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The Amazing Race, Feb. 26 – The Importance of Math Skills

Kerri mentions that Stacy is always the one setting up the VCR while they work on putting this thing together. Ralph is a bit autonomous and likes to work on his own usually when it comes to instructions. Nary asks Jamie if they shouldn’t have assembled the whole thing, wondering how they’re going to move it. Dave explains that laughter is the approach to everything for them, since they’re clowns. She’s wondering if she should go peak at someone else’s setup, since the clue says nothing about not peaking.

Kentucky arrives at the third solar location, followed, of course, by Big Brother. Brendon is trying to be careful with the assembling, not wanting to make a mistake. Border Patrol sees all the other teams are doing solar panel and passes up the last of the solar panel locations and know that they’re now committed to Light My Fire.

Rachel apologizes to Brendon for not being good at assembling the solar polar kitchen. Border Patrol stops for directions and find they’re still eight kilometers away. J.J. suggests that they try to find it, and if they can’t, they then kill it quick and go back and do the Solar Power, as they’re behind right now and wasting time.

Art and J.J. finally find the Light My Fire challenge and feel like they can make up time here. If they only knew that no one even has the solar kitchen set up yet. Kentucky ends up getting theirs set up really quickly, as Rachel tells them they’re like “Speedy Gonzalez” with it. Bopper says he’s going to be “roasting turkeys on that thing.” Danny cuts himself real bad while putting his and Joey’s together, and says he’s from New York, so “blood don’t matter.” They run over and get help from Mississippi.

J.J. is muttering to himself, saying he can’t believe they have fallen that far behind, as they are so much smarter than that. Rachel and Dave are setting their tea kettle out to boil. Dave and Cherie struggle, and she is still voting to go peak. They run over and look at Rachel and Dave’s who tell them about the picture on the box. Cherie chalks it up to missing it because of being hyped up on adrenaline. Dave and Rachel just laugh at them after they leave. Well, they’re clowns, so that’s what they want, right?

Border Patrol is still working on building their fire, figuring the sun isn’t hot enough to boil anything yet. Cherie and Dave have caught up and are pouring water. They turn their backs on it then, as she directs him to not look at it, as a watched pot never boils. As Border Patrol drags their donkeys and fire-building supplies along, J.J. says if they caught someone carrying drugs across the border, eventually they’d have them on a string like this, all handcuffed and ready to put in jail.

As J.J. still talks about it not being hot enough yet to boil anything for seemingly the hundredth time, Vanessa is watching her pot and getting upset about it. Kentucky is the first to get a whistling kettle and is the first to get the next clue. They must take an 18-hour bus ride to Buenos Aires, and need to make their way to Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers. They know they “aced that baby,” and Mark laughs that they could even be in first place, which they are.

Border Patrol makes their way with their donkey across the first solar challenge, and watching everyone waiting for their water to boil, J.J. tells Art he told him boiling water in a solar oven is a pain in the ass. They start building their fire in front of Vanessa and Ralph. She notes that they look exhausted, as they’re “sweating their asses off.” However, they get their fire started and get the clue before their kettle boils.

Rachel and Dave’s watched pot finally boils, and they take off in third place. Border Patrol beeps at Big Brother as they drive by. They’re not too far behind, though, as their kettle whistles just after this. The Clowns get theirs whistling shortly after, as she does a cartwheel as they run off, Vanessa and Ralph finishes next, followed by Elliot/Andrew, Joey’Danny, and Mississippi. The “teachers” still wait, as Nary calls it torture to wait. They leave in last place.

Kentucky gets to the bus station and gets two tickets to Buenos Aires, totally murdering the pronunciation. Border Patrol, Big Brother, and Dave and Rachel are arriving around the same time. All make it on the same eighteen-hour bus trip. The Clowns arrive next at the station, followed by Vanessa/Ralph Elliot/Andrew and and Joey/Danny, who make the next bus. The third bus, dubbed “the bus of ladies,” carries Mississippi and “the teachers.” Nary is hoping for the other buses to break down.

Maybe Nary has some type of voodoo doll for buses or something, as the second bus has to pull over. Cherie explains they heard a big bang, and a window had shattered with glass everywhere, but luckily no one was hurt. It’s being covered with plastic and duct tape. Vanessa knows that potentially, every other bus that goes by could be carrying other teams. They indeed see the third bus go by and hope it’s not carrying those last three teams.

The first bus arrives in Buenos Aires and the teams all catch taxies. Rachel and Dave are the first to the clue that asks, “Where’s the Beef?” This Roadblock will have an auctioneer yelling out the total weight of the cattle in one corral, and one person from each team will need to calculate the average weight of one cow by taking the total weight divided by the number of cows. They need to get it quickly figured out before the auctioneer moves on to the next corral to get the next clue.

Vanessa is doing this Roadblock, bemoaning not having a calculator, but Ralph thinks she’s great with numbers. What makes this harder is the auctioneer is yelling out random numbers. Big Brother arrives in second place, while Border Patrol is worried they’ll be following them again. Border Parol reaches it right before Big Brother and Kentucky. J.J., Rachel, and Mark will be doing this challenge. Rachel is upset to find out she can’t use a calculator, and complains she doesn’t know anything about cows.