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Top Chef: Texas/Vancouver – Ep15 – Top Chef Laff-a-Lympics

Not too tough it seems. Both dishes were good, but Sarah’s was just a smidge better and she gets the final slot, and ten grand. Lindsay tells Bev that she kicked some hard core ass. And she did. Sarah says Bev is amazing. So there we go – a Final Three is set, and Bev gets booted for the second time. Beverly was a tough little lady, whose outward appearance and attitide indicated otherwise. She was a great bit of casting this season – and I must admit that after Grayson left I was rooting for her. Oh well.

Quickfire hits
• Interesting moment of gender dynamics – as the four get into the Product Placement Mobile, guess who drove? That’s right – our friendly neighborhood Jedi. Not the women.
• Pretty awesomely placed gust of wind that seemed to almost send Padma flying into the Canadian wilderness.
• Bev’s restaurant is in the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, and they are in the Fairmont in the Olympic Village. Surprising that she didn’t get the home hotel advantage.
• Sarah with a great analysis of Bev – “Beverly has already been eliminated once. She has nothing to lose at this point. Now Beverly is ready; she’s focused; she is that silent horse. She wants to be meek and timid, and people don’t see her, and then she likes to attack like a tiger.”
• Um, how can you be a horse and a tiger? A torse? A higer? Paging Dr. Moreau.
• Speaking of Sarah/Beverly editing- how hysterical was the commercial bumper making it seem as if Beverly shot Sarah? Were there actually people at home thinking, “That little chef shot the big chef – I have to see what happened there!” And then were disappointed when the two shots proved to be unrelated.
• More editing, when Bev said it “feels right to go against Sarah,” it was REALLY chopped up, as if from about four different conversations.
• Extra – Beverly has some very bruised hands.

Next week – Top Two is on the line.

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