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Amazing Race 20 – Ep 1 – The Dumbest Move in Race History

Roadblock – Who’s got a great sense of direction? They arrive at an airport and all of the teams rightfully assume an aerial challenge is coming their way. So the acrophobes step aside, and interestingly, the men all choose to do the tasks. But, surprise, surprise. The ole bait and switch. The Roadblock is actually to drive to a meeting point around the airport – it’s the other team member that has to jump out of the airplane to arrive at the meeting point. Awesome. Now, there wasn’t much drama attached to the actual jump – at least none that really mattered. The drama came from a couple of the drivers – the Sisters AGAIN had issues as Maiya managed to get the car stuck in the sand and had to depend on the kindness of strangers. Meanwhile, Danny failed to listen to mama – and 19 previous seasons of the Amazing Race – and failed to learn how to drive a stick shift. That meant the two teams would head to the final challenge in last place.

Random Challenge – Either this was a Detour that had a second side no one chose (and thus edited out for time), or it was just a random task. Make 120 empanadas the proper way – 60 meat, 60 cheese, and each style gets its own method of dough crimping. Credit goes to BB Rachel for being the first to notice the two different prep methods – JJArt failed to do so, and thus lost their lead to Army Wives and Big Brother. Vanessa wanted to rub her face in the food. Ok.

The final race to the finish is where all of the fun happened. The Mat was on the same grounds as the last challenge, so it was travelling on foot. Army Wives overcame Big Brother for first and the Express Pass, but the drama was at the end. The Sisters forgot their bags in the car, so after they finished the task before the Dumbbells, they had to retrieve them. So that’s last place in the balloons, a car stuck in the sand, and forgotten bags. Great start. But that’s not all.

The Mat was out on the back lawn – with Phil, local greeters, camera crew, potentially more personnel, etc. The ladies came bolting around the corner, seemingly looked directly at Phil, and then turned away. The puzzled look from Phil was classic. How is it possible that they did not see that scene in front of them? That was incredible. The Dumbbells get a gift and survive – and if they win, boy, they should give the Sisters a cut. The ladies say, through tears, that it is hard for them because they cost themselves a million bucks thanks to this dumb mistake. Well, no you didn’t. That’s four errors in one leg – capped by a colossally stupid error. All before Killer Fatigue set it! I’ll go out on a limb – they weren’t gonna win this thing.

Route Markers
• The teams are shown arriving at the starting line on bicycles. Worst. Entrance. Ever. Past teams have been in helicopters, motor boats, dune buggies and other cool vehicles. Heck, bring me back to S1’s bus with the blacked out windows. All just to see Phil on his bike.
• Blink. Wait, Phil changed into regular clothes. Man, he’s like Superman!
• 12 legs will “Push (them) like they’ve never been pushed before.” And perhaps two others will be pieces of cake. In this Roadblock, one team member must take a four hour nap. Go.
• Mr. Eye Brow shows up to mock them – “The fact is, I’ll be eliminating most of you.” HA!
• New Clowns are last coming out of the airport and I am surprised to see that Mrs. Clown is the first player this season to be reduced to tears. As she said, “Tears of a Clown.”
• Things I don’t love – when guys call themselves Alpha Males. It just makes me want to root against them – so, strike one against JJArt and Fighter Pilot (new nickname for him is Goose – be careful, you can become Maverick or you can become Iceman).
• I am going to grow awfully tired of two Rachels.
• Army Wife Rachel – that’s one strike against you as well for the devil horns. Sigh.
• Cool how the camera operator jumps separately than the Racer and the coach. I liked how BB Rachel held the cameraman’s hand at one point. Goes to show you – Amazing Race Cameraman = bad ass job.
• Art running on the beach – thought you’d get away from the day job on the Race, did ya?
• Vanessa – “My uterus is in my throat.” Be careful, if some get their way, your insurance may not cover that.
• BB Brandon hates the Border Patrol guys because he’s Mexican. Oh, nice. Classy.
• Stacy wanted to know what would happen if the chute didn’t open. Well, you’ll die. Any further questions?
• I think Seinfeld’s first draft was the Empanada Nazi – but it just didn’t flow as good as Soup!
• Big Bopper thought they were making piñatas – Of course, we never saw what they did with the empanadas, perhaps they whacked them with little tiny bats.
• Mrs. Clown – “Just keep cooking. Just keep cooking.” Heh.
• Danny says he has never cooked. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Really?

Roadblock – Not the jumpers, the drivers. Dave, Brendon, Art, Jamie, Ralph, Andrew, Kerri, Mrs. Clown, Big Bopper, Danny, Maiya.

Order of Finish – Army Wives, Big Brother, JJArt, Feds, Stalker, Twins, Cousins, New Clowns, Boppers, Dumbbells and the Golfing Sisters (ELIMINATED)

This season – Animals, jumping, Choppers, Melons, Ouchies, Mules, BB Rachel vs. Vanessa, Army Wife tells someone to shut the eff up, and BB Rachel is in tears. Go Race!

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