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American Idol, Feb. 29 – Adele and More Adele

Hallie Day is 24 and from Baltimore, and realized how far she has come when she watched her audition back. She’s a waitress and lives in a house she and her husband have dubbed “The Cabin.” Her marriage helps her stay focused and centered. She just wants to let loose and entertain everybody. Hallie sings Feeling Good, and is the first performer tonight who I felt some emotion from. She’s not just feeling good, but sounding good too. She takes the song soft when it needs it, but also belts it out when it’s needed.

Jennifer feels like Hallie’s performance really had some beaitiful moments. She was watching her a little on the minotor and thought she looked like a star. She looked and sounded beautiful and liked the nice, slow start. Hallie lost a little control in the middle, but brouight it back in the ened. Steven thinks she’s beautiful and that her voice is real old-timey and old-fashioned and that Adele brought that back. He thinks she’ll be a part of it.

Randy asks Hallie what kind of artist she wants to be, and suggests kind of “torchy.” She sees herself singing from the heart with soul and R&B and wants to go Adele-like and old school. He thinks she definitely has the voice and can blow, but he wanted to figure out where to fit her. Regardless, it was a good job and she sounded great.

Skylar Laine, 18 and from a small town in MIssissippi shows where she likes to hang out, whih looks like gas stations. She’s riding around with her best friend, and best friend’s boyfriend’s mom is riding in the car next to them. Her family has had a rough time with their local store, and if the singing thing works out for her, she wants to help them out.

Acknowleding that she loves this song, Skylar sings Stay With Me and gets that Reba thing going again that they have liked in her all along. She knows how to perform, and it’s hard to believe she’s just 18. She clearly loves every moment of this and looks to be having the most fun so far of the night.

Randy thinks this is the first time they’ve had a rockin’ performin’ definitely great country singer on the show. He doesn’t think they’ve ever had anyone with her voice who performs like this, making comparisons to a Reba mixed with Kelly Clarkson. He loves her energy and performance, and says she exemplified that they’re looking the voice, but also the star quality and performance. She showed all that. He recorded the song before with Travis Tritt and it’s a favorite of his.

It’s one of J-Lo’s favorites too, but because of Skylar. She loves her energy and twang and was thinking it’s like Tina Turner with country. She nails that comparison. They haven’t seen that from her yet, but the audience brought that out of her, and shows she’s a true performer. Steven thinks Skylar made Galveston proud tonight. She was on fire and a pistol. He wants her to keep it up.

Baylie Brown is 22 and from Texas. They have horses, sheep, cats, and cows. She, too, was a cheerleader in high school, and also ran track and tried softball until she got hit in the face. She lives with her grandpa when she’s around and calls him her best friend. Tonight, she sings Amazed, a song that’s overdone it seems. It could be good, but I’m too put off by the weird pose they have her starting from, singing from the side. She sounds good on this, but I don’t if this shows what she’s capable of. It’s back to the muted performances. She gets a little pitchy with it too.

Steven isn’t sure if it was the best song for Baylie to sing tonight, as he’s seen her better. But, he enjoyed it and she’s very pretty. Jennifer corrects him and says she’s not pretty, but beautiful. She does have to go with him on the song chocie, though, as it didn’t seem like she had total control and was a little shaky all the way through, and she knows it’s nerves. When she performs against the the group they have there, it has to be solid. She felt like she could have had a better moment.

Randy has to agree with the others. It started off a little shaky in spots, and she never seized control of the song. She has some big voices she’s competing against. You have to think there are three country girls there, and there is no way all three will make it. If they put six through, half won’t be country girls. Baylie says it was hard for her to breathe in the dress. Skylar had the same issue, but practiced breathing all week. That could be the difference right there.

Hollie Cavanagh, 18, and also from Texas, lives with her parents and brother, who are huge inspirations to her. Her little puppy is always there for her as well. She seems so timid, I want to see if she can bring it. She sings Reflections and seems to be off in her timing a little. She sounds good, though, and belts it bigger than would have been expected by her timidness. She just seems to know this song so much on her own, that it doesn’t meet up right with the band. Her glory note is amazing though.

Steven tells Hollie she’s been one of his favorites from the start, and she did it again tonight. She hit her notes so perfectly and so right on, that there was nothing left of the song except passion. His hope is that she lets her hair down next time. Jennifer told Hollie last year that if she came back, she thought she could win it, and she still thinks that, thinking her voice is that strong. She knows in the song she couldn’t show everything she wanted to do, but she looks forward to what she will do when she lets her hair down.

Hollie is one of Randy’s favorites, and it would be nice to let go a little, but she tried to slay the biggest dragon tonight, as “Christina sang the everything out of it,” and to come up against that is tough, but he knows she has it and can do it, despite it not being perfect.