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Amazing Race 20 – Ep 2 – The Episode Where We Watch Water Boil

DetourBoil My Water, teams go to one of three locations to build a solar kitchen, position it and boil a kettle using the power of the sun. At 8 am. Or Light My Fire Girl, we couldn’t get much higher. In this task, drive to the location, gather up wood and clay, load it on a donkey and lead it a mile to a pottery workshop. Only JJArt did the donkey challenge – citing the lack of a strong sun for their reasoning. After getting lost, they recovered and beat all but one of the pot boilers. Only Bopper left ahead of them. New Clowns have never gone to IKEA it seems, as they did not know a photo of the finished product was on the side of the box. The Cousins wind up helping the Dumbbells –and clearly, I need a nickname for the Cousins.

Team Bopper leads the pack on the way to the bus station for an 18-hour ride to Buenos Aires. The first bus has them, Army Wife, BB and JJArt. The 2nd doomed bus has the New Clowns, Stalker, Twins and Dumbells. The last bus has the Feds and the Cousins, who luck out from the exploding window. They make their way to the Roadblock – Where’s the Beef – where one team member must calculate the average weight per head of cattle at the largest cattle market in the world. Complete with the cool long division graphic. Do I really need to say more? Oh, heck, let’s just move on to…

Route Markers
• This may mark the first time on a major reality show that we have a contestant who has no teeth. Thanks Bopper.
• Anyone notice that cheetah chasing down its prey in the opening credits? Now THAT would be a challenge.
• Spanglish reference by Army Husband to Army Wife. Hopefully better than this Spanglish.
• Top 3 last week separated by 3 minutes. 30 minutes later to Teams 4-5. Then another hour for the Twins. Then 12 minutes separating out Teams 7-10. Sometimes this race is really, really closely bunched.
• So we have dogs stealing the show on the Oscars, and on the Amazing Race. We had the random dog that may or may not have been the postman. Or the Postman, not sure. And we had the freaky looking dog . with the fauxhawk later on. Dogs, babies and monkeys. Can’t go wrong.
• Dave the Clown has twice beaten down cancer – way to go, Dave. Let’s keep it that way.
• Bopper says they speak country. I wish they spoke rock n’ roll.
• TAR loves llamas. Llama llama red pajama, Big Brother team brings the drama.
• Did we get Vanessa and Jamie uttering the following – “Son of a Monkey’s Uncle” and “Son of Shenanigans”? That’s some strange cursing, my friends.
• I still can understand little of what Team Bopper says – I think at one point they said something about Baby Bear Soup. This is a twist on the Three Little Bears I do not recall from story time.
• Baby Rachel compared Bopper to Speedy Gonzalez. Nice Looney Tunes reference to help me with my child analogy.
• I refuse to call Team Dumbbell the Guidos out of respect. Not for those who relate to the Jersey Shore lifestyle, but to Team Guido, from Amazing Race Classics.
• Baby Rachel – “I don’t know anything about cooooooowwwsssssaaaaa” – Well, you don’t have to. Of course, she doesn’t know anything about math either. She don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology….
Nice cross cutting from Brendon saying we need our teammates not to stress to Baby stressing.
• Did Kerri say that Stacy was a mathlete? If so, cool. And when I say cool, I mean to me, not to, well, the world.
• Did the Cousins (or maybe the Mathletes?!?!) write their own cheer about themselves? If so, um, creative, and crazy lame.
• I am fairly sure that Dave the Clown got some pity at the end once they were clearly done for the Race, allowing them to go to the Pit Stop. Or the Pity Stop, if you will.
• And the clown music plays us out. Glad we won’t be getting that theme all season long, a la the Cowboys and Trotters.

Detour – All but JJArt did the tea.

Roadblock – Long Division and cows. Baby Rachel, JJ, Mark, Army Wife Rachel, Stacy, Nary, Vanessa, Fitness, Andrew, Dave the Clown.

Next week – Harps. A Mountain of Melons. Baby vs. Vanessa. And Laura will be back to posting before me.
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