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American Idol, Feb. 28 – “So Much Variety Already With So Many Flavors”

It’s Ryan’s first stool chat of the year, and he does it with Jeremy Rosado. He gives him a chance to explain why he chose a Sarah Bareilles song tonight. Jeremy explains she’s an amazing artist and he wants to show everything he has in this one night. He’s been dreaming about this for so long. He’s the cheerleader of the group and is always trying to help the others out.

Jeremy is from Florida, and inside his house is his “number” from when he auditioned. On a typical day he would be working at the clinic sitting at the front desk. He’s the first face they see when they walk in. Tonight he’ll sing his heart out, and wants the voters to feel everything he sings. Jeremy sings Gravity and gets a chance to show his heart the way he wanted in the bridge of the song. He also has a little falsetto to show off.

Steven tells him it was beautiful, and he couldn’t have picked a better song. People have been watching him, and he gave it up at the beginning of the season. For all the kids that didn’t make it through, he hugged them and cried with them; he has such a big heart. For that alone, Steven thinks he deserves to be America’s Idol. He sang his butt off today and it was as beautiful as beautiful gets.

J-Lo tells “Jer-Bear” that some people are just blessed from God with a voice that affects people when they open their mouths. He’s one of those people and it makes her forget where she is. She doesn’t think people got to see who he was, but they’re going to see. Randy introduces America to Jeremy and vice versa. There are some crazy “sangers” this year, but he was so impressed with the tender singer and booming moments. He loves him.

Steven is as confused as a baby in a topless bar. Jennifer dared him to take his pants off and jump in the water, and now she’s out-pressing him. He asks who he is and fakes a sneeze while he bares a breast. Randy reminds him it’s a family show, but wants to know what a baby is doing in a topless bar.

Aaron Marcellus is 27 and from Atlanta. He uses the camera to show himself brushing his teeth. Does that make him unique somehow? He’s also walking through town, then teaching voice lessons and taking dance classes. He’s a regular dude with a big dream. He wants to prove to people that you might get knocked down a few times, but you get where you want to be.

Never Can Say Goodbye is Aaron’s song choice, and he’s definitely good, but I’m not sure if he shows anything that’s different from what we’ve seen before to inspire voters to pick up the phone and cast some votes his way. Yet, the judges give him a Standing O.

Randy tells Aaron that’s how you sing some vocals and that the run at the end was crazy. He told Jennifer Aaron was like an old school veteran singing with ease and doing what he wanted. “We’ve got some singers this year.” Jennifer says “That boy can sing.” It’s the end of the story with him. She’s always believed in him and thinks he can sing anything. Steven reminds him they always talk about the whole package and he was that tonight. He raised the bar for himself.

Chase Likens, the country crooner of the group, is 21 and from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He shows us around his apartment and also shows the bike he uses to get to and from school. He attends Marshall University in the theater department and is enjoying the heck out of it. He also whistles. He has horses and dogs and is as country as any country boy can be.

Chase sings Storm Warning and gets completely into the performance. But he’s another that I’m not sure if America will get him enough to see that he’s offering something different, yet he throws a great run in there just before the end.

Steven welcomes the cowboy to American Idol. He also notes that Chase looks a little like Brendan Fraser in The Mummy. Steven thinks he’ll set America’s hearts on fire and a lot of mommies are going to love him. Does that mean he thinks he’ll get the cougar vote? Jennifer agrees he has movie star good looks, but thinks he also sounded great. It’s about showing America who they are, and she thinks he did that. Randy points out his range that had him going up at the end. He’s got skills. He’s a goodlooking dude like him and Steven. He’s ready.

Creighton Fraker is 28 and grew up as the preacher’s kid in a small town in South Dakota. He didn’t exactly fit in there, so moved to New York. He videotapes his apartment and shows where he sits writing music and dreaming about being on American Idol some day. He’s always been an offbeat character, but everyone in New York is unique. He doesn’t have to be ashamed. He’s Creighton Fraker. “You have to be who you are.”

Creighton sings True Colors, a song that has been done a lot on this stage, but I can’t help but notice his beautiful voice right away despite all that. He definitely touches me with this song. He goes tender and also belts it out. He shows us all about his own true colors. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Jennifer thinks America has their work cut out for them. It was so beautiful, and to think half of these guys are going home tomorrow, she just can’t imagine how they’ll choose. With a performance like that and voice like that, she doesn’t want him to go home. He was great and showed all the beautiful dynamics in his voice. It was the perfect song for him, as he is so individual, just like the song says, and he sang from his heart.

Steven recalls Cyndi Lauper doing a beautiful job with that song, and knows she’s at home crying along to it, just like J-Lo. It was his own phrasing and his own choice of notes. He took that song and put it over the top. All Randy can say is there are some incredible singers, and he can’t believe they’re going to lose six of them as well.. He can definitely sing and definitely has the voice.