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Face Off, Feb. 22 – Aliens Galore

The competition is intense; these contestants must use all of their skills, artistry, sculpting and pure talent and use it like their life depends on it. There are eight competitors left on Face Off – Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Jerry, Tara, Ian and Matt. 

The contestants leave the house and head to the lab where Mckenzie is standing in front of a police hover car that will be featured in the re-make of this summer’s Total Recall. The special guest this week is the production designer for the film, Mr. Patrick Tatoplous. The challenge is to create the ultimate alien; they are asked to choose a model and a sketch.

There is a catch to this – the contestants must impress Patrick, and he will meet with each person and go over their ideas and designs. They have a half an hour to sketch. Each person must challenge their talents and impress Patrick with their own unique designs compared to his. Beki chooses a cyborg and is switching the gender from male to female in order to make it more her own design. Rayce created something really freaky and cool, very alien-like. Ian is stressed out and wants everyone to know that he “doesn’t want to be sexy; he wants to be creepy.” Good for you Ian, creepy over sexy. He wants to make a creepy bat.

R.J. advises Ian that these aliens are not the phone home type of aliens; they want to eat your face off and then smash stuff. Of course, that is what aliens do. Jerry believes his design is very close to Patrick’s, and Ian believes his drawings are too complicated. It is fascinating to watch these contestants bring their aliens to life as they sketch, mold and sculpt their way to being movie make-up superstars.

Each person deals with this stress differently, they still continue to work to make poor E.T. run and hide. It is day two, and Ian is still trying to figure out how the hell he is going to bring Patrick’s drawing to life. Matt is extremely excited to make a good impression on Patrick. He offers advice; he is kind and very observant. He makes his way around the lab and speaks with each individual. He likes all the ideas and asks what is inspiring them.

The contestants take Patrick’s advice and adhere to it as they frantically work on their odd aliens and bring them to life. Ian is feeling a little insecure and trying to “figure out his niche because everyone has some badass stuff going on.” Jerry believes he needs to step up and be confident.

Patrick leaves. and the contestants all go to work, full force. Jerry is on fire and throwing out knowledge to anyone that will listen. Rayce is trying to keep the intricate details in his work and make the alien look really good. They have ten hours to finish a full creature. Tara’s day is going badly as she tries to remove her creature’s arms from the
scuplture and they fall apart. She is bummed and must start over.

The contestants have ten hours to do a full creature. Tara is freaking out, because she just tried to take her mold apart for her alien and it crumbled in pieces. She is disappointed. Tara also has a random problem. She gets extreme hiccups and they scare the sh*t out of several of the other contestants. She tries to work on the arm extensions, and is not giving up. but the mold collapses on her. Matt and Sue are working and getting things done. Beki, of course, is working full force.

It is application day; the contestants must prepare their aliens and get the models ready to show off them off and hopefully impress Patrick. They have four hours for application and an hour for last looks. Matt knows this is the most he has done. Sue is excited to apply the spikes she created for her alien.

It appears that each person is missing pieces of their model or that something has fallen apart, but Jerry is happy and feeling good. R.J. tells Tara that his aliens head has dried up “hard as a f****** brick.” R.J. must figure something out with only four hours left, Sue is putting her alien together, and Beki created an awesome alien.

Finally Ian yells out that time’s up. It is time for the last looks; the contestants finish up their aliens and prepare for what may feel like a firing squad. The last looks don’t go too well, but they are making the best of what they have.

The contestants arrive on the reveal stage to present their aliens to Judges Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick, Patrick Tatopolous, and special guest Levar Burton from Star Trek. They are going to be doing things differently as two people will be eliminated.

Sue is first with a mouse meets alien, Beki’s alien looks really cool, very detailed. Rayce’s alien is a bit strange, but that makes for a good alien. Jerry’s alien is very horror-inspired and moves oddly which makes it cool.

Ian’s alien looks more like a zombie alien on something. No offense, but it’s a bat meets something. Matt’s alien is cool looking, and kind of has a plant feel. R.J.’s alien looks like it stepped off an alien film; very cool, but kind of looks a little like The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers. Tara’s alien is sort of slimy-looking and very cool with its flaring plastic fingers.

The judges must now examine the aliens up close and each judge has a different opinion. The contestants anxiously await the results. Levar believes they did quality work and did a great job in the small amount of time they had. Beki and Matt are told they are safe and free to head back to the make-up room.

The judges speak to the rest of the contestants and love Rayce’s alien. The judges are not so impressed with Sue’s work. Glenn explains that she missed the mark on this one. Jerry is next, and Ve wants to know why he chose the colors he did. She tells him the alien looks like a big Halloween mask, while Levar feels it’s very aquatic. Ian is complimented, and Patrick tells him that his design is ten times as good as his. Pretty cool coming from Patrick. Levar loves it and the bat-like quality.

Patrick tells Patrick he took it to the next level. Levar thinks the back reminds him of a Mayan temple. Tara looks nervous. Glenn tells her her she second-guesses herself. Glenn does not see what she was trying to create.

The contestants are asked to head back to the make-up room while the judges deliberate. They decide the top looks are Rayce, Ian and R.J. with the winner being Ian. Congrats to him. His alien was very well put together. Patrick gives him tickets to the premiere of Total Recall as his surprise.

Rayce and R.J. are safe, while Sue, Jerry and Tara are in the bottom. The first person going home is Tara, and she is devastated. The second person going home tonight is Jerry. Sue is left standing alone. That is what happens when you create blue aliens folks.

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