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Real Housewives of Orange County, Ep. 4 – “Who’s Laughing Now?”

Stand-up Improv, marriage talk, and a sparkly bikini.

Tamra pays a visit to Vicki’s home and as she gets to cracking eggs, she brings up the little goodbye — or should I say cold shoulder — Vicki gave at Heather’s “paint party.” Vicki dives right in, pulling out bowls from the cabinets and cupboards, telling Tamra she’s all up Gretchen’s butt.

“Do you not want me to be friends with Gretchen.”

“I want you to be friends with Gretchen.”

With that supposedly settled, and to lighten the mood, Tamra brings out the sex goodies she bought for Vicki on her shopping date with Gretchen. Vicki’s quick to push the boxes away. By now, we know she isn’t comfortable discussing this stuff in public. But wait, Vicki gets a message from Alexis in perfect timing. Hilarious. They must have bonded over making snide remarks at Tamra and Gretchen at the paint party. She loves Alexis. Vicki can play the game as well, Tamra.

Alexis and Heather meet up for a lunch date—surprise. Surprise — it had to happen sooner than later. Heather asks about the news anchoring job Alexis claims to have. She isn’t cerebral enough for that sort of thing, according to Heather. “We’re more similar than we thought.” Heather doesn’t share Alexis’s sentiments. Lex can’t hold a candle to the actress/mother of four/wife of plastic-surgeon. I can already see the green-eyed monster growing on Alexis’s shoulder.

Slade tries out his stand-up comedy act for his mother and gives fair warning there are “Instructions on how to get naked wasted” and something about National Geographic… Yeah, his mother’s lost facial expression, along with the crickets in the living room, sums up this “funny” act. Momma Slade lets him know that being a comedian is something a person usually has the desire for from a young age. Something tells me Slade just wants an opportunity to roast the rest of the O.C. housewives.

Slade drops some news on his mom. He wants to propose to Gretchen. “No, no.” Momma Slade doesn’t think it’s a good idea either.

Tamra and Eddie take their dog for a walk, nature trail style. Eddie slips “moving in together” into the casual conversation. Naturally marriage is the next topic, but they’re not going there. Way too soon for that. Tamra doesn’t want a third screwed-up marriage. Over a lovely night of dinner on date night, Tamra verbalizes her feelings about moving in with Eddie. Somewhere in the future that could happen, but not at this point.

Slade does some research for his comedy act and it includes Tamra, from the snapshots on his laptop screen. He’s “not trying to be a dick”. But pictures don’t lie, pal. “You’re in the news too, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun to watch” Slade says about Tamra right afterwards. He’s got a point, comedians do snag material from the headlines often. But is Slade really on that level to do the same? Does he even qualify as a stand-up comedian?

And the moment some of us have been anticipating: stand-up comedy segment! Apparently she doesn’t have much faith in Slade’s impending act, because Gretchen dresses down in a sparkly bikini set underneath her jailbird attire. Gretchen and Slade are a duo through and out. She comes out on stage and opens up for the next acts of the night. I heard Facebook mentioned, which got a few laughs. Then, “Am I that hard to find?” and the rest went over my head, and the audience’s, because she stripped down to the sparkly bikini and stood there with arms held out like “hello—I’m right here!” Maybe that was the punchline.

Slade, the man of the hour, finally comes out on stage. Off with the suit jacket and cue up the PowerPoint presentation. The housewives are the butt of his jokes, which are the real hit or miss (read: miss). The act is actually funny to Alexis. That’s what she said, at least. I can only take Alexis for her word.

Slade is still working the housewives as the cornerstone of his act, even dissing his ex, Jo (former O.C. housewives). He goes after Tamra and Vicki, as expected. Talk about low blows. Inappropriate pictures, comparing Vicki to Miss Piggy, talking about Tamra, and the wives’ failed relationships (he’s really one to talk). A complete trainwreck for Gretchen who’s freshly on good terms with Tamra and maybe civil with Vicki.

Heather rates Gretchen’s performance a solid 4 on a scale of 1-10 and rate Slade’s a 3. I have to agree.

Vicki meets with her daughter and Brianna isn’t crazy about the divorce. She can’t quite grasp her mom dating Brooks while technically still married to her soon-to-be ex, Don.

Showdown in the car after stand-up comedy night. Gretchen. Is. Pissed. Slade makes a point in reminding Gretchen how Tamra and Vicki humiliated and bashed him, making his life hell. Gretchen is in an awkward position. As true as that is, it puts Gretch’s friendships on the line. I’m sure Slade gives a rip about that to an extent, but his evil plans are following through and he wants payback.

Next episode: Tamra and Vicki find out about Slade’s improv comedy act. The ‘80s-like gathering provides a setting for the confrontation between the O.C. wives and Slade, who shows up in a black leather jacket, sporting a mullet. He’s definitely asking for trouble.

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