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The Amazing Race, Feb. 26 – The Importance of Math Skills

Blonde Rachel gives her average cow weight to the judge, but is wrong, and has to start over. She and J.J. decide to work together. Rachel is “running around like a chicken with my head cut off,” and sees the other two working together. Bopper works in cattle yards, while Mark works with numbers. Although I had to use the close captioning to figure this out, as I thought Bopper said he worked in caviar, and I knew that couldn’t be right. Rachel has no idea what she’s doing other than cows taste good as steak, and complains that everything is covered in cattle poo. Mark gives his guess to the judge, and is wrong.

The bus of ladies arrives, as both teams hop in cabs and head to the Mercado. The other bus of teams knows they are probably in last place after their two-hour delay. Redhead Rachel takes a guess to the judge, and is wrong. J.J. and Blonde Rachel bring their guess in and are right. They get the next clue celebrating their teamwork. Their clue sends them by taxi to the next pit stop at El Gomero. I wonder how that teamwork will work out when they both get to the mat around the same time.

Bopper tells Mark to take his time, after he is wrong for the second time. Redhead Rachel is getting frustrated, and worries that Brendon hates her guts. Brendon knows he and Bopper just need their teammates to not stress out. In the cab, J.J. talks about Redhead Rachel being confused and wanting help, but he wasn’t’ about to comply, yet didn’t mind helping Blonde Rachel. He doesn’t feel bad about it at all.

Mark and Rachel start working together, as she yells out she’s not good at math. Brendon tells her not to stress out. The “teachers” arrive at the Roadblock next, followed by Mississippi. Stacy and Nary will be doing the task. Mark and Redhead Rachel take their guesses to the judge and are right, as she thanks Mark. He had it right to begin with, but had forgotten to write down the last number.

As they run off, Rachel tells Brendon he knows she’s not as smart as him. Mark bemoans the fact that they could have been in first place had he not forgotten that first number. They’re in a taxi as Big Brother waits, and Rachel cries. They’re in fourth place. Chill out! They get the cab, and he apologizes to her, saying he gets too competitive.

Border Patrol and Dave and Rachel land at the pit stop and race for Phil and his mat, with Dave and Rachel getting there first … again. They have won a trip for two to Grenada. She knows that target on their backs is even bigger now. Border Patrol is number two, and Phil laughs at J.J.’s competitiveness as he looks like he was eliminated, rather than coming in second.

The third bus is arriving, knowing they’re in a competition with everyone else on their bus. Kerri calls it nerve-wracking. She knows Stacy is a math whiz and they’re country girls, but they don’t usually get that close to cows. Kentucky arrives on the mat in third place.

The delayed bus arrives, and the teams start racing to the Roadblock. Big Brother arrives on the mat in fourth place. She thinks they need to improve on talking things out. Stacy knows it’s been years and years since some people have done math problems like this, but she has an 11-year-old she helps with math homework. She gets it right. Nary is right as well. Both teams take off for the pit stop.

Vanessa/Ralph and Joey/Danny are the first of the remaining teams to hit the Roadblock. Vanessa and Joey will be doing the challenge. The Clowns and Elliot/Andrew arrive next, with Dave and Andrew deciding they will do the Roadblock.

Danny has never even seen animals like this before, more used to just seeing them between two patties. Elliot knows his brother has more math skills than he does, and went through more school than he did, but he’s not sure about his chances. Cherie knows Dave is terrible at math, meaning it could be a long day for them. Ralph feels the same about Vanessa, explaining she was an English major.

MIssissippi reaches Phil’s mat to be named team number five, after Phil explains the team on the second bus had mechanical problem. They scream and celebrate and do a cheer about being awesome. The “teachers” arrive, and Phil does his fakeout, saying they know they were on the last bus, and he’s sorry to tell them that … the second bus broke down, making them team number six. They scream too.

Cherie sees the other teams running out with guesses, but sees her husband “sitting there, concentrating on math.” Vanessa says she’s used to tuning out men. They’re all rattling around, but she handles that. She runs down with a guess and gets it right, while Danny and Dave get it wrong. Andrew and Joey try working together, thinking they can “beat the clown,” as he said he was terrible in math. They take their guesses down and are right, leaving Dave working at it alone. Dave tries giving another guess and is wrong again. Cherie hopes he doesn’t give up.

Vanessa and Ralph land on Phil’s mat, and he asks for a guess as to where they have placed. She guesses seven, he five. She’s right with the numbers again. Cherie nervously laughs, saying this is the worst thing they could have picked for Dave to do. She’s laughing and crying at the same time, and again calls it the tears of a clown, making it the second week in a row for us to hear that joke.

Joey and Danny reach the mat to be named team number eight, and Elliot and Andrew are arrive next. Andrew does a few quick soccer skills with the local who was waiting on the mat with Phil.

Nearly all the cows are now gone from the market, and Cherie says she feels bad for her husband, knowing he’s struggling. She wishes she could help him. He finally gets it right, and they race to the pit stop. She tells him the show must go on, and he didn’t quit. He didn’t quit on her and didn’t quit on the game. They are hoping for a non-elimination.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it’s working out. He has no regrets. So many things had to come together to be at this moment in his time. He’s just thankful. She’s thankful they’r have each other and feels lucky to be on The Amazing Race. Even though it was a short journey for them, she’s proud of him for not giving up. They’ve been through a lot together, and at the end of the day, he knows they have each other, so they haven’t lost. They feel they’re the luckiest couple on earth, and run off with clown noses on, as she does more cartwheels.

I’m not going to wrap this one up any more than that. The clowns said it all.

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