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The Voice, Feb. 20th – Sometimes, I Want a Sandwich Edition.

Next up is piano-girl Nicolle Galyon. She’s a country singer who plays the piano. I guess that makes her a female version of Phil Vassar. Country singers do tend towards the guitar more than a piano, which is what she’s been told before.

Nicolle grew up playing classical piano and she’s only been singing for a few years. Sitting behind a piano, she plays You Save Me.

Adam puts his hand on his button, think a second longer and then presses. Everyone else takes a pass.

Adam calls them all dumb.

Adam: You know what’s great about that? No one else turned their chair.

Blake tells Adam that he gets emotional around Adam. Ok, creepy moment #2.

Another medley, this time one of singers we didn’t get to see, but who do make it.  Ashley De La Rosa, (That’s a long name) gets picked by Christina.  Then young country singer Jordan Rager is snatched up by Blake Shelton. Karla Davis is plucked out by Adam. And finally, someone with the name ALyX, (That’s how they wrote it on the screen, one word, only one lower case letter. Who thinks of these things?) is grabbed by Blake as well.

Another single-name singer is Mathai.  She’s 18 and from Texas. Her entire family is in the medical field. She wants to be a singer. Wonder if she’ll choose a song like Doctor Doctor or Calling Dr. Love?

But it’s another switcharoo. Next up is Eric Tipton, who also comes from Texas, where he says everyone listens to country, but his parents listen to soul. Eric, who like myself is a heavyset guy, says he thinks it’s to his advantage that the coaches can’t see him because his singing is all about soul, also just like me. Just ask the cats in my neighborhood. Eric chooses You Make My Dreams and Cee Lo lets out a snap before the singing even starts.

Adam is swinging his head to and fro. Blake looks like he has a headache. Cee Lo is playing pretend drums with a pen.  No one is hitting their buttons. Looks like nobody made his dreams come true .

Cee Lo starts showing how he was getting into it.

Adam: Like Cee Lo, I couldn’t get there.

Last but not least, it’s time for Mathai to prove she should be here and not in medical school. And dang it, no doctor songs, but rather Rumor Has It.

Adam gets antsy around his button right away and then hits it. Blake hits his next and likes what he sees. Cee Lo turns and gives us some serious shoulder action. It’s like they were attracted to her scent. Only Christina doesn’t swing around.

Blake: We are looking at a future star. I really, really want you on my team, and now Adam is going to lay a line of crap on you.

Adam: He’s right. You don’t sound like anyone. I also pushed my button in like 8 seconds. (By the way, I went back and checked. I got to 11 Mississippi before Adam hit his button.)

Cee Lo: I think it was a wonderful audition of a song.

Mathai picks Adam, and Blake looks like he’s going to weep.

The teams are getting full, so I think it’s going to be even harder to get someone to turn around next week as the Blind Auditions come to a close. It also looks like they may have a little fun next week with Zac Effron, Betty White and some orange things called the Lorax? Whatever. I’m going to go make myself a sandwich.

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