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The Voice, Feb. 20th – Sometimes, I Want a Sandwich Edition.

Another hand-delivered invitation, this time to street performer Naia Kete who plays with her boyfriend and brother.  She decides to sing The Lazy Song.

Blake hits his button without much preamble, then proceeds to warn the others that they shouldn’t push their button.  Cee Lo doesn’t listen and pushes his.

Cee Lo calls her an Earth Angel and says he pushed his button for her.

Naia: Cee Lo, you push all my buttons.

Blake: I’m already screwed.

Adam: Yeah, you already lost. (See, who said these people can’t agree on something?)

Christina: You had that really great texture.

She seems to pitch for Blake, who then pitches for himself. Blake seems to make the better pitch, but Cee Lo thinks he’s irresistible. Her gut had always told her to pick Cee Lo, but now, her gut changes its mind, and she picks Blake. Adam gets a few nice digs in at Blake’s expense.

Sometimes, the next person, is up and you hope she does well. What I mean to say it that the next person up is Charlotte Sometimes and I hope she does well.  She had a condition that threatened her ability to sing and had an operation. Sometimes it all works out.  Sometimes will have to wait.

Erick Macek is actually next. I guess they were trying to throw us off. It worked.  He talks about doing well to buy his mom a new house.  Aww. He starts into Free Falling.

Black is so close to hitting his button, but he keeps pulling back. Cee Lo points to Blake, who has put his hand down. It looks like the moment passed.

Christina: You gave a good performance and it was just mellow.

Blake: I damn near pushed my button.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Will it work, Sometimes? Sometimes takes the stage with Apologize.

There are some intense looks on the coach’s faces. Adam hits his button, followed by Blake, both of whom are smiling big.  Soon Cee Lo and Christina join them. I guess it works, Sometimes.

And Sometimes gets a standing O.

Christina: I want you all the time.

Blake: Hey Charlotte, I never wondered. I think you’re very special.

Cee Lo: When you opened up it was like a flower.

Adam: It was simple.

Christina: It wasn’t that simple.

Cee Lo tells them to get a room, and Blake LOL’s.

Sometimes it’s decision time.  I mean, Sometimes, it’s decision time. (That comma!) Sometimes picks Blake.

Sporting the Telly Savalas haircut is Tony Vincent. (Cool last name, by the way!) He came to New York to pursue a pop/rock thing, but got into Broadway. Vincent also worked with Queen, and he had hair back then.  We also learn that his wife is expecting.  Wonder if the kid will have hair.

Vincent performs We Are the Champions from his time working with the real Queen.  Christina says wow, but makes no move to her button. Cee Lo does. And he’s the only one.

Cee Lo: Are you guys’ ears burning up?

Christina: I loved the intensity.

Blake: Cee Lo is the king of the over the top.

As they approach each other, I realize that Vincent and Cee Lo must get their hair done at the same place.