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My Flirt Break Is Over – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 3

[i]by atarus[/i]

The episode starts off with Sir Richard telling the contestants that they are going to be travelling to a game reserve in Africa, and they all cheer. It is Branson’s reserve. They arrive at the place, and are driven around in Jeeps. Gabriel says that it’s “like Jurassic Park.” Except that Jurassic Park had dinosaurs, and you’re in Africa. Mhm.

Branson informs us that their challenge is going to involve helping the community. But first! Jermaine and Sara get to meet Nelson Mandela. I’m not entirely sure why they are chosen to do this (maybe I missed that part?) but either way, the two of them get to have a chat with him. Jermaine says the experience is “completely unbelievable.”

Now we’re informed of the actual challenge. They have to improve the quality of life of Dumfries Village. Whoever’s idea is chosen by the town’s elders will become an actual project sponsored by Virgin with a budget of $200,000. The men choose Michael (who? he’s hardly been in the show up until this point) as their leader and Heather is team leader for the women. The girls are pumped, as Nicole says that the girls need to win this challenge. The guys, however, start off more organized and talk to the elders, while the girls sit around and talk to themselves. The guys organize a plan, while the girls….sit and watch the guys organize a plan. It looks like doom for the girls right off the bat.

Sara says she’s confused, all the women have different ideas. Candida says they aren’t getting anything accomplished while they are forced to watch the men breeze through their idea. The women have too many ideas. The men settle on clean water as the focus of their project, as that’s what the elders said they needed most.

It’s now time for a little romance in the making. Steve and Jessica are taking a liking to each other (although I’m surprised Steve isn’t hitting on Sara too, they both look the exact same to me). Steve says that there’s something about Jessica, and Jessica (being the woman) says it’s too early to tell anything. Branson makes fun of Steve at dinner, and the guys laugh.

Branson gives the teams the option of staying at the house and having electricity to work with, or spending the night with villagers and getting to know them well. Heather decides the women will stay in the house, and the men decide to visit the village…….and half the women join them because of a communication error. The women are really pulling together here.

The visitors to the village enjoy the native festivities, and Shawn and Michael decide to spend the night with the villagers while working on the model for the project. They get to taste the food and live like the villagers do, and Shawn has fun doing it. We then go back to the lodge, where Steve and Jessica are having a “flirt break.” Jessica tries to use her womanly wiles to get Steve to give up team information, but he won’t budge. After five minutes, Steve says he has to get back to work, and while Jessica whines and takes off her shirt (she has something on under it, wackos) in an attempt to get him to stay with her, he says he’d “rather win than flirt.” Jessica can’t believe that Steve actually would choose his team and winning the game over snuggling with her. Aww….not.

The next morning Steve, Michael, and Gabriel are sitting at the lodge table eating breakfast. All the women have left…supposedly. The three men start trash-talking the women very badly, saying they aren’t a unified group, it’s the blondes vs. the brunettes. Meanwhile, Nicole is sitting behind a couch listening in on every word and rolling her eyes. She writes little signs to the camera, saying “I can’t believe they don’t know I’m here.” Finally Jermaine walks in and sees Nicole sitting behind the couch, and Michael, incredulous, says “Was she there the whole time?” Nicole gets up and into Steve’s face, as to her he was the most cocky and arrogant, but as she leaves Steve says under his breath “It’s not my fault half your team hates you” and the guys snicker. Psht, men, who needs them?

The women come together and get some ideas going, as Nicole fuels their fire by telling them about the men’s gossip session. It’s time for the presentations to the elders. The men present their idea: a water pump with a playground so the kids can have fun while working. Steve has the idea of bringing a tennis star to the village to attract people and tourism. Shawn, however, notices the fact that one of the elders is practically asleep, so he gets more active in his presentation and wakes the elders up. He just hopes it is enough to save their idea. The women, however, are more cohesive, more active, and while they have nearly the same ideas as the guys, their presentation is much smoother and the elders enjoy it more. In the end, it’s a unanimous decision, the girls win.

Branson says that this isn’t the same group of girls from Hong Kong, they were much more organized. The guys were too cocky, and even though Steve’s idea for a tennis player was smart, the villagers had probably never heard of tennis. Nicole, in a confesional, says it was taking every ounce of strength not to get in Steve’s face and say “Ha, I told you so.”

The men meet, and Michael is faced with a tough decision, as everyone says they all performed equally. In the end, Jermaine is chosen to accompany Michael in the challenge. We are treated to a humorous portion where the driver of the Jeep and Branson banter back and forth about how leopards crush the skulls of the animals they want to eat, while Michael and Jermaine are wide-eyed. Their challenge is they have to stay up all night in the African wilderness, keep awake the entire time and keep their fire going the entire time. It’s scary, and if they let the fire go out or fall asleep, not only will they be eliminated from the game, they could be dead.

They get a walkie-talkie to communicate, and a camera to give confessionals. Branson says it will be harder on Michael since he got little sleep the night before since he stayed in the village. (To me, this entire scene is something out of Blair Witch Project: Africa) Anyway, Jermaine confesses that he’s getting a real unsettling feeling out in the open, and the two of them talk back and forth over the walkies-talkies to assuage each other’s fears. In a camera confessional, Michael talks about his dad and how much he misses him, and starts crying. Jermaine talks about how much his family means to him, and how much he misses them. The night progresses on, and on, and on, until Michael tries to radio Jermaine and gets no response. We are treated to several calls by Michael and shots of empty wilderness and lions…oh NO! Jermaine could be DINNER!

But no, the next morning comes and it’s time for elimination at the plane. Branson gives the two of them the regular spiel about their good attributes and bad ones, and then hands them the tickets. It is Jermaine that’s eliminated, because he fell asleep for an hour, and that’s just how it goes. Michael boards the plane with Sir Richard, and the plane takes off. Jermaine says that he’s grateful for the opportunity, he had no secret strategy for winning the game, he just knows that his family is proud of him and loves him.

Next time on Rebel Billionaire, the contestants are taking on a concert in London. The relationship between Steve and Jessica comes to a head, and one of the women bare all on stage (it’s a thin blonde, so it’s either Sara or Jessica.)

My e-mail is atarus33@yahoo.com. Questions, comments, complaints are all welcome. I’m personally rooting for Shawn to take this thing home, as it seems like Sir Richard has taken a liking to him anyway, and he seems like the most level-headed yet fun person of the group.


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