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The Women Tell All – The Bachelor 6, Episode 8

by LauraBelle

It would have been hard to be any of the people present for tonight’s “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,” save for the audience and host Chris Harrison. It would be hard to be Byron in the presence of twenty-four of his “exes.” It would be hard to be the twenty-four women facing the man that turned them away. They muddled through for the sake of the show (and their contracts), but the uncomfortableness was evident.

The first woman to take the hot seat is Krysta. As Chris explains she loved to gossip, and that this would be the first time many of the women had seen this, he shows a montage of Krysta gossiping about nearly everyone and many of her bitchy sound bytes. At the end, a clip is shown of Krysta, telling Byron, “Honestly, I get along with everybody!”

Chris asks if she feels bad, and Krysta says it may sound horrible, but she said she would be honest. She had fun and enjoyed herself. I have to admit, I respect her immensely for this, standing up for her behavior. Looking at a clip of Krysta dressed up in black leather, Cindy says it’s like Pamela Anderson gone bad. She also manages to throw in a zinger, and says she thinks Krysta could use a little silicone. This is in reference to a quote of Krysta’s from her video clips where she mentions the women, Cindy among them, that were … silicone-enhanced. Krysta is also told if she likes nice things that much, to get a good job and buy them herself, instead of looking for a man with money. Krysta retorts that she does have a good job. Amy tells Krysta she was hurt, as she had defended Krysta to the others.

Chris goes on to show that Krysta wasn’t the only one gossiping, as clips are shown with all the women doing their share. After Cheresse is shown being talked about measuring her butt with a measuring tape every day, she says she didn’t do it EVERY day, but admits to doing it while in the house. Okay, I would do that while I was in the bathroom so that no one else would know I did that. Why would you allow yourself to be seen by others like that, that self-absorbed?

About the daily mood in the house, living with all the other women, Cindy says it reminded her of high school, like in the locker room, without a man around. She gets many laughs as she says Cheresse was looking good to her at that point. Heather, who had joined the show show halfway through with Mary, says it was tough, but they knew they wouldn’t be enjoying a welcoming committee.

Jayne is next to take the hot seat. Among the clips shown of her, is Byron and Jay watching the women on their first day in the house, and Byron says that Jayne is beautiful and his favorite. After the clips, Chris tells Jane that she was clearly the frontrunner, and that Byron had even said he was falling in love with her. Jayne says she didn’t realize he felt like that. I have to say I sit in Jayne’s camp with this one. I have never seen a clear frontrunner the whole duration. Byron kept me guessing. In fact, I can see next week’s finale going either way.

He had to do it – it wouldn’t be right for him not to. Chris shows clips of Jayne freaking out the night of the disastrous slumber party. Krysta is seen talking about her, saying, “Stay in your shell; it’s actually better.” After, they move on to the night that really killed any remaining chances Jayne had with Byron – when she freaked out and ran away, but really spent the time shacked up with Byron, begging him to let her spend the night. Oh, how I wish they asked the other women how they felt now that they knew where Jayne was that whole time they were searching the grounds for her. Instead, they just rehash the fight between Jayne and Cindy. The clips go on to show Byron saying the reason he was eliminating Jayne was he felt he was watching her unravel by the second. After she was cut, Jayne is shown saying she felt Byron had led her on, and that he had lied to her about his feelings.

Chris turns to Cheresse and explains everyone thought she was a frontrunner as well, and wants to know what happened. Obviously still bitter, she says apparently if you won’t utilize the fantasy suite, you won’t go on further. She defiantly says Byron didn’t get to know the real her. I have to agree with her; the overall feeling after her departure was “No nookie – no rose.”

Cindy joins Chris in the hot seat, and clips are shown of Cindy’s dates going from all good to seemingly all bad. Byron is quoted as a saying the hardest thing he has had to do during the duration of the show is send Cindy home. Chris asks her why she was out of things to say immediately after she was eliminated, and she replies it seemed like a bad dream, and that she was in shock. Byron had seemed to reciprocate her feelings, but now she has begun to feel Jayne is right, that Byron perhaps led them on.

Chris tells the audience that a few days after she was cut, Cindy called the show needing to unload her feelings some. The cameras had her sitting in a chair explaining her shock and hurt. This seems more aimed at exploiting her than helping her. She says on this tape that she felt it was a bad dream, and that she was going to find herself back in the limo going back to see Byron where he would say it was all a bad joke, but this hotel room is not a limo, and she isn’t waking up. She believes him to be her soulmate, and is afraid there won’t be any others. Cindy was never a favorite of mine, but her pain is very difficult to sit through.

Byron is introduced and takes a seat next to Cindy, after the two of them spend some obviously uncomfortable moments not knowing whether to kiss, hug or shake hands when greeting each other. Watching that tape, Byron feels horrible, and says it was gut-wrenching and overwhelming. No kidding.

Cindy and Byron address each other, exchanging pleasantries and telling each other they look great, and Cindy lets loose with a bombshell asking Byron if he wants to make out. Byron tells her his reason for letting her go was because she had told him not to give her a rose if he wasn’t sure she would be the last one standing. He says his relationship with her, along with Mary and Tanya, was growing, and he couldn’t be positive of her being number one. He spared her feelings and sent her home, feeling it would be better than doing that at the final rose. This all winds up great with Cindy saying, “You missed it! You missed out on a great girl!” Good for her! Byron says she will be a gift in anybody’s life. She says she is now more comfortable with it all, just having him explain it all to her. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

Chris lets Cindy go, and all the attention now turns to Byron. Pointing out he was the first bachelor to live amongst the women, he shows clips of Byron’s time in the house. Cheresse asks him to admit not sharing the fantasy suite was a big reason she was sent home. He says that it was the time spent that they missed out on, and he had told her that that night, after she had made her decision. They needed those five to seven hours alone to further develop their relationship, sit by the fire, chat, etc., the same as his relationships with Cindy, Mary and Tanya needed.

Jayne thanks Byron for being nice to her and comforting her the night of the slumber party. Krysta says she felt he never would have followed her like he did Jayne. Byron says she is right, and that he would not have for fear of his life. She says she never met a man so afraid of her before, and he says they were never locked in a house with you. Cheresse wants him to know he was right; they had no chemistry. Cindy has one more question – why did he freak out about his ex in the limo? He says it was hard living like that – no TV, not books – and when he saw himself going GI Byron, it was hard to watch.

Byron is excused, and the dejected bachelor, Jay, comes out. He says being amongst them again was surreal and thanks the women that voted for him. The competitor side of him had come out, and it was tough leaving. When asked if he is dating anyone, Jay says he’s having a blast. He tells Chris once all the other women out there realize he is open to being in a relationship and is looking to be married, he gets a lot of attention. I’ll bet. Maybe Andrea can find use for her eight yards of satin yet. He admits to being particularly attracted those few days to Natalie, Kelly and Leina.

We are treated to a preview of the finale. Mary and Tanya will meet up at the mansion with Byron and everyone’s parents, but Mary is still unsure if she’ll subject her parents to possibly being hurt again. After, they go to Byron’s hometown to meet his friends. We are told it will be the most romantic Bachelor proposal ever. After, there will be a special “After The Final Rose” show. It promises to be very exciting.

It seemed by the end of the show that everyone was feeling better, but it would still be hard to be in any of their places. Especially those that had a nasty side of them come out that they hadn’t been expecting. I missed seeing Andrea talking; I would have loved to hear her speak of her time there. Perhaps I’ll never find out what happens to the silk.

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