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Don't Spit That Out!

by Panndyra

Tonight’s ANTM was very, very interesting. Let me start by saying I miss Toccara and her smile. 😥

Okay. I’m back. The girls have a special challenge. They’re gonna ‘die.’ Norelle was like, “I don’t know what to expect.”

Too bad it wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be, but that would make America’s Next Top Model a very different kind of show, wouldn’t it?

The ladies had to pretend they were dead. They had a scene with Taye “He’s soooooooooooo fine” Diggs, the star of UPN’s Kevin Hill, which conveniently comes on after ANTM. (I bet Toccara would’ve loved to have gotten up close and personal with the man who helped Stella get her groove back…mmmm, mmm. The man is fine. I’ll stop drooling now. :heart: :heart: :heart: )

I don’t know who the hell wrote the scene, but they need to be shot. The girls did a dry run so they didn’t get to memorize this schmaltzy B.S. (that stands for bull s**t, y’all!)

The medical terms were tough for me (and I have a mensa-level IQ, okay!)

Eva didn’t even pretend. She was like, “I’ve got lots of diseases…”

Amanda made the ultimate mistake of dying twice. 😆

Before announcing the winner, the acting coach forgot Nicole. That doesn’t bode well and Nicole knew it. She’s been under fire for not having enough of a personality.

The winner was Miss Yaya “I think I’m all that and a bag of chips” Da Costa Johnson.

That’s 4 in a row. I know it’s hard not to get cocky after trouncing the competition like that, but her ‘tude is just too too much. I honestly think that she feels like she’s superior to these girls. (I don’t think the editing is that creative!)

Her prize – she gets to fly luxury (1st) class to Tokyo, Japan where the girls are heading next. She takes Miss Amanda with her.

On the way to the airport, you see Ann, Eva and Norelle. They sort of have a models ‘alliance.’ Think Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, but with less grace, intelligence and star power. Sorry, y’all. Now, those were supermodel divas with an attitude. Maybe someday!

I wouldn’t cap on ’em for their lack of intelligence except for the fact that NORELLE did know whether to call the people in Tokyo – Japanese or Tokyoenses.

I can’t make this crap up.

Once in Tokyo, they meet their ‘tour guide.’ They then are shuffled off to their hotel. They’re amazed at their ‘beds’. It looks like a kennel. They have compartments for beds and a communal bathroom.

Then, it’s off to their photo shoot. This time they’re doing a commercial in Japanese for Campbell’s Selects Soup.

Norelle says, “I can’t even speak English, now they want me to talk Japanese.” 😆

Eva messed up big time and was afraid she was going home. She told Ann, “I want Norelle to go home.” That upset Ann as she’s close to Norelle now too and she gets a little upset that maybe Eva’s not a loyal friend.

Hmmm! Ann, do you remember that this is a competition and, at some point, there’ll only be ONE of you left? Ain’t no loyalty in a competition, baby.

Ann did well. Yaya did okay but she talked japanese sooooooooooo slowly. Amanda, on the other hand, went too fast.

Norelle, well, she looked cute. Nicole —um, we’ll get to that later.

Cut to the judging. First, they were going to have a test. The girls had to eat ANTM — umeboshi (sour, pickled plum). They had to do a comercial for it and sell the product.

None of them liked it. Some were able to play it off better than others. And then, there was YAYA. In front of the Japanese director, who was also a guest judge, and his interpreter, not to mention the rest of the panel, she said, “I can’t eat this”. Then, she spit it out in front of them.

Very rude. Very disrespectful. This is a woman who is proud of her own ethnic heritage and cultural diversity. She should’ve been more sensitive to the situation. It was very insulting to the judges, the panel and especially the Japanese director.

She’s been rude before (remember the argument with the stylist!).

I sort of hoped that she would go home. At least Tyra told her to buy some ‘humble pie’.

However, the judges decided to keep Yaya. Tyra almost forgot to give Nicole feedback. That reminded all the judges during their deliberation that Nicole is not memorable to them.

As Tyra said to Nicole, “you have to be memorable to be a top model.”

Poor Nicole. That’s very harsh criticism indeed. I believe that Nicole is a beautiful young woman who tried to hide her personality in the hopes that it would get her what she wanted. Nicole was the former punk rocker. Maybe she felt she needed to clean up to be a model.

If she takes anything away from the experience I hope it’s that she needs to show herself and be proud of who she is and what she stands for. Don’t hide, Nicole. I’m sure you’re memorable. People will notice.

–That’s it! If you want to comment on ANTM 3, my review or Yaya’s cultural insensitivy, email me at panndyra@realityshack.com. Peace!


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