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Project Runway All-Stars, Feb. 23 – United Nations of Fashion

Jerrell is up first.  Her made a black and gold minidress with a top that has sheer sleeves and shoulders.  He then decorated the sleeves with what look like white racing stripes.  He also draped a sheer green cloth over one shoulder to act as a sari.  (I have Indian neighbors, and they usually wear saris either with long skirts or trousers.  Not mini-skirts.)  He then gave the model a lot of metal jewelry, including a silver headband.

Kenley made a long-sleeved mini-dress.  Most of it is made of the blue and white heart print fabric, but much of the skirt is made of a salmon fabric.  The heart print section is sleek and snug, but the salmon fabric has ruffles.

Austin made a long sleeveless draped dress.  He used yellow fabric to provide a pop of color down the front, while the rest of the dress is made of several shades of blue.  He also used a multi-colored belt.

Mondo made what appears to be nothing more than a long-sleeved black gown.  Then the model turns and one can see the green and yellow chevrons decorating the back.  It’s a nifty way of incorporating his flag’s colors.

Mila apparently made two dresses, cut them in half and then sewed the halves together.  One half is a sleeveless black mini-dress, while the other half is a long-sleeved, scarlet, floor-length gown.  The scarlet half has gold piping down the front.  The dress also has an asymmetrical neckline.

Last up is Michael who made a  sleeveless draped white dress.  It has silver trim decorating the edges on the top portion and is very low-cut in the back.  There’s also a big blue and silver bow attached to the front, in about the same place where one would pin a corsage for the prom.

Since we are down to six designers, nobody’s safe, and all the designers have to face the judges.  They start with Kenley, who tells them she’d gotten the red, white, and blue Chile flag.  She adds that the women there tend to like ruffles.  Catherine likes it, and Angela comments that it’s “a modern cool girl in Chile” look.  Said girl would probably be embarrassed by the poncho her mother and more traditional women wear.  Isaac does scold Kenley for repeating herself, though– and orders her to make something different next time.

Jerrell talks about how much he likes India and ethnic clothing.  The judges are not impressed with the white stripes on his sleeves.  Georgina tells him that he had too many ideas and needed to edit his look.  His dress also looks too costumey.

As for Michael, Georgina thinks his dress looks like something for a beauty pageant.  The judges hate the blue bow and Angela comments that it looks like something for a Christmas present.

The judges are also less than impressed with Austin’s look.  Isaac thinks the rouching looks “tortured.”  The judges also think the colors are off.

Mondo tells the judges he wanted to make something that was simple but sexy.  The judges mostly agree that it’s a case of “Mission accomplished,” but Isaac dislikes the chevrons in the back.  He thinks they are too “in your face.”  Catherine dislikes the model’s dreadlocks.

Mila tells the judges that she wanted to show the free spirit she associates with Papau New Guinea.  While the judges like the neckline and graphic elements, they don’t see the free spirit she was shooting for.  Isaac goes so far as to say that, “I get Communism from the this dress.”  It reminds him more of the Soviet Union than Papau New Guinea.

The judges then deliberate, starting with the designers they liked.  Mondo showed restraint with his tight black dress.  He may have played it a bit too safe, though.  Kenley made a fun and modern dress that reflected Chile.  Michael made a pretty dress, but the proportions were off and the velvet bow was horrible.

As for the designers they didn’t like, Austin’s dress looked “tortured.”  It also looked like a “prototype” dress; it’s got the makings of a nice dress, but it needs major changes to get to that point.  Mila’s dress looked “schizophrenic.”  Jerrell’s dress looked like an “Indian Barbie doll,” and was a “mess.”

The judges then call everybody back to announce their decision.  Michael is safe, and Mondo is the winner.  Kenley and Austin are also safe, leaving Jerrell and Mila in the bottom two.  Jerrell is safe, which means Mila is out.

After the Runway then comes on.  In this half-hour show, Isaac and Joanna talk to the remaining designers– most of whom think that Jerrell should have gone home, rather than Mila.  Kara is a guest star on the show, and she talks about how she’d made friends with Kenley and Austin during All-Stars.

Only after After the Runway, do we get shots of next week’s episode.  The designer Pharrell Williams turns up and the contestants are told they have to make clothes that will “light up the runway.”  It looks as if the clothes will either glow in the dark or have lights attached to them.

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