home Cooking Top Chef: Texas/Vancouver – Ep 16 – Quang Dang, the Anti-Gridle and a Whole Lot of Eggs

Top Chef: Texas/Vancouver – Ep 16 – Quang Dang, the Anti-Gridle and a Whole Lot of Eggs

Lindsay/Lo – Ok, before the dish…Lindsay Lo!?!? That does NOT bode well, at all. Scallop 2 Ways: Bok Choy and Chili and Fried Roe with Sausage and Water Chestnut – Lo wanted three ways, but then again, who doesn’t. Padma liked the flavors, and Emeril noticed the julienne technique on the sausage.

Sarah/Floyd – Pan Seared Cod with Coconut Curry, Crab Salad with Clementine and Amaranth – Never heard of Amaranth. It sounds like a Star Wars planet. But Emeril thought it was interesting, especially the rice flour breading on the fish.

Qui-Gon/Takashi – Mirugai Sashimi with Yuzu Dashi, Fried White Fish, Scallions and Chili. – Qui-Gon loaded up the Thai Chili because Padma and Emeril like heat. Well, Padma said that was a LOT of heat.

LiLo’s had a good sear and fry, but an overpowering sauce. Sarah/Floyd had a beautiful plate and a nice crab/fish combo, but needed more acid. Qui-Tak had a bold protein choice, but it was too spicy. So Sarah wins, Floyd finally earns a Quickfire win and she has now won $30K in Canada, after $0 winnings in Texas.

Elimination Challenge – Fire and Ice Party. One dish and one cocktail that has a hot and cold element. Emeril warns that chili with a scoop of sour cream is not a good idea. I disagree. I could go for that right now.

In Whole Foods, they shop and Lindsay of the Corn wonders if it should be literally on fire. I was hoping for something flambee from her, but instead she went esoteric and went for warmth as her hot theme. Sarah is going for a baked pasta for her heat – stunning, I am sure. Qui-Gon is trying to make a dish that looks cold, but is really hot. Lindsay settles for halibut, leading to a Restaurant Wars flashback to when she scolded Beverly for cooking the fish the wrong way. She explains that her choice to not go with snow or frozen or other obvious interpretations was to stay true to herself. What she risks instead is to come across too boring and safe.

I was fully expecting the surprise sous chefs for this challenge – but they were nowhere to be found, and the chefs were in the weeds quickly. Sarah used the anti-gridle – which is an awesome name – to make her frozen component, but it was a bit too frozen as a result. That part of her dish probably cost her the win, and likely put her in great danger for elimination.

Qui-Gon – King Crab with Lobster Broth and Lemon Snow with Pan Am: Kaffir Lime, Thai Chillies and Rum – Again with the Thai chilies? Padma praised the snow, and Emeril got the secret heat of the dish and commented on it. Mission accomplished, Qui-Gon. Tom was NOT a fan of the arugula garnish – it should have a purpose! Tom did think the dish and drink matched well, but Padma wanted more heat. Emeril politely reminder her about her opposite criticism of Mr. Thai Chili at the Quickfire.

Sarah – Five Greens Filled Pasta with Garlic, Chili and Spiced Sformato – First of all, no word starts with an S and an F. So that’s a made up food. Well, there is no second. Anyway, the cocktail is an Agrumi: Gin, Kumquats and Mango. Gail’s Sformato is too sfrozen. Tom is a fan of the flavors, and Emeril liked the homemade pasta. Gail thought the citrus drink was good, but not a perfect match for the dish.

Lindsay of the Corn – Halibut with Fiery Celery Root Salad and Encendido: Vodka, Tomato and Horseradish – Emeril said that it was really hot. Gail also got a big ole piece of fiery as well. Tom said it was nicely cooked, and wondered why there was raw kale. Gail loved the spicy tomato ice that Lindsay added at the last minute. Emeril said the drink was nice, but was kind of flat.