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The Amazing Race, Feb. 19 – “My Uterus Is In My Throat!”

Danny is still struggling with the driving, and even seems to be driving the wrong way, nearly getting stuck in sand. Well, 1st gear should help him with that. Maiya thinks she has found the area where they’ll be landing, but gets her car stuck in the sand. She hopes someone comes by to help her. Mark lands, followed by Joey and Misa. She hits hard, saying it wasn’t a dainty landing. Mark tells Bopper he got sicker than something. Again, Closed Captioning is of no help. Misa waits for Maiya to get there.

Dave makes his jump, and Stacy is crossing herself and asking what will happen if the parachute doesn’t open the right way. She’s also thinking of her kids. On the way up, she was thinking she was not going to do it, but doesn’t want them to think it’s okay to duck and hide from what life throws at them. She makes the jump, opens her eyes, and says it feels good and liberating, but she’ll never do it again. Well, the Race isn’t over yet.

A couple of guys along the side of the road stop to help Maiya and pull her out of the sand. She hugs and thanks them. While her sister still waits, Dave lands and Cherie goes running out to him. She’s happy they’re not last. Danny finally gets the car to the pickup spot and gets Joey, as Stacy lands and meets up with Kerri. Misa is still waiting.

Elliot and Andrew arrive to make empanadas. Border Patrol is still working on them and figure they are “Chef Boyardee-like.” They aren’t approved yet, and Art says he’ll fix them. Who would have thought Boyardee had such loose standards? Maiya finally gets there, and they take off for the empanada-making.

Brendon and Rachel are counting their empanadas to see if they’re done. They ask the judge to check them, and she says no. Rachel wants to get first place to get the Express Pass. Art and J.J. ask to have their empanadas checked, and fail again. They refer to her as the Empanada Nazi. Rachel and Dave sneak in there and are the first ones to be passed. Brendon and Rachel are right after them.

It’s blonde Rachel and hubby who arrive first on Phil’s mat and are named team number one to get the Express Pass. Dave tells Phil that him referring to it as “a piece of power in your pocket,” sounds a little perverse, but they’ll take it. Rachel congratulates them as she and Brendon race in to be named team number two.

Border Patrol is finally passed and arrive on the mat in third place. Nary and Jamie … Are they still racing? We haven’t seen them really at all. They’re team number four. Vanessa and Ralph are team number five, and Elliot and Andrew are team number six.

Bopper and Mark arrive to make the empanadas and start watching the demonstration. They’re followed by the Clowns who aren’t carrying backpacks, but wheeled suitcases. That might be a problem in their travels at some point. Joey and Danny arrive next, followed by Kerri and Stacy. Bopper says this is the first time he has ever made a pinata. Mark corrects him, or tries to at least. Joey eats out all the time and doesn’t cook, so it’s all foreign to him.

Maiya and Misa arrive, as Dave says he doesn’t usually get a lot of time to cook. Cherie claims he’s a good microwaver, though. Maiya and Misa talk about making a Japanese wonton all the time, so they think they have this one in the bag. Kerri finishes, so jumps over to Stacy’s side and starts helping her. Maiya and Misa refer to themselves as the Comeback Kids. The tone editing just played tells us that might not be the case.

Kerri and Stacy are passed and celebrate on the mat. Misa and Maiya discuss leaving their backpacks behind. Dave and Cherie get passed and drag their bags out of there. Danny sees them leave and says it’s the worst feeling, as “they’re freaking clowns.” The Clowns are number eight. Mark and Bopper finish next and are named team number nine.

It’s between the sisters and the fitness dudes. The sisters finish and take off for the finish line, stopping first for their bags. They start searching for Phil and can’t find him. Seriously, Phil is right there, and they can’t find him. They’re just on the other side of the yard, and it’s not a huge yard. They run out to look for him in the front, as Phil just watches them leave. His face is priceless, but no eyebrow.

Fitness and Solution get their empanadas passed, and run out, getting to Phil first. He tells them they are team number ten and they’re stoked to still be in it. Phil asks if they know how close it was. They obviously had no idea that if the sisters had looked on the other side of the yard they would be in it, and the guys would be eliminated.

Maiya and Misa wander around the grounds, and finally find Phil. They are eliminated. He points out how close they were without seeing him, and says it’s the first time it’s ever happehned on the Race. Maiya says when you’re so focused on something it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you. It’s beyond disappointing for them to go out like this. They’ve proven they have a lot of heart, but it’s the hardest thing to sometimes not be enough.

In the previews of the season, they show Redhead Rachel crying, saying The Amazing Race is supposed to be fun and good. Oh, but it is when you’re a viewer.

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