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American Idol, Mar. 1 – A Surprising, Yet Very Talented, Top 13

Shannon makes it through. On a side note, Shannon can rest her chin on the top of Skylar’s head. Randy thinks there’s room for a couple of the country girls, and definitely one of them who stood out more than the others. Skylar makes it through. Chelsea and Baylie will have to hope for a wildcard spot later in the night.

Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker, and Reed Grimm take center stage next. Jimmy finds Reed real talented, playing the drums and moving around, and all the judges seem to love him. Maybe he thought he was in a night club, but he was way to kitschy and cabaret for him, and he’ll never make it on the show like that. Jimmy was confused by the judges and the audience giving Aaron a standing O, saying it just came off cheesy to him. I agree. He thinks Creighton has an interesting voice. It’s screechy and annoys him at the top end.

Jennifer thinks Jimmy should come to the show. She respects him and sees what he’s saying, but what they hear on the stage could be different than what he hears at home or on the little monitor he’s watching. However, there are some things he says that make her want to punch them. Randy understands, and did say Wednesday that they had been too lenient the night before.

Steven addresses Jimmy with something that is bleeped out, then more seroiusly notes that he’s been right on with a lot of it, unfortunately. Jennifer thinks she’d just choose to say things differently. Randy doesn’t know whether Aaron’s stnading O still stands up, but notes he likes Don Cheadle. Steven thinks Reed is relevant because he shows off everyting he can do. Jennifer thinks there’s room for all types of different aritsts, noting that talent is always going to be relevant. It’s all for naught, as none of these guys make it through. The crowd turns to boo birds. I’m surrpised that neither Reed nor Creighton made it through.

Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Haley Johnsen, and Jen Hirsh are called up. Jimmy thinks Jen has a really nice voice, but he thinks she should stay miles away from Adele right now. There’s a lot of vocal pyrotechics in place of soul and it won’t work on this show. He does like Erika, saying music is in her blood. It’s natural to her, and she has great restraint. He doesn’t’ believe she should push it like the judges asked for. Jimmy can get around that Haley sang out of tune the entire song, but can’t get around her robotic mimicking. Jimmy agrees with the judges about Erika and would like to see her on some material prepared just for her. While he’s normally afraid of Adele songs and the emotion, he felt she brought somethng to it.

J-Lo knows how strong Erika’s voice is and what her range is, and her comments to her last night was just because she wanted America to see what she’s capable of. Elise admits to being distracted by being sad about some people leaving and wondering if she will. Haley doesn’t have any regrets and felt she performed to the best of her ability. She’s the first to sit down and wait for a wildcard. Erika joins her, leaving Elise and Jen and just one spot for the ladies. The one joining the group is Elise. I’m super-happy, but definitely sad for Erika and Jen who are very well-deserving.

Deandre Brackensick, Eben Franckewitz, Colton Dixon, and Jermaine Jones are the last of the guys to hear their fate. There are just two spots left other than the wildcards. Jennifer hates seeing some of these people go home, but so far, she agrees with America on every single person they put through. Steven wants to give everyone the confidence to see what they’ll do next time, but he agrees with America and Jimmy, as the top 10 so far are the people that made his heart stop. Randy calls it an amazing top 10 brewing.

Jimmy is so glad the judges brought Jermaine back, calling it a beautiful voice. He could listen to a whole album of that, and there are very few people he’d say that about. They have to figure out now how to get him through the show, and figures it will take a bit of creativity, variety, and excitement. He thinks Deandre has an enormous bit of potential, but what he needs is a coach. He’s just not ready for the Earth Wind and Fire vocals yet. Jimmy finds Eben a really talented kid with a lot of potential, but doesn’t think he’s ready for primetime. He’d like to see him not make it and come back, and wants the rules changed to accomplish that. He thinks Colton is one of the most talented kids in the show, but does believe he needs to pace himself.

Colton appreciates what Jimmy said about him and doesn’t even have words. Eben said right away he wanted to sing the song when he first heard it on the radio. He felt good about the performance and appreciates the judges’ advice. If he gets through, he’ll definitely step it up a notch. Deandre didn’t make it through, and walks off putting his hair up. Colton is not … going to be disappointed. He makes it through. His sister is thrilled. As Eben tries to stand on tiptoe to be as tall as Jermaine, Ryan says he knows the feeling. It’s Jermaine that is making it through. The judges were right to bring him back.

Jennifer is pleased with how it’s all gone down, but also says it’s one of the most painful moments, as they have to look at the others and only choose six to come out and perform for a shot at the three wildcard spots.

The first pick to perform again is Jen Hirsh. She isn’t sure where it went wrong, but just doesn’t think she stood out as much, and wants to prove she can. Jen sings Oh Darlin’, and Reed is loving it, somehow not as worried as the others. He’s just enjoying the music. Jen gets that soul thing going of hers, which should get her one of the final spots.

Randy explains they like when she sings for her life. She started kind of slowly, then went for the gusto and showed why she’s here. Jennifer feels the same and wants to be fair when listening to the others. Steven thought “oh here we go” in the beginning, then she took it home and nailed it.