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Alma Gemela – The Bachelor 6, Episode 9

by LauraBelle

Byron’s mom, Joan, is a very astute woman. The first thing she notices about Byron’s two love interests, Mary and Tanya, are that they are both very secure with themselves. Both of these women are drop-dead gorgeous, so for anyone to look past that upon first notice is poignant. Secondly, she tells Byron after meeting both of the women, that they both have all the traits he is looking for in a woman, but they will take him on different paths. He just needs to decide which path he wants to travel on.

Byron opens the show by welcoming his parents to the Bachelor mansion. He tells them he is feeling good about both of these women. He is looking very forward to his parents offering him their opinion. I think those are words every parent wants to hear. I’m not likely to hear them soon from my eleven-year-old son.

Mary is still unsure what to do. Her parents were hurt badly after meeting Bachelor Bob, and then having Mary dumped shortly thereafter. She isn’t sure whether she wants to expose her parents to that pain and hurt again. They meet her in the hotel room and all three are speaking Spanish (those of us taking notes are grateful for the subtitles). Mary’s parents are of Cuban descent and don’t speak any English. Asking them if they would like to met Byron, they both just say last time hurt them so much, only because it was hard to watch Mary be in so much pain. Mary wants them to see how comfortable she and Byron are together.

Byron is saying that if Mary brings her parents, he will know she is ready for a commitment. He opens the door and finds Mary with her parents. The first thing he does is speak Spanish to them, putting them immediately at ease. Joan asks if Mary’s parents know how Byron makes a living. Mary replies that they do, because her father was a fisherman in Cuba. Mary’s mother adds some humor and says he’s too old for that now.

Mary’s dad asks the million dollar question – What are Byron’s true intentions toward Mary? Byron explains the experience has been very difficult, and that he is in it to find a woman to spend the rest of his life with. Much different than Bob who was there to bed as many women as possible. Mary’s mom says she’s happy to see Mary with such happiness, as Mary has been looking for it for such a long time.

Mary asks to borrow Joan, and takes her to the side for a private talk. She wants Joan to know her innermost feelings, things she hasn’t even shared with Byron yet. She tells Joan that she has fallen for Byron, loves him, and wants to take care of him and have a family.

Without their Mary as interpreter, Byron, his dad, and Mary’s parents are getting along just fine. Mary’s dad wants to know what kind of fishing Byron does. Byron answers in Spanish, and all laugh as they discuss how Byron kisses the fish good-bye as he sets them free. Their evening over, Mary escorts her parents back to their hotel. After he is told he’ll like meeting Tanya too, Byron’s dad says they’ll have a problem if Tanya is “just as good.”

Back at the hotel, Peggy, Tanya’s mom, shows up at Tanya’s hotel door. Her dad wasn’t able to get away from work. This is very important to Tanya, as she feels her mother is her best friend. Peggy gets a little upset initially when she finds Byron is quite a bit older at forty. Back at the mansion, Joan is glad they are meeting Tanya on a different day, so as to better differentiate between the two women. Byron tells his parents that Tanya had initially chosen Jay over him, and that he likes to tease her about it.

As Peggy and Tanya show up at the mansion, Byron’s dad says it’s so great to see this side of Byron again; they haven’t seen it in quite awhile. Tanya tells them she used to teach secondary education, but is now an elementary Special Education teacher, and would like to teach Physical Education some day. Joan notices that Tanya is very secure-looking woman.

As they explain their lifestyles to their prospective in-laws, Byron and Tanya are making good impressions. Asked about his life, Byron says he fishes on Lake Mead, and travels to Spain and Japan often for his fishing tournaments. Tanya can appreciate this lifestyle as she was raised around a beach. Asked how she’ll feel about Byron’s frequent working absences, Tanya feels she’ll adjust. Asked why Tanya is here with him now, Byron says they enjoyed a connection from the start. Byron’s dad uses the opportunity to tease Tanya about originally choosing Jay.

Joan and Tanya sneak away for a bit, and Tanya feels this is “hugely important.” Asked how she’ll feel if she gets the final rose, Tanya says she’ll feel great about it, as she is there for a purpose, and tells Joan she is falling in love with Byron. She can picture him being a dad and raising a family.

Joan’s talk with Tanya done, she asks Byron for help in the kitchen. She tells him both women are great, and he has some work cut out for him with making a decision. She advises him to examine what his life will be with the different women, and chooses one of the paths. She winds it up telling him no matter what, she and his dad will back him one hundred percent.

The next day Tanya joins Byron in his hometown of Lake Mead, Nevada to meet four of Byron’s friends – Mikey, Monica, Jason and Carrie. Tanya feels immediately comfortable with them like she does with Byron. After explaining she is in Special Education, she is asked if she can do that anywhere. Tanya adds her license extends to Colorado, so why not go somewhere else? Tanya is then asked a really tough question. What does she have over Mary. Tanya says she’s a better mach because she sees so many commonalities between her and Byron.

Monica and Tanya sneak away for a private chat and Monica doesn’t beat around the bush as she asks Tanya if it will bother her to be away from Byron so often while he is on his fishing tours. Tanya says it won’t be easy, but she’ll learn to adjust. Next, Tanya is asked if she has considered what she’ll say if Byron proposes. Tanya doesn’t hesitate as she says she would accept. Monica winds up the chat by saying if she had a picture of Byron’s perfect mate, it would be a picture of her.

