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Ryan is Human After All – The Biggest Loser, Episode 5

by aurora

Last week on The Biggest Loser, both teams competed in a race up 74 flights of stairs. The Reds had an early lead, but when Lisa had a panic attack the Blues took over and won the reward. Later at the weigh-in, Maurice was the week’s biggest loser and led his Blue Team to victory, keeping the four of them safe for another week. The Red Team ended up eliminating Matt, bringing the teams even at four members each.

To kick things off this week, we get to visit with two eliminated players. First up is Dana, who says that she has completely turned herself around and is working towards a better life. We see her shopping for new clothes, and she says that it felt great. She’s going to stick with the program for the rest of her life. She’s lost a total of 20 pounds. Next we see Aaron, who says that losing weight is one of the hardest things you can do. He knows where he wants to be, and says that if you put your mind to it you can do anything. We see him with his girlfriend Sara, which will hopefully put those Olsen Twins rumours to rest. He’s lost a total of 63 pounds so far.

At the ranch, Ryan says that he’s happy to still be there. Everyone is gathered in the kitchen, and they’re amazed that a quarter of the original people are gone already. Maurice says that the Blue Team is united, but the Reds are coming apart. Lisa says that the game has intensified, and things are going to get nasty.

The next morning, Ryan and Dave have a tiff over Dave lying to the girls to get them to vote with him. Ryan calls Dave out, saying that he knows Dave has been lying and he doesn’t like it. Dave says that he only has integrity when he needs to for the purposes of the game. They battle a bit, and privately Dave says that he knows that the girls are true to him and there’s nothing Ryan can do to change that – he’s “dead”.

Bob arrives and does some yoga with his Blue Team. Gary says that he’s had asthma since he was very young, and had been taking three different medications. He’s not felt the need to take anything since he’s been here though. Good for you Gary! Kelly Mac says that she can honestly see herself doing things she never thought she could ever do, and she takes her own breath away.

Jillian shows up to find out that Matt is gone. She tells the Reds that she respects their decision, but from now on they have to focus on themselves and their progress rather than the game aspect of things. She asks Dave to start listening to her rather than copping out, and Dave says he’s in as long as the exercise doesn’t put his body in jeopardy.

Jillian ties the team together on a long rope in an effort to create team unity, and takes them on a run and hike. Dave keeps up until they get to the trail, and then he takes off on his own. Kelly M is really disappointed in Dave, and can’t decide whether he’s a negative or a positive for the team. The girls tell Ryan that he’s scoring points with them for sticking it out. After their hike, each team member (except Dave of course) says that they feel very close to their teammates now. Ryan is even crying, admitting that he told himself he wouldn’t get emotional about this, but now it’s good to know that as a team, they can do this. He thought he was destined to be “a big fat tub of goo” for the rest of his life, and now he’s starting to realize that he might just be able to do this.

In the gym, Bob is pushing the Blue Team. He wants to keep them focused, since they have to start working even harder now. Bob says that Andrea is tough, and that for her the sky is the limit. With Kelly Mac, he keeps pushing her to do things she’s never done. When Gary tells Bob that he can’t do something, that makes Bob push him even harder. And with Maurice, the progress has been great considering the first week he had to push himself just to walk around.

After their workout, Bob takes Maurice for a hike. Mo thinks that Bob is pushing him harder because the Blue Team is counting on him to keep their numbers up.

Kelly M and Lisa are outside talking about Dave, and they both agree that he’s not pulling his weight. Lisa says that the women have a lot of control and a lot of power. She points out that even though Ryan saved their butts last week, they don’t owe him anything.

Jillian is trying to prep her team for the ‘real world’, and she brings out menus from a Mexican restaurant. Each person gets to tell Jillian what they’d order, and they end up making smart choices. Lisa says that their diet is awesome because, as long as they have their little book to check on calories, they can basically eat whatever they want.

In the bedroom, the women decide that they want to be the last four people standing. Kelly Mac thinks it could be a positive, amazing experience. They all share how good they’re feeling about themselves and a little bonding takes place. Kelly M says that her goal weight is between 140 and 150, which had previously seemed unattainable but now that she’s lost 31 pounds in 5 weeks, she thinks she can do it. Lisa says that she is living proof that this can work. She’s visibly lost weight in her face, and she looks great. Kelly Mac speaks openly about her fears of physical situations. She says that it’s sad to know that she didn’t have to be afraid of the gym her whole life, but is proud that she’d finally pushing herself.

The following day, the teams get ready for their challenge. They arrive at a theater and meet up with Caroline. In front of them are two small tables and a few step-stools. Caroline tells them that what’s behind the curtain might shock them, but these are called “challenges” for a reason. The curtain is drawn to reveal piles and piles of food – pizza, bread, pastries, roasted meat – you name it. The object of the game is to make the tallest pile of food on their tables. The catch is that they can’t use their hands, only their mouths. The reward is a shopping trip to CompUSA, where each person will be given $5000 to spend on home fitness equipment.

