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American Idol, Mar. 1 – A Surprising, Yet Very Talented, Top 13

The next one called up to get a second chance is Jeremy Rosado. That’s a bit of a surprise. He sings I Know You Won’t, and looking at J-Lo’s face, it’s obvious why he chose this. He could pull out the emotion with it he knows Jennifer is looking for. He starts crying at the end, obviously wanting it just that much. He explains this is his dream and he may not have shown that on Tuesday, but he promises he will if he gets through. He thanks the judges and thanks God.

Ryan goes to Jennifer first who is about to burst into tears, and she says she believes in Jeremy and thinks he has one of the most beautiful voices of all time. Randy mentions how he came out and bared his soul, and is such a cool guy. He loves his voice as well. Steven talks about Jeremy’s big heart and passion, and thinks crying like that made America see “the real.”

The next pick goes to Brielle. Stage Mom is cheering her on. She’s going to lay it all out. She does this all day and every day and lives for it. She sings Someone LIke You, obvoiusly not hearing Jimmy’s thoughts on people singing Adele. She belts it out there, but belts too much so that she’s offkey. Steven tells her she was pitchy in some spots and that he just didn’t hear it this time. Randy thinks she might be in a little bit of trouble after that. Jennifer felt her passion with it and thinks she should be proud of her last effort.

Randy brings up Deandre next, and he seems to thank the Lord as he takes the stage. He chooses to sing Georgia On My Mind, which we know the contestants all did really good with in Hollywood. I tell ya, I didn’t get him on Tuesday, but he just won me over with this as his voice goes so many differnt places with it. Randy tells him it was a nice way to come out and that’s how you put it out there to stay in it. Jennifer feels the fire from him and that’s exsactly what you have to do, dig down deep. Steven has loved his voice from the very beginning. He has such a dynamic range and goes all over the place.

Jennifer calls up Erika next, and I’m so glad she’s getting another shot. She sings Edge of Glory, and like Jeremy, she’s having a hard time keeping her emotions in check as she sings. I like this song with the power thrown in it. Randy says this girl is singing like she’s gotta have it. J-Lo loves someone who can fight through the tears and still deliver. Your emotions get the best of you and you fall apart, but she didn’t. Steven tells her she is living on the edge without a doubt, and it was beautiful.

I’m so torn. I want that last person to get a shot to be both Creighton and Reed. But there can only be one more. Steven announces the last person, after much deliberation, is Reed. The others are all called up to the front to get one last bit of applause, then are ushered off the stage. I disagree with that, as they should have been allowed to sit and cheer their friend on as they did for the others.

Reed takes his button-down shirt off, leaving him in just a t-shirt. He sings Use Me by Bill Withers, and I have to love that he is going out of the box. He crawls around on the stage showing a little bit of an X-Factor, which is where he should be headed if he doesn’t make it. He scats a little and shows some wild craziness. That guy is always a party.

Randy says they just had to see that agian as he has to be one of the most differnet artists they’ve had try out for the show. He’s truly unique and entertainning and it was truly entertaining. J-Lo says they felt people didn’t get to see Reed the other night as they have gotten to see him and enjoy him. Steven loves the artist in him and says he nailed it tonight.

I have no idea where this one will go. We know Brielle isn’t going to make it, and that’s about it. Randy, after saying, “Oh what a night, a crazy, emotional night,” gives his pick to Erika, which is not surprising. They all cry with her. Jennifer gives her pick to Jeremy, also not surprisingly. She has loved him since the beginning. He falls on the floor in tears, then runs down the stage to hug J-Lo, and gets hugs from the other judges as well. And I admit he just pulled the emotion out of me, which isn’t hard to do.

There’s only one spot left, and I’m praying for Reed. Steven gives that last position to Deandre, telling him he can let his hair down one more time. I understand it, but and know Deandre did phenomenally with this performance tonight, but Reed just has a way of pulling me in more.

It’ll be a huge week next week, as the guys pay tribute to Stevie Wonder, and the ladies do the same with Whitney Houston, and they’ll be mentored by Mary J. Blige.

Overall, I’m happy with the top 13. They have some really exciting, different talent up there. And they aren’t a group that were picked because they were pretty faces; they were purely picked for their talent, and that’s unusual in this business, both music and reality TV. It would have rounded it out to have Reed, but maybe he’s just on the wrong show. He needs to go look Simon up. Or wait a little longer and hit up Adam and Cee-Lo. I think they’d love his unique voice. Howie Mandell would love him, but I’m not so sure what Howard Stern would think.

That is unless Jimmy Iovine gets his way and gets that rule change that allows these people back in. There were a lot of talented people that went home tonight. Never in a million years, watching the Hollywood and Vegas rounds, would I have thought Jen Hirsh and Reed Grimm would not be part of this top 13, but that’s how talented this group is.

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