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The Amazing Race, Feb. 19 – “My Uterus Is In My Throat!”

The Amazing Race, Feb. 19 – Of course the most talked about team on this season of The Amazing Race is Brendon and Rachel from Big Brother fame. I might be in the minority, but I hope they make it kind of far. Everyone has to admit they make good TV, even if they sometimes make you want to throw things at the screen. They can stick it to Ethan and Jenna from Survivor if they make it further than the second week.

The teams make an unusual start to the Race this year. They arrive in Santa Barbara, California, via bicycles, as if on a bike race. I like the change of pace, but it’s hard to really get to see what the racers look like so that we’ll remember them later. The teams are:

Dave and Cherie – Married Clowns. He goes by the adage “what goes around comes around,” and hopes because of their karma they have built up, it will turn around and work in their favor.

Bopper and Mark – Lifelong friends from Kentucky. They explain they’re from the “other side of the tracks.” They’ve never had anything and don’t expect to. If they don’t win, they can’t help their families, so they’re going to to win the money.

Misa and Maiya – Sisters from San Diego. I can tell I’m going to have a hard time keeping them apart until much later in the season. They’re golfers, and while some people think they may be dainty and prissy, for them there will be no crying. As athletes, they know what it takes to win the Race.

Brendon and Rachel – Engaged from L.A. They met on Big Brother and fell in love in the hammock. They proved to be good competitors, and Brendon thinks they showed that by winning Big Brother 13. Rachel disputes this, saying “she” won. They’re not here to make friends; they’re here to win a million dollars. “Nobody comes between me and my million dollars.” I have to hand it to her or the producers, whoever came up with that. That’s good.

Joey “Fitness” and Danny – Best friends from Long Island. They’re all about the hair, the muscles, and the tattoos. People may think they’re the typical Jersey guys, but while Danny doesn’t have a “Situation,” he explains he has a “Solution,” as he raises his shirt. He says there’s a lot more going on over there than they think, and points to his abs. I hate to tell him, but that is what everyone thinks. He would have made us think twice if he pointed to his head.

Nary and Jamie – Federal Agents from L.A. There aren’t a lot of women in their field, and you have to be tougher to do what they do. Nary explains doing this Race “is going to be cake to us.” Jamie likes cake. Oh brother.

Dave and Rachel – Married from Madison. He’s a Major in the Army and has been in the military for sixteen years, being in Iraq for one year. She just realized the magnitude of how much you change when you’re apart. They’re hoping the Race will be the catalyst for reconnecting to reconcile their marriage and friendship and common bond. How can you not like these two?

Elliot and Andrew – Twin brothers from Scottsdale. Elliott is a musician in a rock band, and Andrew a professional soccer player. They’ve always been close and best friends, Elliot explains it by saying they’re like partners, but not gay. Andrew tells him he can’t say that. I’m thinking they belong with Joey and Danny.

Kerri and Stacy – Cousins from Gulfport, Mississippi. They’re the typical Daisy Duke country girls, and explain they do look a little different, but at the end of the day, they’ll be in the mud getting dirty with the rest of the boys. “We’re packing a little punch behind this little drawl.”

Vanessa and Ralph – Dating from San Antonio. They’ve been dating for about a year, but have known each other about fifteen. She used to stalk him, but he got married, and she stalked him some more. He got divorced; she got married. She got divorced, and now they’re dating. They’ll keep the racing to going around the world, and not down the aisle. They seem fun.

Art and J.J. – Border Patrol Agents from Southern California. They’re supervisors of a 40-man unit that controls the coastline. Many times it’s life or death, so they need to be teammates. They’re going to laugh, rib each other, and have fun. Art believes he’s the brains and J.J.’s the braun, as J.J. jokes it’s like thinking you’re the Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.

Done with their bike ride, the teams meet up with Phil on a lush meadow. There will be twelve legs on the race that will push them like never before. The winners of this leg will win the Express Pass that can be used before or during any challenge they don’t want to compete, but it has to be used before the end of the eighth leg.

The first clue is up in the air in miniature hot air balloons. The teams need to run into a corn field and start pulling them down to find the clues. There are only eleven clues in the one-hundred balloons. Finding one with a clue, they can get into a new Ford Taurus and continue racing.