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Real Housewives of Orange County, Feb. 21 – “The Honeymoon Is Over”

Painting party, wine, and the green-eyed monster.

Well, the honeymoon is most definitely over for Tamra and her beau, Eddie. While Vicki and Brooks are on a nice date, Eddie and Tamra discuss what happened earlier over drinks while they all were tipsy. Eddie clarifies he only sees Vicki as a friend and it was all jokes, but Tamra crossed the line when she placed Brooks’ hand on her boob in retaliation. Tamra sheds some tears and they kiss and make-up, for the most part.

Heather and her doctor-husband go out for dinner as well, and she decides to throw a paint party as a “thank-you” for the invite to Vicki’s party. This is her way of scoping the girls out on her own turf – only she’s not letting these conniving women near her home, so the party will take place elsewhere. Very wise, Heather.

Tamra boo-hoos some more over dinner and complains about Eddie and Vicki touching. They’re both Aries and can’t help being touchy-feely. Even though Vicki stated she didn’t like being touched in public in front of other people when Brooks wanted some PDA. Tamra just saw her “best friends holding hands and went psycho.” Back off her territory.

Slade and Gretchen take their doggies out for a walk, and I’m just staring Gretch down in her hot-pink turtleneck and super-short white shorts in some snow-boots-looking tennis shoes. Fashionista, she is. Slade tells Gretchen about an opportunity he’s been offered in stand-up comedy, and she gives him some facts about the reality of trying to perform comedy versus just watching it. There’s a hell of a difference, buddy.

Tamra doesn’t feel well by the end of the Catalina trip — she makes a few trips of her own to the restroom. She and Eddie are in a calmer place than they were the previous day, but something’s still bothering them. “Don’t put another man’s hand on your boob, and I won’t touch your friend.” Wow Eddie. And “I don’t want another woman touching my man.” Now that boundaries are set and the couple is in a good place, Tamra suddenly gets nauseous again. Hope she’s not seasick. Could be the alcohol. Maybe.

Heather calls all the girls up, informing them of the cocktail/painting party. Clearly no one’s ever heard of this novelty.

“We’re gonna what?”

“A painting party?”

“What the hell do you do at a painting party?” Beats me, but there might be painting involved. I don’t know.

The refreshments of Heather’s party already seem to one-up Vicki’s. No carbs, iced wine, macaroons … Classy, as expected, since this is Heather.

Alexis and Gretchen talk about what happened with Peggy at Vicki’s party. Gretchen kinda sides with Peggy and agrees Alexis’s anger should be more directed towards her husband, Jim. Alexis is on another train of thought and doesn’t grasp the logics of the situation, so we’ll move on to Heather’s paint party.

Oh boy! Tamra has been on bitch modek so Vicki throws the pregnancy suspicion out there. Tamra’s queasy episodes might’ve brought this on. Vicki points out that isn’t good for their age, kids and whatnot. Tamra reprimands, “Don’t put me in your age, I’m not quite your age.” Well dang. Tou-chy.

I have yet to see paint at this party. But the painting teacher arrives, so we’ll see where this goes. Smocks on. Canvases ready. Tamra unintentionally flaunts her secret friendship with Gretchen in front of Vicki. The girls learn to paint a single line and go on from there. Heather declares her other talents in spite of being no Van Gogh at painting—like acting. She’s an actress by the way, in case she didn’t make it clear enough.

In between brush strokes, Alexis and Vicki make snide remarks to Gretchen and Tamra about their budding friendship. Besides the color green, jealousy also comes in blonde. Alexis takes a picture of Tamra and Gretchen and mocks their friendship some more.  Passive aggressive, much?

Heather’s doctor-husband comes in and just jokes around and informs the women on plastic surgery stuff. His delivery and choice of words in relation to their marriage aren’t to Heather’s standards, so she storms off to guzzle a drink like a good dramatic actress. Alright, I kinda believe her now. Her life is so frickin’ perfect, and Alexis appears envious. I don’t blame her.

That “painting party” was okay. Though I’m still thinking of a large room with walls of clean canvases, and paint being thrown and slung back and forth. It sure would get out some aggressions and get everybody’s feelings out in the open. But that’s not Heather’s style, and it is her party after all.

Vicki hugs and kisses everyone before she leaves the party — everyone but Tamra. Her worse fears have come true. Vicki’s pissed about her new friendship with Gretchen. Well it didn’t exactly help matters being all buddy-buddy in the woman’s face. By the way, Gretchen and Tamra’s friendship is blooming well as they bonded earlier over some sex toys. Again—this topic just has a way of bringing even arch enemies together. Whoops, Gretchen and Tamra are “besties” now.

Slade’s waiting back home, like the dutiful boyfriend, to hear about Gretchen’s day. She returns with juicy news on Brooks, Vicki’s man. According to whatever Gretch found on the web, Brooks was in trouble, as in arrested for not paying child support. It only fuels Slade’s hate for Tamra and Vicki, the hypocrites who bash(ed) him and dragged his name through mud over being a “deadbeat dad.”

Gretchen now regrets dishing to Slade about this bit of info. It won’t benefit her new friendship with Tamra and there won’t be any mending fences with Vicki in the near future. Who knows what Slade’s going to do with this news.

Next episode: Slade hops on stage for his stand-up comedy show. Tamra has a talk with Vicki about the new friendship with Gretchen. Heather and Alexis have a one-on-one — apparently Alexis is a news anchor, or at least that’s what is implied. Last I checked she had a small segment featured on the morning news show.

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