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The Voice, Feb. 27 – Potty Training the Lorax Edition

18-year-old Wade, an aspiring R&B singer, shows up with his aunt and grandmother. Wade’s biggest fear is that he’ll get to the end of the song and look up and sees the back of all four chairs, which won’t happen since Adam will be facing him from the start, even though he can’t pick him.

Rehab starts and wait, why is Adam not facing the stage?  Is this out of order?

Cee Lo hits his button with gusto, but he’s the only one.

Blake: You made it so much fun.

Adam does say his team is full, so why didn’t he start facing the stage like in the past? Maybe they’re afraid that he’ll give something away?  It also sounds like Adam thought there was two of Wade. Meanwhile, Cee Lo welcomes Wade to his team.

Now Cee Lo’s team is complete and we get a recap of his team, reminding us who will be guided by him and possibly harassed along the way.

It’s a duel between Blake and Christina to pick their last team members, and Adley Stump gets to go first. She’s a country singer who started singing about tem months ago.  Oh boy, Mom talks potty training on national TV. Wow, that’s not too embarrassing.

Well, she’s on the big girl potty now as she hits the stage with Last Name.  Christina and Blake are thinking, but not reaching at all. There’s a little talk backstage of trying to guess if Blake has a ‘turn around’ look. Then both Blake and Christina hit one right after the other.

Blake: I thought you were a great female vocalist.

Christina: Your power blew me away. You have the chops.

Blake: What does chops mean?

Christina: You see you don’t know cause you’re not a real vocalist.

Ok, kids, play nicely. Blake and Christina go after her by going after each other. It’s actually kind of fun. Then a little flirting between Adam and Blake.  Adley is telling us she has to go with her heart and her heart is telling her … that it’s time for a commercial break? Oh come on!! I guess we need a potty break.

When we return, the answer is Blake, so now only Christina has a spot left. Time for a medley of Blake’s team I assume? Yes it is. Is it me, or does he have more girls on his team than Cee Lo?

Knowing that whoever she decides she likes will be hers since she won’t have to compete, Christina can actually be even pickier. So we’re treated to a medley of people who don’t get Christina to turn; starting with Beta with You Make Me Feel (Wearing very large glasses.) Arron Gordan with So Sick, who got some big nods from her and nearly got a button pushed. (Blake thought she should have taken him.) Lana Lowe, (another cool name) Last Friday Night who got some constructive criticism.

Next up is… Danny Devito?  The Lorax, with his own voice, gives him a little grief. And gives us all a little laugh. (Get it? Danny Devito is short!  Little? Ha!)

Well, Christina still needs her last team member, but we get her medley of teammates before she does.  Will it be 24-year-old Sera Hill? Maybe, since we don’t have much time left tonight. Christina is her inspiration, which is convenient.

I’m Going Down starts and Christina seems impressed.  Adam and Blake are telling her to hit her button.  Sera gets to a run that Christina was clearly waiting for.  She even does a finger pointing at each note change, and when each note meets her approval, she uses that same finger to push her button.  Essentially, giving Sera the finger, but in a good way.

Christina: Thank you. I’ve been waiting for someone to come along and excite me like that.

Christina mentions that Sera makes her want to get up and sing and somehow Sera convinces Christina to do just that. Well, if Sera can hold her own with Christina, then maybe the guys should be worried.

Next week, we start the battle stage as the coaches whittle their teams down to six artists. Hopefully, no Lorax singers popping in, just some guest stars! See you all Monday night!

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