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Worst Cooks in America, Feb. 19 – Help Me, My Two-Foo Isn’t Melting

It’s time for the judging.  Erica and Anthony are up first.  Erica rambles on about what the people of India like; unfortunately for her Bobby finds her meatballs bland.  Anne likes the spice in Anthony’s meatballs and likes the focus he showed even more.  His are a little overcooked.  The judges then switch plates and taste the other contestant’s food.  Bobby like’s the flavor of Anthony’s; Anne says all she needs to say when she spits Erica’s meatball back out into her hand.  Anthony wins the challenge of the Indian Meatball.

Red team wins a point; I’m not sure why they are tallying points though.  Last week, weakest from each team went home.

Spain is up next.  Sarina is proud of herself and thinks it looks cute.  She likes how she decorated it.  Yes, looking closer I was right; it is saffron she sprinkled all over the meatballs.  At $140 plus or minus for half an ounce, those are some pretty expensive meatballs.  Bobby lets her know she has about $100 worth of saffron on her meatballs. 

Bobby asks her what she used to season them.  She replies salt, pepper and “coming.” Again I am going to guess that she means cumin.  She also puts “citric acid, oh wait citrus” on.  Bobby can’t stop laughing.  He wants to quit all his other jobs and do this forever.  Surprisingly, Bobby thinks there is good flavor in her meatballs.  Darn it!  Bennett over-spices his meatballs, I wonder if it was the fault of being left-handed or the lazy eye that caused him to do that.  Sarina whines, I mean wins, the point for the blue team.

Bob and Sherrill are called up next to represent Sweden.  Well maybe the love affair is over.  One thing I have learned from watching Anne Burrell over the years, she does not like to be questioned.  She tells Bob his meatballs are lacking salt.  He comes back saying that’s how he likes them, but he knows she likes salt.  She barks back “I don’t like salt; I like food that tastes good.” 

Sherrill covered her meatballs in dill, branches and all.  I guess she was going for that Swiss Alpine forest type of feel.  Her meatballs are burnt on the outside and raw on the inside, and as Bobby said “the size of tennis balls.”  Sherrill takes it as a slap in the face.  Both judges agree that salt-less meatballs are better than raw.

Morocco is up next with Vinnie and Rachel.  Rachael’s plate has no sauce.  One of the meatballs has a bite out of it.  She tells Anne that she took a bite off of it with a fork.  Oh my gosh, who does that?  Anne looks disgusted.  There is no sauce, they are burned, and one has a bite out of it.  She was given an hour.  Unfortunately for Rachel, 40 minutes was spent trying to put together the meat grinder.  Vinnie’s dish looks good.  Bobby is impressed, so is Anne.  Vinnie wins the point.

Lebanon Meatballs are up next. Bobby thinksTiffany’s meatballs are a little dry.  Melissa’s are under-seasoned.  Tiffany wins the point.  Greece follows; Dorothy’s look great, as do David’s.  Both dishes go over well, but Dorothy’s are a little better and she wins the point.

Benjamin and Kelli bring their French Meatballs up next.  Anne likes Kelli’s goat cheese meatballs.  I’m a visual eater; there is no way I could even try one of those.  Benjamin’s meatballs have good flavor, but have a little too much breadcrumb and are dry.  Kelli wins the point for red.

The final score is Red team 4, Blue team 3.

The overall winner for the red team is Dorothy.  Vinnie is the overall winner on the blue team.  He has found the redemption he wanted from the nasty meatballs he made that first day.  Bobby goes on to tell Vinnie that he has a lot of potential.

Erica and Sherrill are in the bottom two for the blue team.  Rachel and Bennett are in the bottom two for red team.  All four of these people are givens this week for bottom 4, no surprise at all.

Rachel will be leaving the red team tonight.

Bobby addresses his bottom two; he says that they are in the bottom for very different reasons.  Sherrill needs to learn new ways instead of repeating past mistakes.  Erica, Bobby says, is like a tornado in the kitchen with crazy misdirected energy.  Sherrill will not be returning next week.  I think Bobby is just too amused by Erica to let her go.

Thanks for reading, have a great week everyone!

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