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Worst Cooks in America, Feb. 19 – Help Me, My Two-Foo Isn’t Melting

Oh poo. I was hoping they were going to make them figure it all out on their own.  In the pantry there are two baskets of ingredients to go along with the country.  There are no directions on taste on the meatball, just recipes for sauce.  They will have to taste and smell the ingredients and try to create their own flavor profile.  Poor Bobby, oh and Anne too, poor Anne, they will have to taste all these concoctions.  The aspiring cooks are given 60 minutes.

Erica is nervous about Indian food because it is foreign to her.  She knows it is “supposed to blast in your mouth”, but she isn’t sure how to do that.  Oh boy, watch out Bobby!

Oh Tiffany, the beautiful poker player.  She doesn’t know where Lebanon is.  She doesn’t know anything about Lebanon. But if she did, she could “use my intellectual brain to figure out that region.”  I’ve always wondered on these shows, and maybe one of you knows; when they talk into those diary cams, is there a cameraman there? Or is it like a video diary?  If there is someone sitting behind that camera how in the world do they not laugh?

Bennett explains, to those same cameras, that it is not his fault he can’t cut a vegetable properly.  He has a lazy eye and is left-handed, so it is impossible for him to chop correctly.  We then see him in the kitchen, obviously flustered.  Here is the conversation in a nutshell. 

Anne: Do you realize what you did wrong? 
Bennett:  Yes, sorry, sorry. 
Anne: Don’t run with a knife!
Bennett: (while jumping) Sor…
Anne: Don’t jump with a knife. 
Bennett: Sorry, Sorry.

Pan over to Blue kitchen, and Bobby is taking to Sarina.  He is convincing her to try the basket foods before she does anything else.  She is trying to figure out what “Oh Crap” is in Spanish, because she doesn’t like spicy food.  Honestly I don’t think she understands that she has Spain, as in Europe.  I think she is on the continent of South America.

Rachel has spent the first 25 minutes of an hour-long challenge trying to put together the meat grinder.  She hasn’t even started cooking.

Erica has Bobby bending over laughing.  Somehow she was able to get the lid onto a food processor, but she has no clue how to get it off.  She picks up the entire machine, turns it upside down, and proceeds to hit the bottom of it.  She is hoping it comes out the small hole that is there to put the food in.  Bobby compares her to a circus.  Bobby calls over to her and asks if she got it out.  She asks “what out?”  Seriously what do you think?  She says yes, which I don’t understand.  To me it looks like the only thing she got out was a little bit of liquid that didn’t mix in to the rest of it.

Vinnie wants to show Bobby that his noodle win wasn’t “a flash in a pan.”  He also recognizes his luck in going against Rachel and is hoping she drops the ball, meatball that is.  He may just have his wish granted, as she is still trying to put together the machine.  As I said earlier, her inability to put together a simple meat grinder has nothing to do with being a good cook or not.  She just does not listen.  Anne has to come down onto the floor and ask what is going on.  It is simply a matter of screwing the grinder plate on in the right direction.

Ah another diary moment. Sherrill is very happy she has Sweden.  She feels that it was the safest country to get.  It has the Alps and skiing, and Sweden is the home of Switzerland.

Ten minutes left on the clock and Vinnie is just now putting his meatballs on the stove.  Bobby tells him if he fails on meatballs there is no going home to Philly.  Kelli has put goat cheese in her French meatballs, and they are disintegrating in her pan as the cheese starts to melt.  The contestants are finishing their plating with 3 minutes left.

Sarina decides to add cheese; Bobby tells her they look great.  She then decides to put the peppermill over them, a couple of times.  Then she finds these “pretty red herbs” and decides to put a pile of them on the top if the meatball.  I’m guessing at this point but it looks like saffron that would be disgusting.