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The Amazing Race, Mar. 4 – “Hotter Than New Love”

Blonde Rachel and Dave reach the Roadblock, and she decides he should do this one. Why she would decide that walking into a challenge while women dance with bottles on their heads is beyond me. He knows his odd-shaped head is not conducive to this. She knows he’s frustrated and thinks they’ll end up taking the two-hour penalty. I wonder if you could just take that to begin with before wasting the time to go through all the bottles. He ends up breaking all the bottles, and they take the penalty, as he says this isn’t their day. It’s too bad they didn’t save their Express Pass for this challenge. They reach Phil’s mat and are told they have to wait out the penalty before he can check them in. Dave calls the day a complete failure on them as a team.

Mississippi looks over and sees how fast Big Brother are moving through the challenge. They finish and need to get it approved. They pass and move on to the Roadblock. Bopper and Mark finish as well. Back at the watermelons, Vanessa and Ralph are just finishing, but their pyramid collapses. Joey and Danny finish and get applause and a clue from the locals. Ralph is changing his tune a little and now wants to quit this and move on to the harp. When you’re already in the back of the pack, that just isn’t smart.

Mississippi, the “Teachers,” and Elliot and Andrew are still stringing their harps. Mississippi passes with theirs and mention being a good team. The “Teachers” pass as well and head to the Roadblock. Elliot and Andrew argue while stringing theirs, and they decide to go to the watermelon challenge. Again, that’s not smart. Additionally, they have no cab. Vanessa and Ralph have their pyramid collapse again. Elliot and Andrew decide to just go back and finish their harp, realizing it’s better to start and finish something. Vanessa and Ralph decide not to quit either, wanting to set a good example for his 13-year-old daughter.

Blonde Rachel and Dave still have 47 minutes left to wait out before they can be checked in. It’s out of their control. Big Brother lands at the Roadblock, and Redhead Rachel smartly decides to do it, as Joey and Danny arrive, with Joey accepting the challenge. Bopper and Mark arrive as well, and Mark decides to do it. Rachel breaks a bottle just as she’s lying down with it and conscientiously asks if they have a broom. Mark breaks one as well, as does Joey. The “Teachers” and Mississippi arrive, with Nary and Kerri agreeing to do the dance.

Redhead Rachel finishes her dance as Kerri breaks a bottle. Joey manages to complete it as well, as Mark, Kerri, and Nary all break bottles. Brendon tells Rachel to run, and she says she can’t, crying that Joey and Danny are going to beat them. Big Brother arrives on the mat with her barely breathing and coughing, and Brendon tells her she did amazing. They’re named team number two, and Joey and Danny team number three, as Brendon congratulates them with a “Atta Boy!” Blonde Rachel calls it disheartening as they wait still with 30 minutes on their clock.

Mark and Nary finish the Roadblock, while Kerri still keeps breaking bottles. While they run to the pit stop, Blonde Rachel and Dave stand with only seconds left on the clock, yet the “Teachers” and Kentucky land on Phil’s mat before the clock completely runs out. Kentucky is team number four, the “Teachers” team number five, and Rachel and Dave team number six. Phil tells them it’s the first time ever a team has not completed a challenge, but stayed in the Race. Dave knows they can only improve from this point. Bopper proclaims, “We have been put through the test and stand in front of you today,” then yells, “but we’re still here, Baby!

Elliot and Andrew are still stringing the harp, and Vanessa and Ralph are still stacking watermelons. He tells her they’ll be there until midnight and asks if she’s “down,” which she says she is. Mississippi reaches Phil’s mat without a penalty to be named team number seven, so apparently Kerri finally finished the challenge.

Elliot and Andrew finish stringing their harp and leave for the Roadblock, questioning Detour choice. They call their position extremely disheartening. Vanessa and Ralph only have two more watermelons to go. They finally finish it, with not as many locals left to applaud them, and head to the Roadblock.

Elliot and Andrew land at the Roadblock, and Elliot decides to do the bottle dance, while Andrew shakes his head. In the cab, Vanessa and Ralph don’t think anyone else took as long with the challenges, and are pretty sure they’re dead last. Elliot keeps breaking bottles, as Andrew tells him to get the balance first. Vanessa says they may be finishing dirty and disgusting and may take hours to do so, but they’re going to do it.

Vanessa and Ralph see the twins still working on the Roadblock as they get there and realize they’re still in it. Andrew yells out to his brother to focus. Oddly, Vanessa wants Ralph to do this challenge, using the reasoning that his head is harder than hers. Both guys are competing against each other and breaking bottles as they go. Elliot gets to the point of lying down and breaks his bottle right at that point. Ralph finishes first, as Vanessa tells him she is so proud of him.

Elliot finishes just after, and both teams race for the pit stop. Ralph tells Vanessa the twins can outrun them, so they need to hurry. She’s at the point of walking, while the twins are running. Nonetheless, Vanessa and Ralph get to the pit stop first to be named team number eight.

Joey and Danny reach Phil’s mat and are Philiminated. Vanessa and Ralph tell them they did a good job. Elliot feels like he let his brother down. Joey thinks they’ll look back on this and laugh, yet it will be something they will always cherish. It’s been tough, but amazing. He’s proud of them for pushing through. He’s going to take the whole experience and remember not everyone gets to do it.

Words to the wise, future racers. Never be indecisive in this race. If you decide to switch tasks, get out there and do it. And if you’re in the back of the pack, don’t quit. What ultimately cost Elliot and Ralph was deciding to quit, then deciding to go back. Had they just stuck with the task, they would still be in it.

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