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Survivor: One World – Ep 2 – The Tribe of the Witless

Well, we had a very solid first episode. Can we focus on that? No? Ok, well, we had a fairly crappy second episode. And if we are not careful, we could potentially have a stinker on our hands. Conceptually, One World is a great twist. However, you need a cast to go along with the concept, and we have a shaky cast based on this episode.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s a good season in there somewhere, but things need to start turning a different way. If things continue along this path, we have another Ulong on our hands. The Ladies are such a bad tribe so far that the U-word is even being dropped. Ulong was by far the worst tribe in the history of the game – leading to Steph being the only Tribe of One in the history of the game. That’s how bad this tribe has performed so far. And does anyone see things changing? I don’t.

Traditionally, as I said last week, women have done well with balance challenges in the past. The first two immunity challenges have factored in balance – and they’ve still lost. This week recycled an older challenge – albeit a good one. The tribe lines up on a beam over the water. And one by one, they had pass to the opposite side of the beam – not touching more than one person at a time, and not falling off the beam. This group of guys has a little person, so it was not a full roster of large guys for once. However, this should not be a challenge for the guys. And yet it was. And it was a blowout.

I’ll get into the details in a few moments. However, there is something that must be addressed regarding the potentially Ulongian tribe before us. The decision made by the women to get rid of the potentially more competent person instead of the incompetent person was predicated solely on a Day One Final Five alliance. It’s Day Five. It is early enough in the game that you can substitute someone if one of your randomly selected alliance mates turns out to suck. You know – like Kat.

Last season, the Sophie/Coach alliance was formed on the first day and it went all the way to the end. The year before, Rob’s alliance was basically intact from the start, with Phil being the only substitute along the way. Throw in the Pagonging that took place in Heroes vs. Villains, and the tribe vs. tribe battles from Samoa that took place after the merge, we have a pattern building. There is just simply too much weight being given to early alliance these days. Perhaps the show needs to do some brand new twist to solve this problem?

No. Simple solution. FLIP THE DAMN TRIBES! So much drama has been generated from previous seasons thanks to the jumbling of the tribes. Alliances formed were destroyed, games once seemingly secure were made vulnerable, and those who appeared to be doomed found themselves with a brand new lease on life. It works. It’s proven to work. Just do it, Probst. If you don’t, we could have a sudden deficiency in estrogen very soon.

And then we have the Curious Case of Gay Cochran. First, let me give him props, and at the same time pat myself on the back. My proposed Misfit Alliance appears to be in the works, as Gay Cochran presented his idol to the Tarzans, Jonas and Leif. They are intending to take the power from the Gym Rat Alliance by playing the idol at the next Tribal Council, assuming of course that they ever face Tribal Council.

However, Gay Cochran sure has a strange way of playing this game. I can see how he may feel left out of Testosterone City with the dudes, but spending all of his time with the women? Odd choice, indeed. This is something that can only be done this season, as the tribes live together. But why would you show your own tribe – the tribe that can vote you out – that you are a perfect candidate to flip at the merge? And why would the women want him around? Sabrina and Chelsea said it themselves, they don’t want a member of the other tribe hanging around learning their secrets and watching their relationships build and splinter.

Probst called Gay Cochran a villain, and I was wondering how he would turn into one. I thought it was due to a move, a betrayal. However, he may be a villain in the way that Coach 1.0 was – just super, duper annoying.