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Face Off, Feb. 29 – Welcome to the Whimsical world of Tim Burton

Syfy manages to go above and beyond and continues to challenge their contestants. This week there are six contestants left after Tara and Jerry were sent home last week. The remaining six are Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Ian and Matt, and they must bring their A game and their scissors for this week’s challenge as they take on the master of characters. 

The contestants begin their day by entering what appears to be an empty ordinary lot. With some extraordinary vision and imagination, it was transformed into an urban oasis. Something mundane turned into something extraordinary, otherwise known as Watts Towers, insanely beautiful and artistic towers. Tim Burton has a way of turning ordinary people into odd, fascinating characters with history.

The contestants will use Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, misunderstood loner. The contestants must choose a profession and create the ultimate character worthy of a Tim Burton film. Sue chooses Toy Maker, Matt picks Ice Cream Man, Beki picks Baker, Rayce chooses Cellist, R.J. picks Bell Hop, despite the fact that he wanted Toy Maker. Ian chooses Plumber. Before they head back to the lab, they begin to sketch designs for their characters. Matt is hyped for the challenge and is slightly inspired by Willy Wonka.

The contestants begin to discuss Tim Burton and the lack of make-up in his work, as well as the extreme creativity he brings. The contestants have sketched and hopefully they have scissors, so now it is back to the lab to create something worthy of a Tim Burton film. The sculpting phase begins, and they work to try to make their characters look unique, but then Ian spots Sue’s Toy Maker. She has the same appliance on her character that Ian does, so changes will have to be made.

When you think of Tim Burton you think of the whimsical, mystical, artistic, insane worlds he has created and the beautiful characters he brought to the screen. These contestants must really step up. Judge Ve Neill has worked with Tim Burton so she will be watching closely.

They must take ordinary professions and make them whimsical in a way Burton would be proud of, but we shall see what happens. Sue finally takes her eye piece out, while Ian keeps his eye piece, Sue decides to make an eye piece that is movable and used as a magnified glass. Matt calls time.

The next day, with ten hours to work on their projects, Ian discovers his silicone pieces need to be redone. R.J. feels positive and has more time than usual and is very happy about this, but Sue takes notice that Beki, who is usually ahead of the others and almost finished, is still working on her cupcake. She is working some pigments to look like icing; she is not sculpting a crazy face. Ve and McKenzie show up to check on the contestants, and R.J. explains he is inspired by Ve’s Penguin work that Danny Devito donned.

Ve really likes Matt’s Ice Cream man and asks what he is going to do color-wise. Matt explains there will be some purples and reds. Rayce’s design is a cello, and he is still trying to stay with his original design. Ve likes the idea. Beki briefs Ve on her character and how she wants to stay true to Burton’s characters. Ve is concerned about Sue and intrigued by Rayce’s cellist.

Ve leaves with McKenzie, and Beki decides she may not have enough appliances or prosthetics for her character and has second thoughts thinking she might have to do some sculpting. She wants to stay true to Burton’s designs and the swirls, oddities and originality of his work.

Beki decides to stay with her original concept; she is not going to go over the top. The molding phase begins, and Matt is making part of a waffle costume. It is interesting to watch everything that goes into one character. They begin working as if their lives depend on it, as Ian begins to paint his characters backpack and slightly ages it. It looks better and very cool.

This week the nerves are setting in and everyone seems worried or maybe it is just Sue, Beki believes she is skating on thin ice. It is day three, application day, they have four hours to apply the prosthetics, work on the models and do make-up, the stakes are high. The four hours seem to go by quickly as Beki complains about rolling out paper towels. Matt’s waffle design turns out to be a hat for his character. R.J. feels great about his character, and so far he looks pretty interesting.

Sue is enlisting her model to help her put together her costume, as R.J. and Beki begin to think it is the calm before the storm. Sue may be losing her mind, but we shall see. Sue has one hour to finish and does not even have her models make-up on. Sue needs to paint, finish her puppet and add more make-up. Everyone works to finish before heading off to the reveal stage.

The contestants must say hello to their judges – Ve Neill, Patrick Tatopolous, Glenn Hetrick and special guest Beetlejuice star Catherine O’Hara. Their spotlight challenges will now be right under the judges’ spotlight, as Ian reveals his Plumber. He looks pretty cool and not too overdone, although a little Johnny Depp-ish inspired. Beki’s Chef/Baker is up next with her make-up and giant cupcake. Matt’s Ice Cream Man is insane; it looks like ice cream got up and walked into a horror movie. He is delicious looking.

Sue’s Toy Maker looks a bit psychotic, although kind of cool. The puppet is strange, but in a good way. Rayce’s Cellist is amazing. R.J.’s Bell Hop looks cool, complete with a bell on top of his head and drawers. He is an insane Bell Hop.

Now the fun part. The judges take a closer look at the characters. Each judge is inspecting each character. When the Ice Cream Man offers Catherine some ice cream, she politely declines, “No thanks, I ate.” Isn’t he sweet? Tim Burton is a legend in this mythical world of special effects and creating “out there characters,” so this week’s challenge is important for the contestants. But watching the judges ogle their work and inspect every detail may be agonizing.

Any minute I am expecting Johnny Depp to walk out and utter, “NOOOO. this is not right!” but Syfy and the contestants do him justice, especially Ian who plays a little tribute to Depp and Burton by making his plumber look like Johnny as Edward s. Despite Sue’s worries, the judges like her character. R.J.’s character goes a little Tim Burtonesque as he adorns Ve with several items from his drawers.

Now each individual must face the judges, and Matt is first. Each judge loves his concept for his Ice Cream Man. Beki is next with her Chef/Baker, and Glenn is not impressed. Ve is disappointed and feels she should have spent more time on the model than the cupcake; Patrick is kinder but does not like the teeth.

Rayce must face the music. Patrick loves the shape of the cello and how it flows with the model. Catherine feels it is very soulful, and Glenn kind of smiles, I think, but he does like Rayce’s work. Sue is next and feels she accomplished the things she wanted to. Ve wonders if Sue even knows who Tim Burton is. Glenn is not impressed, and Patrick of course tries to be positive. Ian and his Plumber are next. He is a plumber from the afterlife. Glenn does not see Ian’s work; he only sees Burtonesque work.

R.J. and his mad Bell Hop are next, he is stuck in Hotel Burton, and Ve, Patrick and Glenn like the character. They feel it would be perfect for a Burton movie. Catherine’s compliment puts a big smile on R.J.’s face. The judges deliberate and begin to talk about whom they liked the most and who may not make it to next week’s episode.

They love R.J.’s work and Matt’s Ice Cream Man as the contestants return. The top character looks are Rayce, Matt and R.J., with the winner of the challenge being Rayce. Way to go. R.J. and Matt are also safe as they head back to the make-up room. Sue, Beki and Ian are the last three standing as the bottom looks.

Glenn announces that the person being eliminated is Beki, which is quite shocking, but they are disappointed that she spent too much time on the cupcake. It’s bittersweet, but good luck to her. Sue and Ian are safe in the world of Tim Burton.

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