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The Amazing Race, Feb. 26 – The Importance of Math Skills

Sorry for the late edition of The Amazing Race recap this week. I was gone for the weekend and celebrating my in-laws’ 50th anniversary. A good time was had by all, but now I need to get back into it and find out what happened on the Race this week!

The first team to leave the pit stop in Argentina are Blonde Rachel and Dave at 2:46 AM. Their clue tells them to drive themselves to the Cafayate Town Square and wait for the “chasqui,” a mounted postman, to give them the next clue. Rachel knows they have a target on their backs after coming in first, yet they do have the security of the Express Pass. They don’t anticipate using it unless it’s absolutely necessary. When she has a hard time pronouncing chasqui, Dave tells her to use her Spanglish.

Brendon and Redhead Rachel leave two minutes later, with her saying this game is super-different from Big Brother. You’re constantly on the go and you have to be super-fierce competitors. She has to say this is tougher. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’ll be eating something much worse than slop, baby food, and bok choy.

Border patrol agents Art and J.J. leave one minute later and ask a local what a chasqui is. J.J. predicts Brendon won’t make a decision and will just wait for them to go, then follow. Art figures it’s because Brendon is a UCLA student. Rachel and Dave land at the Town Square and ask about the chasqui. They’re told he won’t arrive until sunrise, making them realize they just lost whatever lead they had.

Nary and Jamie leave at 3:21 and admit that they haven’t told anyone that they’re federal agents, and instead have told everyone they’re Kindergarten teachers. They could probably get away with that for awhile, as they look more like teachers than agents. Brendon and Rachel asked about their occupation, but since they know the Big Brother team is tough, they plan to backstab and U-Turn them.

Vanessa and Ralph leave ten minutes later, and she, too, is asking what a chasqui is. Elliot and Andrew leave at 4:21, and Team Mississippi, Kerri and Stacy, leave more than an hour later at 5:23. All the teams are arriving at the town square, sitting around and waiting for the chasqui, and Vanessa asks the dog laying around panting if he’s a chasqui. Someone mentions he’s probably not bilingual. Right, because he’d know what she was talking about if he was.

The Clowns, Dave and Cherie, leave at 5:27 AM, with him saying he thinks the other teams underestimate them. He’s had LP Hodgkins disease twice, and with her by his side, he’s been cancer-free since 2001. This makes her do the happy dance. She’s pretty sure they can win the Race.

Team Kentucky, Bopper and Mark, leave two minutes later, with Mark saying as long as one team is behind them, they’re fine. They can work their way up and are in no hurry to get to first. They’ll get there sooner or later and will shock the world. Trying to figure out what chasqui is, he says they speak country and no other language. That must be why the closed-captioning can never figure out what they’re saying, as I still keep using that trying to help me decipher what they’re saying.

Joey “Fitness” and Danny are the last to leave at 5:35 AM. Remember, they’re only still in this because the sisters couldn’t see Phil across the yard from where they were looking. Joey is looking for them to become the Comeback Guys. Everyone is still gathered around the dog who is kicking around something on the ground. Someone suggests he’s kicking around the clue. Well, he wouldn’t be able to read the clue, because he’s not bilingual.

At 6:35 AM, all the teams run out to meat the chasqui who arrives on horseback. He hands them the clue, a Detour – Boil My Water or Light My Fire. In the water challenge, teams will be required to visit one of three isolated villages and will supply them with a means of cooking. They’ll take a basic solar kitchen from a pickup truck and assemble it using a picture from the box. They’ll then position it in sunlight and place a tea kettle on the dish. Once it comes to boil, the solar panel expert will hand them the next clue. In Light My Fire, teams will gather firewood and clay by the riverbank, load it ono a donkey, and transport it one mile to a pottery workshop to get the next clue.

Border Patrol is upset by Big Brother yanking the clue out right away. All the teams seem to be choosing to Boil My Water, except Border Patrol, who choose Light My Fire. Blonde Rachel thinks it’s a beautiful day for solar energy, yet Art is saying if you try to boil water with solar energy, it’s going to take forever, as the sun’s not even up yet.

Rachel and Dave are the first ones to the solar energy challenge, followed by Nary/Jamie and Vanessa/Ralph. The Clowns arrive as well. They miss that there are directions on the side of the box. Vanessa is following the picture dutifully, and Jamie says she has never made anything like this before, as they’re pampered and use a stove. Vanessa is hoping these solar kitchens will help the village get power.

Mississippi arrives at one of the solar panel locations and wonder why they haven’t seen Art and J.J. They’re still driving to the location for “Light My Fire.” Kentucky are a little behind, and once again Big Brother is following someone; they’re following Kentucky. I’m not sure why, but Bopper mentions putting the noose around someone’s neck. It doesn’t seem to be aimed at Big Brother. Joey and Danny arrive to start assembling the solar power.