Back with everyone else, Carrie asks Tanya if she thinks she and Byron are “too similar.” Tanya maintains they are very compatible. Monica says Byron is happier than she has ever seen him. By the end, Tanya feels Byron’s friends’ feelings are validation of her and Byron’s relationship.

Byron wants to spend some time alone on the water with Tanya, and they board his fishing boat. He gives her some quick lessons in fishing. Tanya says she loved seeing Byron in his natural environment, as it’s very sexy. After, they go back to his house, where he shows her his “two-boat garage.” Byron wants to share this place he values so much with Tanya. After some more time alone, Byron says it has been a long day, and winds up the evening. Again, Tanya feels this solidified everything she was feeling, yet she still has fears because of Mary.

The next day, Mary is waiting for Byron at the the beach. She says she instantly got butterflies when she saw him. Byron tells her this is Lake Mead where he won the US Open. Oddly, Mary asks how yesterday went, and Byron replies it went great. Mary seems a little upset, saying, “Oh really? But I wasn’t there.” Byron appears to shove off her feelings.

Mary and Byron go to his friends’ house, and meet up with Mikey, Monica, Jason and Carrie. Jason and Carrie are obviously Bachelor fans, as they recognize Mary right away as having been on the show before with Bob. Mary talks of how difficult it has been this time, and how twice she wanted to leave, but that Byron had convinced her to stay. Asked if she would leave Florida, she says no, because of her family.

Mike notes all the others are getting caught up in the celebrity of having a previous person from Bachelor in their midst. He takes Mary aside for some tough questions. He tells her she got so close with Bob, and is closer now, and wants to know if she is just in it to win. Mary says she is not in love with the idea of getting married, and that this is not a game to her. Mary can seem like such a wounded puppy, but she is one tough cookie when she needs to be. Asked if she would be ready to marry Byron in two weeks, she says she would be ready tomorrow. Mikey moves on to share his observations with Byron, and says that Mary let her guard down and is one hundred percent into him.

Byron and Mary board a helicopter to fly over the Grand Canyon. Mary loves that he is showing her the things that are important to his life. Byron just says Mary is so awesome, and it’s blowing him away. They move on to Byron’s house, and as they enter, Byron says, “Welcome home.” Mary likes the sound of that. She loves being introduced to his home, boat and Harley. It makes her feel like she is home already. Mary tells Byron his friends were tough on her, and asks if Byron thinks it’s a game for her. He clearly is okay with it, and says not anymore. Mary stares at Byron intently, and as he is winding up the evening, it’s clear she is looking for a little nookie.

Byron wakes up the next morning, and starts the day with Sabrina, his dog, and then journals. He knows his decision. He is definitely in love with one of the women. He runs through the qualities he sees in both women, but won’t give away any clues yet. Both women wake up fearing they will go home alone, but feeling they will be the one chosen. A jeweler visits Byron, and Byron picks out the ring he will use to propose. Mary enters the limo saying her heart is wide open, and she’ll be devastated if he chooses Tanya. Tanya is just glad she’ll know one way or the other. She believes Byron completes her.

Byron is waiting by the pool as Tanya’s limo pulls up. Traditionally this means Tanya will be on the losing end. She walks to Byron and he gushes all over at how fantastic she looks. He then tells Tanya he has so much to say. When he first noticed her by the pool, he was struck by her beauty, then found she was beautiful on the inside too. He fell hard for her after their water-car date. He loved building their futures together on the roof in Vancouver, but he has had one problem. He is not in love with her. He can’t believe he is letting a beautiful woman like her go, but he just doesn’t love her.

He walks her to the limo and she hits him with both barrels. She feels lied to and betrayed. She feels like a fool. She tells him her heart is broken, and she thought she was giving him everything. They hug good-bye, and she is driven away in the limo. Bachelor producers – she would make a great Bachelorette.

Byron now waits for Mary to arrive. He says it was awful watching Tanya’s eyes go from hope to shock and pain, but he would go through that one hundred million times for Mary. He says his feelings ring truer for Mary than they ever have before in his life.

As mary enters, she pulls his hands around her closer. He says he is so gad she didn’t leave before. He is so blessed. What he has been looking for is right here. It’s her. He has fallen in love with her. But there is one thing he can’t get past. He can’t spend another minute without her in his life. Byron drops to one knee and proposes to her in Spanish. He gives Mary the fairy tale ending she has looked for for thirty-six years. She then instructs him to hand her the final rose, and shouts out, “I love this man!”

It’s obvious why Tanya feels betrayed. Every person she saw that knew Byron personally led her to believe that she was perfect for him. Especially his friends saying if they had a picture of their idea of his perfect woman, it would be a picture of her. What is she supposed to think after that. Yet Byron’s friends or parents have no idea what type of a connection Byron himself is feeling. Byron is on a TV show aimed at giving us big drama, so is going to lead her on somewhat, and only seeing the edited bits of their time together, it’s hard for anyone else to say whether what she was feeling was true or not.

Byron followed his mother’s advice. He chose the path he wanted to see himself on. Alma Gemela is Spanish for soulmate. It was a word he was searching for while talking to Mary’s parents.

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