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Real Housewives of Atlanta; Ep, 15 – “From the Motherland to Haterville”

Loyalty, Kandi’s “racial” comment, and Lunch.

The ladies are excited and very much ready to return home to Atlanta. Bye-bye to the Motherland. Here goes Marlo with her designer belongings that she insists must be packed in which designer bag accordingly. Heaven forbids a bag or Louis Vuitton gets left behind in Africa. Their paid bag packer has that to worry about though.

Kandi vents to Cynthia –  a Tall – about the whole misunderstanding about Sheree throwing her under the bus, for loyalty towards Kim. It’s still bothering Kandi. That’s completely understandable because now Kim is probably thinking Kandi made a derogatory comment about her not wanting to hold a black baby, let alone visit Africa. And that completely was not the case.

It also rains on the ladies’ last day in Africa, as they leave. Phaedra claims the country is crying because they are leaving. Actually, with all the drama and designer flashing over the place, a higher power was more than likely purifying Africa.

Kim is trying to find a nanny because she needs the help with her large house, two maids, Sweetie, and closet of wigs. Oh yeah, and help with her three kids also. Sweetie relaxes by the pool, and Kim scolds her for not being an assistant. I won’t comment on that particular relationship.

Cynthia brings a couple of things home to her daughter and forgets to pick up a little South African souvenir for Peter. Wow. And now she doesn’t want a big anniversary party. If that’s not telling of the marriage, I don’t know what is.

She lets us and Peter in on NeNe’s life, whose son (Bryson) was arrested again for stealing from … a Walmart? Really? Of all places. I guess that’s what they get for trying to take over the world.

Kim loves herself (and Kroy and the kids) so much she wants to plaster portraits all over the house. She weighs her options concerning Sweetie with her interior designer friend. Uh-oh, Sweetie’s future is looking pretty dim … or less blonde.

Kandi updates Momma Burrus on the drama that happened in South Africa. She and Phaedra take a ride to Kim’s new home to have lunch and stop by Sheree’s property along the way. It isn’t appearing much like a house, more like dirt mounds. Maybe she missed paying the contractors on time while in Africa. Taking Marlo up on her offer for a loan is probably still not up for discussion.

Sheree arrives first at Kim’s new home for lunch. Of course. Sheree gets her point of view across to Kim as to why she brought up Kandi and the “black baby shenanigans” in Africa. Let the whispering in ears begin. “Out of all the Smalls, Kim and I are the closest.” Sheree clears that up neatly.

Now that Sheree’s stirred the pot, Kandi and Phaedra arrive at Kim’s home for lunchtime. And to hash out problems among the Smalls. Phaedra whips out a gift to secure her place with the Smalls Boss (Kim, a ‘la NeNe). “I heard you all were thinking about me in Africa.” Kim’s ready to get to the business.

Peter is planning an anniversary black-tie party. NeNe, his partner in planning events, arrives late as usual and gives her extravagant suggestions for the party. There isn’t a set budget, but finances aren’t exactly secure with Cyn and Peter. For the record. Peter doesn’t even bring his checkbook to the meeting. ‘Nuff said.

After the meeting with the party planner, Peter has a talk with NeNe about her son being in jail. She debates whether to bail him out of jail or teach him a lesson. NeNe is only showing “tough love” .. what’s five days in the pen in Atlanta? Peter tries to get his point across that a holding cell is just as traumatic as prison. Bryson could come out a different man. Not for the best.

Lunch at Kim’s finally centers on Kandi’s comment about the orphanage. Sheree and Kim have a ten-year history. But Kandi can certainly hold her own against Sheree. Another verbal showdown, and on Kim’s posh veranda. The lesser known problems of Kim and Kandi’s friendship come to the surface as they get into a heated confrontation. Oh no, friendships are in limbo and The Smalls are weakening as a force.

The next episode: Phaedra gets into make-up for the deceased. Peter asks to borrow money from Cynthia. Remember when she said she wouldn’t financially back him anymore after that hard road to marriage? Now there will be a rift between her and the family. Kim debates whether to let Sweetie go. NeNe is trying to figure out what to do abou Bryson, again. The fracture in the Smalls’ friendship expands.

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