she really did a good job helping the contestants there.  We don’t get to see much with her, but I think she did the same here.

We then get a quick a shot of the couple practicing. Monique gets tears in her eyes and Chris realizes that he’s going to have to fight for it.

The battle begins. Monique goes first for half a verse, then Chris takes the second half. The pair do a little hand gesture with each other.  The power notes build and Chris lets his classical side show, however Monique is holding her own. I really can’t name a winner here.

Cee Lo thinks they were both great, but he feels Chris was the best.  Adam is less sure, but goes with Chris as well. Blake seemed to go with Monique. Christina heaps the praise on both of them too. She loves the emotion from Monique and the strength of Chris. In the end, power wins out over feeling and Chris wins.

Cee Lo announces right off the bat that he wants a fight between Cheesa and Angie Johnson.  I can’t help but wonder if he’s thinking pillow fight.  He hands them Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, which in my mind is a song perfect for a battle round.

We watch as mentor and contestants gather around the piano and discuss what key to sing the song in. In fact, it seems to become a contest on how many steps to bring it up.

Baby Face meets with Cheesa and talks about money notes and seems to give some decent advice. Ne-Yo, (or as his friends call him, Yo) sings with Angie. Then we get some talk that has something to do with triggers and the military.

Cheesa and Angie take the stage and prepare to do battle. Right from the start they trade off on singing the line “Turna round” and the other lines. Angie makes her way to Cee Lo’s part of the stage and sings right to him. Smart.  Plenty of really strong notes from both, but they pull it back for the ending. Very nicely done. If I had to choose, I’d probably pick Angie here.

Adam felt they were both really powerful, and thinks there’s no loser. He utters something that not only gets bleeped, but also his lips get pixeled out of focus.  He seems to not know who to recommend and gives a “I don’t know, Cheesa?” Blake feels there was no weak moments, but gives it to Angie for diction. Christina was also back and forth, but thinks Angie as well. Cee Lo talks about how he’s a proud papa. When it’s time to decide, he picks Cheesa.