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The Voice, Feb. 27 – Potty Training the Lorax Edition

Music Camp counselor Lex Land has studied classical voice, and has done singer songwriter and jazz music. She’s pretty scared as she gets ready to take the stage with a big flower in her hair.  I Can’t Make You Love Me starts off quietly, and Cee Lo and Adam each hit their buttons within seconds of each other. Blake jumps in right before the chorus. Her family thinks she sounds nervous. Christina is the only one left.

Cee Lo: I wished I had waited longer because you got more nervous once we turned around.

Adam compares her to Adele. Blake agrees.

Blake: I heard 3 different singers.

Somehow Blake gets into a (Insert breathing thing here) which leads to a premature joke from Adam. It’s time to decide and Cee Lo keeps yelling that he pushed his button first, but she picks Blake. Must be the breathing. Now Blake has only one spot left as well.

Time for another hand-delivered invite.  Orlando Napier is a blues singer getting ready for a gig. How many spots will be left by the time he’s ready to audition?

Well, possibly one less than we thought as we first we get Cameron Novak, a self-described Jack of all trades for singing.  He does everything from freestyle rap to opera. Wonder how that sounds mixed? We get a taste of each. As he gets ready to hit the stage, we hear how he’s going to be surprised if nobody hits their button for him and how he’s a real threat to the other singers. Yeah, that’s not a good sign, but we’ll see.

You Oughta Know begins and Adam and Christina talk back and forth. Blake looks confused. Cee Lo smiles.  So far, no one is turning but there’s a lot of them trying to peek.  They all seem surprised when they see him.  They all thought he was a woman. He calls himself Novocain and starts freestyle rapping at them.

Adam: I did not expect you to look that way. How are you not a woman? (Not sure how that’s going to be taken.)

Cee Lo:  I made a mistake.

Adam wants to break a rule and get him on his team. There’s a lot of cheering from the audience and Cee Lo seems truly upset, but they realize that if they break the rules it would ruin the integrity of the show. Too bad, because Novocain seemed entertaining, but Them’s the rules!

So the age-old question is how established artists would fair if they had to compete on shows like The Voice. Well, if you’re Betty White, apparently pretty well.  You would at least get the little orange coach called a Lorax who sounds like Danny Devito to turn around. If you’re Zac Efron, not so much so.  So goes the first shameless plug of the night for the new movie The Lorax.  Hey, I love me some Betty White!

And now we’re back with Orlando Napier who recounts his tough life, coming up without his mom and how a fight landed him in jail for a few months. Now he seems to have his life together and he’s hoping that The Voice helps him take his singing career to the next level.

Adam hits his button before the song title of Waiting on the World to Change even appears on screen.  Blake is saying ‘Pretty Good’ to someone and has his hand hovering, but he won’t commit. So I guess this one goes to Adam, who seems very happy.

Blake: Adam heard, I think, before you sang.

Adam: You just had this impeccable timing. I knew I needed you on my team, and I do cause nobody else picked you. (Way to make him feel loved. “Ooh, you got me cause no one else wants you.”)

We then get a quick medley of Team Adam as his roster is full.

With only three coaches with one spot left, Lee Koch is up, and I think he may want to communicate to Cee Lo that he’s currently a baker during his audition. I think that would get Cee Lo to turn his chair, even if he sounds like a cat in a blender.  I know he’s got me wanting a scone.

Like A Rolling Stone begins and Lee has the whole guitar and harmonica around the neck thing going on. Adam is hitting his button, but that doesn’t count for anything.  No one else seems compelled to hit their button.  Cee Lo is going to be upset.  Ooh, Christina hit it after the singing was over, but as Lee started playing the harmonica.  Is that legit? I guess so.  Whatever.

Christina: I tell you what sold it, was when you started playing the harmonica. (Really? That’s what sold you?)

And the baking secret is out of the bag, and Cee Lo looks like he was going to weep.