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The Voice, Mar. 5 – Let the Battle Round Begin Edition

Tonight on The Voice, we begin to see the singers duke it out with the Battle Rounds. (Cue theme music from Rocky!) We also get some celebrity help from Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Ne-Yo, BabyFace, Alanis Morrisette, Robin Thicke, Jewel and Lionel Ritchie!

For those of you new to the Battle Rounds, the different coaches have to whittle their teams down to 6 contestants.  To do this they pair them up, assign them a song and have them come out on a stage/boxing ring and perform the song as a duet.  Then, while each coach can weigh in, only their own coach gets to decide if they will be kept or let go.  Will the coaches stack the decks to get the strongest singers on their final teams?  Will we see the guest coaches give some really great advice?  Will Miranda keep Blake under control? Let’s find out!!

Adam’s team is up first.  He annouces Tony Lucca will be going head-to-head with Chris Cauley. Of course, at this point they’ll all love and respect each other. I wonder if anyone will trip their opponents? Adam also picks the song, A Beautiful Day by U2.

We get a quick recap of their journey to this point.  Tony was the Mickey Mouse club member and Chris had the Bluegrass grandmother.

Both singers gather with Adam and a piano player to start learning the song. The mutual love fest continues.

The next day Tony gets to meet Alanis Morrisette.  Adam starts to coach Tony about pushing too hard. Alanis asks him if there are notes he’s afraid of going for. We get a small taste of what’s to come.

Chris gets help from Robin Thicke, who is so cool he wears his sunglasses in the studio.  With Chris, there’s talk about emotions in singing.

Tony and Chris take the long walk into the building for the cameras and go to opposite sides. Set up like a boxing match, Carson Daly introduces them one by one, starting with Chris, who walks out to cheers from everyone, including his wife.  Tony, who has his wife and little girl in attendance, follows.

Tony sings the first two lines, and then Chris takes the next two. Chris gives us the Beautiful say line while Tony sings the money note of Oh under or over it.  Then they reverse it on the second chorus. Tony gets in some nice falsetto notes.  I’m not sure if I heard a clear winner.

Blake seems to need the Mouseketeer part explained to him. He also recommends Chris because of pitch.  Christina picks Tony who she played mouse with once, (Along with Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake.) She also gets interrupted, not by the guys on the panel, but by Tony’s adorable little girl. Cee Lo also picks Tony for articulating the song better.

Adam, who is the only one who gets to choose, tells them he thought they were both great and he didn’t think it was going to be this tough. (Which makes you wonder who he thought would stink.) In the end, he goes with Tony. Chris goes out with grace, but I have to wonder again, was this a foregone conclusion?

We head out to the country for Blake to meet with his team for him to pair Adely Stump and Raelynn, who he says he paired because they’re both very different. One auditioned with a song from the beautiful and blonde Nashville Star Alum Miranda Lambert.  The other belted out a hit from American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, who also is blond and beautiful. Yeah, polar opposites these two. He gives them Free Falling from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Blake starts coaching the two and Raelynn hits a pretty bad note right away.  Adely sounds pretty good. Blake brings in Miranda for Raelynn.  We get treated to some squeaky noises from Raulynn over meeting Miranda that I could have lived without. Miranda sings along with Raelynn.  Both Blake and Miranda tell Raelynn to sing as herself and not to try and outdo Adely in power notes.

Adely comes in the next day to meet Kelly Clarkson. Thankfully, there’s no squeaking. Kelly gives her some advice about blending in and then letting it loose. Ok, as they go on I see the differences here. Raelynn gets a call from Miranda. That doesn’t bode well for Adely if Miranda has taken a liking to Raelynn.

Adely and Raelynn take the stage, shake hands and get ready to rumble. Raelynn starts and I’ve gotta say, I winced at her opening notes. She’s nervous and it shows. They harmonize on the first chorus. Adely takes the 2nd verse and sounds pretty good. She even points to Cee Lo for the line about bad boys. Adely is doing really good about the softer notes and the little power touches.  Raelynn seems to finally hit her stride and impresses Christina.

Christina asks about Raelynn’s age and I get the feeling that she’s using that to point out that she needs more time to develop. She definitely recommends Adely. Cee Lo agrees, but Adam recommends Raelynn. Is he being nice or does he want Blake to have the weaker singer? Blake talks about how country singers tell stories, but he feels that Raelynn won.  Huh? Really? Well I didn’t see that coming.