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The Voice, Feb. 27 – Potty Training the Lorax Edition

We’re down to the wire here tonight!  It’s the last night of the Blind Auditions!  The last chance for our artists to fill their teams, which probably means that the coaches will fluctuate between being extra stingy and at times extra desperate, depending on who they have to choose from.

We start off the night with 25-year-old Whitney Myer, who currently sings lead with a band that features her father and uncle.  Sounds like fun, huh?

No One starts and the coaches are all doing their normal head bob.  Adam hits his button without even looking up. Cee Lo follows, then Blake.  Christina seems to think about it, she reaches, pulls back, then gives in and makes it unanimous.

Adam: You have it, you are so blessed.

Christina: You kept it solid; you made it your own.

Blake: All I know, is I’m glad I pushed my button early so I can watch you.

Adam then lets her know that she can win it and he will help her. Christina balks and says essentially the same thing. It’ll serve ‘em both right if she picks one of the others, but she picks Adam, which leaves him with only one spot left to fill.

A very tall-looking David Dunn from Texas is the black sheep of his family because he earned a degree with honors in Engineering, yet he’s pursuing music.  I get the impression his father thinks this music thing is all silliness and that he should just go engineer something. David takes the stage and Adam recognizes The Man Who Can’t Be Moved right away, but he’s not reaching for his button.  Of course no one else is either. Blake has his hand up.  Cee Lo is singing along. It doesn’t look good.  I just saw Adam shake his head.

And it’s back to the engine room for David.

Christina: Everyone else here loves you.

Blake: You did a great job.

Cee Lo: You got a good thing going. Please continue. (Great pep talk, there. Either way, I see an ‘I told you so’ from David’s father coming, although we don’t get to see that.)

It’s two for the price of one! The Shields Brothers, Rory and Tristan. They’re a rock duo who live on a farm with their parents.  Their father mentions that they’ve never held jobs, and he would like them to move out. Nice Dad, real nice.  Dancing With Myself starts and Adam seems excited. Cee Lo is the first to hit his button. Adam is head bopping, but not going anywhere close to his button.  Blake seems amused more than anything else. Christina wonders what’s going on.

Adam: I wish I could have seen it.

Blake: It was kinda chaos listening to it, but you’re clearly with the right guy.

Cee Lo: I love Billy Idol.

Aloha from Cheesa from Hawaii.  At one point her family moved to L.A. where her family struggled with money so much that they turned their home into a elderly care facility and moved into the garage. She confesses she really wants Cee Lo.

If I Were a Boy starts and the coaches listen intently. There’s some nodding, but no button hitting yet.  Cee Lo waits until the very last second (I’m not kidding here!) and then presses his button with some encouragement from Adam.

This time the flirting goes both ways. I have a feeling Cheesa will be entertaining to watch behind the scenes as well as on stage.

Cee Lo: You can go on from here to be everything you were meant to be.

My wife and I wonder what happens if you are set to audition and the teams get full before you take the stage.  Seems sad, but “The job’s already been filled” is something you hear in real life too.

We meet 64-year-old Preston Shannon who sings the blues and R&B. Although he’s been doing this for some time, he’s talking about looking for some help with singing.

He launches into In the Midnight Hour, guitar in hand and playing some mean blues.  The coaches are digging it, but not buying it. Blake almost hits it, but pulls back. He seems torn. No one turns around, and Blake utters something bleeped out that Preston agrees with.

Cee Lo: That’s the real thing there.

Christina: I have a lot of respect for you.