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The Amazing Race, Feb. 19 – “My Uterus Is In My Throat!”

Art and J.J. are the first to arrive at Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque. Redhead Rachel tells Brendon to follow them in. Art and J.J. run to the cluebox and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will need to find the other person from their team who has jumped from an airplane. Art, Brendon, and Dave are doing the Roadblock, meaning J.J. and the two Rachels will be jumping. Dave is upset to find out the non-participant is the one jumping, because “what better location in the world to skydive than Argentina on the Race?” Jamie, Ralph, and Andrew are doing the task as well, meaning Mary, Vanessa, and Elliot are jumping.

J.J. is taking no pleasure in doing the jumping, explaining that he doesn’t like heights and thinks it’s playing with death. Dave thinks Art and J.J. have common ground with them because they’re government employees as border patrol agents, have a similar outlook on life, and have alpha male personalities like his own. Because of that, they work together. The two Rachels are excited for the jump, but J.J. is having a really tough time. Brendon uses the odometer in the car to help him locate where Rachel will be after her jump and is thinking about three miles away. Dave is using a map to locate his wife. The three guys find a spot alongside the road that says “Park Here,” and know they found the right spot.

Redhead Rachel calls out, “Mom, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I don’t remember her ever addressing her mom on Big Brother. J.J. is still obviously scared to death, and says, “We’re up in the clouds now.” Their three partners watch the plane flying overhead. The first to jump is J.J. They’re jumping with someone else strapped to them, most likely an experienced jumper. J.J. seems to be enjoying it after all, like a natural high, a rush. The next to jump is Redhead Rachel. It appears she loses the person she’s strapped to at first, but I think it must be the cameraperson. That person appears to hold her hand then halfway down. She begins to breathe and finds this really beautiful. Blonde Rachel goes next and calls it her biggest rush and phenomenal.

J.J. lands and Art runs to him. Redhead Rachel yells out, “Brendon, this is amazing!” while she lands, and he runs to her saying, “She just had the experience of a lifetime.” Thank you, Captain Obvious. With the Border Patrol reunited, J.J. says it was fun, but not fun. Their clue tells them to drive to Patios de Cafayate to search the grounds for thier next clue. Blonde Rachel hits as well. All three teams take off for their cars.

The five teams from the second flight find the first clue alongside the road, with Misa and Maiya being the first of them. One team still hasn’t found it yet, Dave and Cherie. Stacy is worried about the location they’re headed, saying it makes her think of being in the air, and she’s terrified of heights. Let’s hope she doesn’t get it mixed up with that weirdly worded clue and end up doing it. The Clowns finally reach the roadside clue basket.

We don’t get the benefit of seeing some of these teams hit the Roadblock and decide who’s jumping. It’s straight to a shot of the jumpers. Nary is first, followed by Elliot and Vanessa. She figures whoever first thought of jumping out of airplanes had to be borderline crazy. During her jump she claims her uterus is in her throat. Wow, that’s a visual.

Fitness and Solution arrive at the Roadblock, with the Solution doing the Roadblock, meaning Fitness needs to jump. Bopper and Mark arrive, with Bopper telling Mark he’ll need to jump. Yeah, this is the guy who was puking just from grabbing balloons. This ought to be interesting. Bopper tells him to “Go on, Baby. Get ‘er done!” Misa and Maiya are next to arrive, and one of them is jumping. Kerri and Stacy arrive next, and Kerri is told she should do the Roadblock. Dave and Cherie finally arrive, and she decides to do the Roadblock.

Stacy finally realizes what “non-participating person” means. She has to jump. Kerri tells her it’s an awesome way to face your fears. If it were me, I’d be thinking, “Or an awesome way to die.” I don’t have a fear of heights, but do have a fear of free-falling, and a very odd fear of being upside down. It’s this, bungee-jumping, and having to eat weird food that keeps me from going on The Amazing Race.

Bopper provides us with a look he thinks Mark will have when he jumps out the plane. These two are going to be our entertainment this season. I’m hoping they stick around for awhile. Danny can’t drive stick, so he’s in trouble. His mother asked him before he left if he wanted to learn. That would have been a “Solution,” wouldn’t it? He finally gets it in first gear.

Art and J.J. are arriving at Patios de Cafayate, with Brendon and Rachel right behind them, as she announces, “We are right on the tail of Border Patrol.” Brendon states he’s half Mexican and hates them for a reason. I’m just going to leave that one alone. The first team to the clue are the half-Mexican and Redhead, with the Border Patrol right behind them. The clue tells them to make 120 empanadas, 60 with meat, and 60 with cheese. Each type has different dough-crimping patterns, and they’ll need to figure that out. When the empanada champion approves, they can race to the pit stop at the hotel and spa on the same grounds.

The two teams watch the demonstration of how to make the empanadas. Border Patrol takes off to start making them after watching for a very short time, while Rachel and Brendon pay closer attention. She notices there are two different types and figures one of them should watch and make meat, while the other one handles the cheese. Smart plan. That’s why she’s already a million dollar winner. They finally take off to start making them. Dave and Rachel arrive with the same plan.

Mark jumps out of the airplane, and is doing a lot of screaming. Joey is being a goof and enjoying himself, and Misa calls it a really cool feeling and with a view that makes the experience priceless.

Nary and Jamie arrive to start making empanadas. Joey calls his empanadas “pretty, pretty, pretty,” but the judge shakes her head no. He goes back to learn again, and Art is also told no when she surveys his. They realize their error was in the crimping techniques. Vanessa and Ralpha arrive as J.J. calls this frustrating, and Art asks what you expect from two middle-aged men. What he knows how to do is barbecue steaks. Ralph would prefer to be eating the empanadas, and Vanessa agrees. She just wants to rub her face in them.