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The Voice, Feb. 20th – Sometimes, I Want a Sandwich Edition.

And what do you know? So does Anthony Evans who arrives next. His father is the pastor of a church that goes over the radio. Now we hear the son preach to us with What’s Going On?

Blake is yelling at someone. Adam is thinking. Christina seems to be saying no.  Cee Lo almost hits his button, but then Christina says yes.

Cee Lo: It’s almost like you’re on the verge of crying.

Christina: I was waiting to hear something spectacular, and at the end you were hitting some of those runs …. I liked that.

Blake: I was telling her that’s your guy. (I guess Christina was saying no to Blake.)

Ooh, now it’s getting good!! We’re going to a sandwich shop in Chicago. If it were New York, it would be a sammich shop, which would be even better!!  I’m getting hungry. Who cares if Jamie Lono can sing? He can make a sandwich!

His manager gives him the invitation and he’s on his way to The Voice. We hear about how his family went into bankruptcy for awhile when he was young and had to pay to get a growth removed from his lung. Jamie takes the stage without a sandwich, but with a guitar and sings Folsom Prison Blues.

Adam hits his button within a few seconds. Cee Lo takes a bit longer, but he joins him. Wait until he finds out about the sandwiches!

Cee Lo: You put some soul into that thing.

Jamie gets in that he makes sandwiches.  Cee Lo responds, “We should hook up, ’cause I eat sandwiches.” (Yo, Cee Lo, so do I!!!!)

Adam: I’ll assure that you’ll never make a sandwich again. (That would be a crime against humanity!)

Jamie is trying to pick. He’s taking awhile.  He could be making me a sandwich while he’s deciding. Jamie then picks Cee Lo, and I know that I’ll never get my hands on a sandwich now.

19-year-old Dylan Chambers has been coached before; however, it was from his mother. He’s really nervous as he gets ready to take the stage and sing Valerie.

All the judges are nodding with the beat.  Blake is hovering over the button, but not committing. Their heads are all bopping, but nobody hits their button.

Adam: It was so close.

Cee Lo: That last note that you hit, you just owned that.

Christina: I’m looking for ‘that moment’ that will make me just push my button.

We then get a medley of a few other singers who also didn’t get anyone to spin. None of them are bad, but none of them sound like anyone we’re gonna wish had been chosen.

Now a little nepotism.  Justin Hopkins used to play in Carson Daly’s house band. He walks in with his wife and little girl. He’s already hoping for Cee Lo. He starts his version of Babylon.

Justin is covering the stage, and Cee Lo reaches for his button, pulls back, then hits it just before the end.

Cee Lo: I want to help polish and refine what you have.

Adam and Christina start talking about Cee Lo’s silky smooth voice. Just a little bit disturbing, but Justin is happy.  And I still don’t have a sandwich.