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The Voice, Feb. 20th – Sometimes, I Want a Sandwich Edition.

It’s time for The Voice, Blind auditions, part 4.  The Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera are still building their teams, but as they do, each coach will probably get a bit stingier with their button pushing.

We start out the night with another first name only singer.  This time, he’s name is Ducky. Neither Daffy nor Donald Duck ever had a moustache quite that cool. I can’t help but wonder what the story is behind that name.  I assume that he’s hoping that it’s duck season, and not rabbit season.

Ducky’s a painter as well as a singer. Not a bad one either, from what we’re shown.  We’re also shown Ducky’s girlfriend who doesn’t give a name, but she may be Pebbles Flintstone, grown up. Ducky waddles on stage and launches into Tighten Up.

No one is turning, and Christina seems to be telling Adam to turn, who’s thinking but not hitting his button.  Uh oh, I saw Cee Lo shake his head.

No one turns.

Cee Lo: We’re all definitely looking for the best.

Christina: We all wished we turned around.

Adam: That’s a kickass moustache.

Blake: Is that a throwback to Doc Holiday?

Oh well, it is a kickass moustache, but I guess he’s the lame duck of the night.

We then meet Janathas and his family, including his adorable kids, and hear how he learned to speak English when he came to America as a 5-year-old little boy by singing music.  He takes the stage and performs U Got It Bad.

Christina smiles, and there’s some back-and-forth talk. Adam is nodding and the crowd loves Jonathas.  Cee Lo swings around followed by Christina.

Cee Lo: I thought that was a prank. I thought that was actually us.

Christina: The ladies love Jonathas.

She then talks about molding and packaging. Cee Lo talks about how Christina has packages on her mind and wants a closer look at Jonathas’s watch.

Now we get the competing egos.  Cee Lo says, “I don’t like to brag, but I can do anything.”

I don’t like to brag? Has he watched this show?

Ooh, then Janathas mentions how he always had the hots for Christina, then he picks her.  Is that wise with his wife backstage? Doesn’t seem too smart to me, but she either missed that part or she’s a very forgiving woman.

We’re reminded that there aren’t many spots left as Monique Benabou is introduced to us. She walks in, arm-in-arm with her parents. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor.

The opening notes to Mr. Know It All ring out and everyone is listening intently. Adam has his head down again.  Christina is deep in consideration. Blake looks like he’s on the edge of hitting the button, but recommends Christina take her and she does.  Christina seems happy enough as she turns.

Cee Lo: She should be happy; you did a great job.

Blake: I think Christina is the best female vocalist of our generation. (Um, isn’t Miranda going to have a little issue with that? Has he heard some his wife’s songs? She’s not one I’d want to tick off.)