The Red Team starts off by planning how they’re going to do this. Dave says that they need to make a solid base, and build up from there. The Blue Team just starts piling food. Maurice and Lisa are both tempted to chew and swallow the sweets, but everyone stays strong.

With ten minutes remaining, the teams are neck and neck. Kelly Mac says that her team is made up of four leaders and no one is listening to each other. They end up trying a last-ditch effort of bringing sticky foods over and piling them as high as they can, and finally try to stick a huge lollipop on a long stick in the top, but their efforts are all for naught. The Red Team’s early planning pays off and they win the reward.

The Blue Team is devastated as the Reds board a limo for their shopping spree. When they get to CompUSA, they’re greeted by the CEO who takes them to the back of the store. He tells them that there’s a bonus reward for them, and starts a video going. Their surprise is taped messages from home, loaded with encouragement and support. Dave says that hearing from his family made him realize that this is all about becoming healthier, not about “all the he-said she-said crap”. Kelly is touched by her sister’s message, and Ryan finds out that his wife has adopted a cat. Ryan’s wife also says that she loves him no matter how much he weighs, which again brings Ryan to tears. Nice to know this guy is really human after all. He’s become rather likeable now – I hope this isn’t his week to go!

The Reds arrive back at the ranch, and they fill in the rest the group about the videos. Maurice says that he’s so happy for them, but it’s such a bummer that he didn’t get the same. He’s crushed because his family is good to him and he misses them a lot. Lisa says that this is a game, and she’s not going to feel sorry for the Blue Team any more. Ryan says that he can’t stop thinking about the challenge and how they could have done it differently. Andrea gets upset, saying that he should just be grateful that they won. Dave says that Ryan should focus on working out more and keeping his mouth shut. The Blue Team is not taking all of this very well and are really put off by Ryan’s comments.

It’s weigh-in day, and Andrea says that she’s expecting huge numbers from Maurice. Gary asks Mo if he’s feeling thin today. Over at the Red side, Ryan knows that if they lose the weigh-in the girls will stick together and either he or Dave is going home. He says that he really does like the girls, and he tells them both that this has been the best week yet. Dave is threatened and says that Ryan is sucking up to the girls, and he hopes that he doesn’t have to do something about that if they lose.

Caroline welcomes everyone to the weigh-in. The losses are:

Dave – 6 pounds lost
Gary – 5 pounds
Lisa – 2 pounds
Kelly Mac – 4 pounds
Ryan – 3 pounds
Maurice – 1 pound
Kelly M – 0
Andrea – 7 pounds

The Red Team lost a total of 11 pounds, but the Blue Team lost 17. Andrea is thrilled to be the first female biggest loser, and her team rallies around her. Incidentally, they showed clips of each person from their first weigh-in on a split-screen with their current weigh-in, and the differences are remarkable for every one of them.

Facing the possibility of elimination, Dave says that tomorrow is going to be a very long day. He knows how quickly things can change, and he’s worried that something will be said or inferred that will make the girls favour Ryan over him.

The next day, Lisa says she woke up feeling completely exhausted. Jillian shows up and asks them how they did, and she gets the numbers. Dave says that his 6 pounds came up and bit Jillian in the ass. She says that she knows that next week they’ll crank things up and be victorious. She says that she feels closer to them now than she ever has, and doesn’t want to lose another one of them.

We get the usual shots of each person working out, and saying that they don’t want to leave. Ryan cries again, saying that he knows he can accomplish his goal. Lisa cries as well and says that she feels that this week has been the best ever, and she knows that no one wants to go home.

Dave sits outside with Gary and Maurice, and tells them about his tiff with Ryan. He says privately that everyone there is lying, so he doesn’t feel bad about doing it himself. Why he’s trying to get Mo and Gary on his side I’ll never know – it’s not like they have any influence on Lisa and Kelly.

Time to cut the fat. Seriously, I can’t even type that without wincing. Caroline asks Dave about all the lying going on, and Dave replies that the only thing that doesn’t lie is the scale. Ryan says that he’s become a lot more emotionally involved than he ever thought he would be.

Ryan gets to vote first, and he votes for Dave because he’s not as strong a team member as the others. Dave votes for Ryan, saying that he made a committment to the girls and he’s honouring that. Who will the girls vote for?

Kelly is next, and she explains that she wants to surround herself with strong people, so for that reason she’s voting for…Dave. Lisa is last, and she says that this is a hard thing to do since she’s become close with everyone there, but she has to play this game for herself. She also votes for Dave.

Caroline knows that Dave is dying to say something before he leaves, so she gives him that chance. He says some drivel about making promises and keeping them, which is ironic considering the little “I’ll have integrity when it’s convenient for me” speech he made earlier to Ryan. Kelly says that there are no guarantees in life, and with that Dave’s refrigerator goes dark and the team heads out.

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