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Survivor: One World – Ep 2 – The Tribe of the Witless

Reward Challenge – Hey look, Reward Challenges are back. Yay! I think that the lack of Reward Challenges was the one thing the last two seasons really missed. So much great drama has been produced on the show thanks to Reward Challenges – who to take with you, offering your spot to someone else, and the Car Curse. We missed you!

Of course, this one is one of the DIY Challenges the show promised to feature this season. We had one in Samoa, and now one this week. Each time, the lack of Probst has been noticeable. To be clear, he was missed. It was actually hard to keep track of it – his play-by-play has become such a staple of the challenges that even easy tasks like this one became foreign. Untangle a ring from a mess o’ ropes. But Probst is really a huge part of this show and to have him show up for the first time at the 30 minute mark is a mistake. Not sure if his commitment to directing a movie played into the inclusion of the DIY challenges, but I think the early results of this new feature is negative.

One quick thought – if Probst ever leaves, does Survivor continue? The format certainly can transcend host, but he’s a really, really good host. Can he be replaced? Not by Bill, his line reading of “wanna know what you’re playing for” left a lot to be desired. I suggest that he can, but only by a past Survivor. Your discussion question for the week – which one would do the best job.
Oh, and the guys won the challenge, the tarp, the ropes, etc. Duh.

Immunity Challenge – The aforementioned balance challenge. Guys won.

Treemail Top 10
• The absolute worst thing about reality programming – it gives a platform for some awful people to speak. Case in point – Bad Teacher calling Nina a “bag of rocks.” Just don’t ask Cochran to pull one.
• Did the censor take the week off? The show that blurred out Amanda’s crotch for three seasons managed to leave Tarzan’s banana hammock in full frontal glory. And for that, I need therapy.
• Unintentional sexual moment of the day – Kat during the reward challenge, “Mine are out! Mine are out!” Of course, with this group, it could literally mean what I am joking about. There’s a whole lotta cleavage going on this season. Although, according to Kim, they lost the immunity challenge because “it’s definitely the boobs are hard.” This is the second unintentional sexual moment of the day, and some bad use English that is.
• Notice the Gym Rat Alliance sequence of bro hugs after the Reward win, but none for Gay Cochran. Grunt. We not gay. We not touch gay man. Grunt. Grunt.
• I gave Sabrina props for showing some grown up moments, especially for being a teacher. I have to ding her for this line; they needed the Reward win “like a fat kid needs cake.” I’m sure all of the kids being raised on the fatty school lunches in your class loved that comment.
• The “best tribe in history,” according to Mike, is really on a roll. And I loved the 80s montage of them getting the tarp on and working around camp. They work to music!
• Jacob’s saying that Gay Cochran makes Russell look like a “friggin schoolgirl” is simply a) wrong, b) really wrong, and c) uber disturbing.
• Thank you guys for not only forming the Misfit Alliance, but actually calling it that. If there is one thing I like, it is being right. It just doesn’t happen often enough.
• Nina is leaves having done very little – she hurt her face, she got described as the Walking Dead , she called Kat a dumb broad, and coined the phrase “tribe of the witless.” She could have been interesting to watch this season, but instead of keeping the tough as nails ex-cop, they kept Fartgirl.
• Lastly, Kat complained as she voted for Nina that she wouldn’t have thrown Nina under the bus the way Nina did to her. Bull. Again, she’s a child. If something happens to you, it’s a crime, but if you do it to someone else, it’s defined as something else. Moments earlier, she did the same thing to Cha. That was ok though. I’m officially done with her this season – please Sabrina, Chelsea and Kim, come to your sense and rework your alliance. It is still early. Sub out Kat and Alicia for Monica and Cha. Maybe, just maybe, we can wind up with something other than the slow motion crash and burn of a tribe over the course of two months of television.

Votes – Nina 6 (Chelsea, Kat, Alicia, Kim, Sabrina, Cha), Kat 1 (Nina), Cha 1 (Monica). Although, if Monica is voting for Cha, my chances of seeing that alliance shift is rather slim.

Next week – Chivalry is dead, and it might have been killed by a cold rain.

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