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Worst Cooks in America, Feb. 19 – Help Me, My Two-Foo Isn’t Melting

Sarina is next up for blue team.  Bobby compares one of her noodles to the Loch Ness Monster.  They are very thick and uneven.  Some of the carrots are 2-inches long while others are nubs.  She starts to cry.  When Bobby tastes it, he thinks it is good.  He likes that she tasted the food and made a decision to add more spice.  He points out to her that she shouldn’t feel bad because she is doing things she has never done before.

Anne’s red team is up next.  Dorothy is up first, and her dish seems to be lacking any vegetables.  I guess that could be one way of not being judged on knife cuts; just don’t add them.  Anne tastes the noodles that look good, and thinks that it is balanced properly.  Anthony is up next.  He got his noodles into the bowls with seconds remaining on the clock.  She is frustrated with him that everything runs to the end with him.  His noodles have no uniformity, but the carrots look good.

Bob is up next.  Personally I think Anne Burrell might have a tiny crush on him.  She must like that bad boy biker look.  She is happy that Bob is happy and enjoys his dish.  Rachel serves dry noodles with uneven carrots; she also starts to cry.  Rachel knows Anne is just giving her a little tough love.  No, not really, you cooked your sauce out of the pan and served dry noodles.  Melissa’s knife skills are following suit with the majority of Anne’s team.  No one took the time to care that they were done properly.

Bennett’s Lindsay Lohan Noodles are up next.  His noodles are all dried up (sorry I had to.) Anne suggests to him that he learn to taste while cooking so that things can be fixed.  Kelli ends this tasting with an overcooked dish, but manages to cut the carrots properly.

Bobby tells Vinnie that he had the best dish on the blue team; he seems genuinely surprised.  Sherrill was at the bottom and is even more shocked then Vinnie.  Bobby tries to tell her she needs to let go of what she thinks she knows and really listen to what Bobby is trying to teach her.  Red teams’ winner is Bob; Rachel is on the bottom, again.  Luckily for the 2 in the bottom, today was not an elimination challenge.

The cooks arrive at the studio kitchens for today’s elimination challenge.  Today’s challenge will be meatballs.  Anne and Bobby point out that every country across the world has their own take on the meatball, International comfort food.  They break off into their team kitchens.

Bobby is going to demonstrate a Mexican Meatball with Red Chili Tomato Sauce; Anne prepares Italian Polpettini with Garlic Dipping Sauce.  The contestants need to pay attention to the preparation, but spicing and saucing will be up to the contestants.  They aren’t going to make this easy on them, because on top of seasoning they will also have to grind their own meat.

They both start their dishes with onion and garlic.  When Anne showed her team how to press garlic yesterday, I thought it was really strange.  She puts the knife down on the counter on top of her garlic.  Then, in a really quick motion she flies her hand down, batting the knife as it goes.  One wrong move and you slice the entire palm of your hand.  Bobby does it the way I have always done it, ahhhh Bobby.  Put you knife on top of the peeled clove and press really hard.  He even comments that Anne’s way is not safe.

Tiffany looks sick when she sees the pork loin.  Bobby asks her if she is okay; she says the meat is making her sick because it’s so meaty.  Of course he counters with “That’s because it is meat”.

The challenge is going to be head-to-head with a team member from the opposite kitchen.  The contestants will pull a country out of a globe to see which country they are representing in the meatball challenge.

Erica and Anthony are both preparing Meatballs from India.  Well he flies by the seat of his pants, and she never seems to grasp anything.  The grinding of the meat might be a challenge for this duo.

Tiffany and Melissa are paired up with Lebanon.  Tiffany thinks meat is too meaty, while Melissa has an ongoing battle with food.

Benjamin and Kelli have France.  This is a good paring, as they both are better than many on the show.

Sarina and Bennett both have Spain.  This paring is lucky for the both of them.  I think they are two of the weaker cooks at Worst Cook kitchen, although Bennett seemed to enjoy the rolling of the Spanish R.  If he is familiar with Spanish flavors this will definitely help him.

David and Dorothy draw Greece.  I can’t come up with anything cleaver to say, editing doesn’t give them a lot of air time.

Vinnie, who won the challenge before for blue kitchen, and Rachel, who lost the same challenge. are paired against each other.  Morocco is the country that will be represented by their meatballs.

Last but not least are Sherrill and Bob. Sherrill tells Bobby she is hoping to draw America.  They draw Sweden.