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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 11

As Thanksgiving approaches it’s time to count all of the things we are thankful for: friends, family, and lesbian life-partners. Oddly enough, all of these will be on display Thursday on the unusual Thanksgiving Day episode of Survivor. Since the beginning of the season in early September, only three women have been voted off. Compare that to the eight men who have been voted off already and that leaves you with a very one-sided game. As everyone knows, I picked a male contestant to win this year, and all sexual preference jokes aside that means Chris should be high on my list. (Hint, Hint)

The family visit reward challenge is a favorite to many fans and this week will be no different. We finally get to learn about Leann’s donated kidney, and Ami comes out of the closet to 20 million viewers. The winner of the family Q&A will get to spend some quality time away from camp with their loved one. Since Ami’s secret is yet to be revealed on TV, I’m picking her to win. At the immunity challenge, our guests return to help guarantee 3 more days for someone. Ami again seems to be the logical choice. In a true holiday miracle, Chris, Twila, Scout, and Eliza finally decide to vote together. Since Ami has immunity they vote off the 2’nd biggest threat. LEANN SLABY.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of us Americans Thursday!!!

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