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Top Chef: Texas/Vancouver – Ep 16 – Quang Dang, the Anti-Gridle and a Whole Lot of Eggs

The Judges grill the chefs – probably a bit more than usual because for the first time the chefs did not explain their dishes upon service. Qui-Gon’s was conceptually great, said Emeril. Padma frustrated him with her call for more spice. Tom loved the broth, not the garnish. Tom thought Sarah’s dish was very brave and took her out of her comfort zone. Pasta? Isn’t that the warm underbelly of her comfort zone? Anyway, it was the frozen component that was the problem, although Emeril wanted to have a pitcher of that cocktail when they were in Texas.

Lindsay’s soup was good, and Gail loved the smoky flavor. Tom thought the tomato flavor was too overpowering. Emeril thoguth the fish was perfectly cooked, and Tom found the dish/drink combo to be the best with her pairing. It sounded as if it was Gail vs. Tom in the judging – with Gail gunning for Sarah, and Tom for Lindsay. Guess who wins that battle?

Padma psyched out everyone – rather cruelly, I might add – but saying Sarah’s name, but not to pack her knives and go. She is safe. Second place works just fine this week. It is Lindsay of the Corn or Qui-Gon who’s doomed, while the other will earn the win. Is that really in question? Qui-Gon earns the win and Lindsay gets the boot. She calls it an emotional roller coaster, but she never really changed expression or vocal intonation in 16 episodes. So, the finals consists of two Texans – Qui-Gon who remained there, and Sarah who bolted for Chicago. The deck is stacked against Sarah, as our favorite Jedi has been so dominant this year, but Sarah may be peaking at the right time.

Who knows! Well, Bravo knows. And Sarah and Qui-Gon knows. And the rest of the chef know. But that’s besides the point.

Quickfire hits
• Well, if you ever wondered what 80 eggs looked like in a mixing bowl, we now know. Made me think of Ron Swanson.
• The People About the Equal Rights of Lobsters (PEARL) was not very happy about this episode. Qui-Gon is now Public Enemy #1. (Not a real organization folks – put your Google away.)
• Lindsay almost grated her finger off. Now THAT surely would have been a bold ingredient choice.
• Gail was hungry and cold – not good. Someone take better care of Gail!! Although, the dueling gorgeous coats rocked by Gail and Padma was a good start.
• Somebody named Quang Dang spoke on the show. I don’t care what kind of Canadian culinary expert he is – that’s just a coolly ridiculous name.
• Why did none of the Canadian guests have a cool Canadian accent? What’s that a-boot?
• Why was the Stew Room on a train? Seemed rather weird.
• Padma’s hot, hot, hot dress needs a show of its own. Screw the fire and ice challenge – that’s some serious heat right there!

Next week – The end. Eliminated chefs return to help – Malibu, Grayson and Heather are in the promo. There’s some crying. Some trouble with Table 30. An unfortunate fish bone. And, once again, Tom says it’s the best finale food ever.

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