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American Idol, Mar. 1 – A Surprising, Yet Very Talented, Top 13

It’s become cliché, but this really could be the most talent ever this year on American Idol. It’s not which bad singers will round out the top 13, but which really good singers will be sent home. Over 33 million votes came in to help us decide that top 13. Other than a select few, I have no idea how this night is going to go, and that right there makes it kind of fun for a change.

We’re hitting the results really quickly, and it’s a good thing, as several of the contestants look like they’re about to barf. Chase Likens, Phillip Phillips, and Jeremy Rosado are called up to the front. Chase calls it beyond belief how nervous they all are. Jeremy says his heart is beating out of his chest.

Producer Jimmy Iovine says Jeremy has a great voice and probably gets the reward for the nicest person he’s seen in a long time, but it doesn’t cut it on this show, as you need much more than that. He calls Chase a goodlooking guy, but says to win on this show, you have to bring something fresh, original, and exciting, and he saw none of that. Jimmy knows they desperately need originality on the show, and Phil has that. A lot of people try to sing like him, but come out affected. He believes every word he sang and would sign him on the spot.

Looking at Jeremy, Randy Jackson agrees with Jimmy that it takes more than great looks, but thinks he has a great voice as well. Well, that’s what he said about Phil, not Jeremy. Jennifer Lopez thinks voices supersede some other things, and they re looking for the whole package, but she thinks Jeremy has that. Phil can’t even speak to what Jimmy said about him. Steven Tyler understands what Jimmy is talking about commercially when it comes to Chase, but sometimes the voice can come through, like Chase’s.

Jeremy and Chase do not make the top 10, but Phil does. Jeremy and Chase will have to hope for a wildcard shot with the judges. With Phil sitting alone in the chairs, Ryan Seacrest comes over and asks him if he can get him anything, but is only met with nervous laughter.

Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, Brielle von Hugel, and Hallie Day are brought down to center stage. Jimmy calls Hollie a little girl with a big voice. She could have been a little more believable, and with the right material, she could do some real damage. He doesn’t feel Brielle has a very Staten Island name, and he has family there. He thinks she has a lot of charisma, but doesn’t understand her song choice, thinking it will hurt her. Jimmy calls this Hallie’s best show so far, with real poise, restraint and a great tone. There’s a lot of blondes, and he’s not sure who people will vote for. He thinks Jessica has talent from A to Z and would sign her on the the spot tonight. She has the pole position in this race.

Brielle still stands by her song choice, as she loves putting a twist on old classics. She’d just like to tell Jimmy that she’s respectful of him and loves him. Jennifer isn’t sure whether Hallie was a standout enough over the others to be in the top five. Brielle and Hallie do not make it, while Jessica and Hollie do, as they join Phil on the stools. The others are hoping for a wildcard. I’m a little surprised Hollie made it, as she didn’t seem to show anything different.

During the commercial breaks, the judges were bickering, and Randy jokes they were arguing over life’s issues, but truthfully, they’re already arguing about who they will put through as wildcards.

Returning to the guys, Joshua Ledet, Heejun Han, and Adam “White Chocolate” Brock are called to center stage. Adam addresses the how the night is go ing backstage, saying they’re excited, but thinking everyone did well, and it all neutralizes each other. It’s cheesy and corny, but they all love each other.

Jimmy knows Joshua is the real deal. He sang great, and there’s no question he’ll get through. He’s looking forwad to working with him, but it’s his job to make sure they don’t turn him into Sister Act III. Jimmy talks about Adam’s comment that he has a large black woman trapped in a white body, but he doesn’t think he’s putting them both on right now. He wants him to merge them into one and show up as one person. Jimmy is completely confused by Heejun. He gets the persnality and schtick with sort of a good voice, but this “isn’t American Comedian, it’s American Idol.”

Heejun is asked what he thinks about Jimmy’s comments about him, and asks back, “Who’s that?” He’s of course taking it seriously and knows it’s a singing competition, He thinks he has a lot to work with alongside comedy. Growing up singing in the church taught Joshua to sing from his soul and heart and everything he’s been through is helped by that. Adam wishes he could take his comments about himself back, but does get it. Joshua and Heejun make it through, while White Chocolate will hope for a wildcard.

Baylie Brown, Chelsea Sorrel, Skylar Laine, and Shannon Magrane approach center stage. Jimmy thinks Skylar did herself a lot of favors this week picking Stay With Me, blending soul with country. She brought a lot of charism and has a lot of stage presence. He would have voted for her and thinks the viewers will as well. He thinks Baylie has all the pieces, beautiful and a nice tone, but they didn’t come together. “Out of tune and out of here.” Chelsea has a real nice voice, but he doesn’t think “Carrie Underwood Karaoke” is original enough and thinks she’ll be in trouble. Jimmy really likes Shannon, seeing a really good voice and great poise, but thinks she was dressed more for going to the prom (He’s stealing my lines!), but he thinks she’ll do well tonight.

Shannon cries, saying she can’t help but do it, as she’s so happy, so excited, and she’s gone through so much. It’s such an amazing opportunity, and she doesn’t want it to end. Baylie would have sung on key if she could do anything differently. Well, duh. Skylar’s confidence comes from her loving the song and everyone getting into it with her. She knows what type of artist she wants to be and just wants to show that in everything she does.