home Cooking Top Chef: Texas/Vancouver – Ep 17 – We’re Gonna Jam Out, With Our Clams Out

Top Chef: Texas/Vancouver – Ep 17 – We’re Gonna Jam Out, With Our Clams Out

Showtime. Both families are there in secret – including Qui-Gon’s cute girlfriend. The service starts over with Qui-Gon’s first course. Judges in his place are – Tom, Cat Cora, Gail, rejected sous chef Marco, and Top Chef: Canada host Mike McEwan.

Qui-Gon First Course – Chawanmushi, Edaname, Pea Shoots and Spot Prawns – Cat thinks they are nice, Canada thinks the pudding-like dish is perfectly wiggly and beautiful. Cat likes the saltiness, and among the guests, Edward will eat what you’re not eating.

Over at Sarah’s restaurant, Padma, Emeril, Monobrow, Bill Terlato and David Myers are the judges. She makes Sarah First Course – Squid Ink Tagliatelle, Spot Prawns, and Coconut – Emeril says it was delicious, and Myers was worried about it at first, but it was pulled together perfectly.

Sarah Second Course – Rye Crusted Steelhead Trout with Fennel Sauce Pickled Beets and Gras Pista – Emeril loved the crust and fennel, but Myers found the beets to be raw.

Qui-Gon Second Course – Grilled Sea Bass with Clam Dashi, Pickled Radishes and Mushrooms – Canada liked how it looked, and Tom found the broth to be so aromatic, and hard to fault.

Qui-Gon Third Course – Congee with Scrambled Eggs, Uni, Kale, and Smoked Albacore – Tom found it less interesting than the first two courses, but liked the texture. Cat liked the zest, but wondered how it fit in the menu.

Sarah Third Course – Braised Veal Cheek with Crispy Veal Sweetbreads – Padma found the baby cow to be luscious. Monobrow made a breakfast joke.

Sarah Last Course – Hazelnut Cake with Kumquat and Roasted White Chocolate Ganache – Myers and Bill were very pleased and Monobrow wants to rip off the recipe. Emeril calls it over the top good.

Qui-Gon Last Course – Coconut Ice Cream, Puffed Rice, Kumquats, Mangosteen, Thai Chili Foam and Jasmin Gelee – Gail loves the spicy foam, and Canada found it packed a power punch and delicate puffed rice. He says it was a sexy meal, and Tom felt it was a home run.