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Project Runway All-Stars, Feb. 16 – Live on Broadway

Michael is first.  He made a pleated chartreuse knee-length skirt and a print haltertop.  He added a headpiece made of ribbons that match the halter and what look like chartreuse feathers.  He also chose ostentatious dangle earrings.

Kenley decided to borrow a leaf from Mondo’s book and mix prints.  She made a knee-length aqua skirt with a floral print and a white top.  She added a red and white print coat with a collar made of white feathers.  She also used a headpiece made of white feathers.

Austin made a flared knee-length dress out a stiff black, silver, and yellow fabric.  He added cropped black leggings that only emphasized the fact that his model ought to gain about 30 pounds.  (Seriously, calves and thighs are not supposed to be roughly the same diameter.)  He also made black arm decorations and a large black headpiece pinned to his model’s bouffant hairdo.

Jerrell made a black knee-length skirt and a black and white print shirt with long sleeves.  He also gave his model dangling earrings.

Kara made a snug scarlet knee-length skirt and a blue and silver top.  She then added a vest made of black fur, the bottom of which was decorated with a ridiculously huge bow made of silver lamé.

Mondo made a long dress out of range and yellow print fabric decorated with black and yellow eyespots.  It is slit up the front, probably to aid mobility.  Underneath the dress is a slit gold skirt.  He also made a dark blue mandarin jacket trimmed with gold.  The sleeves are edged with feathers that match the dress’ colors.

Mila made an asymmetrical green and yellow striped skirt that is so askew it looks as if Mila had sewn it while under the influence.  She also made a gold and white striped shirt and a jacket made of white fur.  She then added a big bracelet and a big necklace to the look.

Afterwards, Angela calls Jerrell and tells him that he’s safe.  The other six have to face the judges.

They start with Michael who was trying to make a “humorous rich bitch.”  Georgina would have liked more eccentricity in the look, while Isaac comments that chartreuse is a difficult color to use.  The judges think Michael’s character looks like a bitchy party girl — which they love.

Kenley tells the judges that she is obsessed with the East Village, which is where she used to live.  She wanted to make the character look like a denizen of the East Village.  The judges say her coat is well-cut, but that she used too many elements in her look.  Angela thinks the character looks eccentric, but not rich.  Isaac thinks the look needs some major tweaking.

Austin wanted to create a modern take on Marie Antoinette.  Georgina appreciates that, and Angela likes the silhouette.  Isaac thinks the outfit is a little too young for the character– and then calls Austin “Austin Starlet.”  Whoops.  Austin, of course, corrects him.

As for Mila, Isaac likes the jacket and the skirt– but not together.  Sutton thinks the outfit looks like something a street walker would wear, not a wealthy person.

Mondo tells the judges that the character got her clothes from different places she’d been.  He adds that the jacket is supposed to be her father’s smoking jacket.  Georgina loves the layering and combination of fabrics.

Kara is last.  Angela loves the pop of red provided by the skirt– but hates the silver bow.  The judges agree that the bow is too big and bulky.  Georgina likes the ideas in the look, but thinks the outfit itself needs some tweaking.

The judges then send everybody backstage so they can deliberate.  They start with the designers they liked.  Angela calls Michael’s look the “Chiquita banana woman,” but everybody likes his skirt.  The judges also liked the mix of fabrics in Michael’s look.  Mondo made a gorgeous dress– but the length might be a problem.  Austin’s look would be easy to perform in.

Onto the designers they didn’t like.  Mila’s model looks like a street walker on drugs.  Kara’s proportions were off.  Kenley’s model didn’t look convincingly wealthy.

The judges then call everybody back in to announce their decision.  Michael is safe, while Mondo is the winner.  Austin and Kenley are also safe, leaving Mila and Kara in the bottom two.  Mila is safe, while Kara is out.

Next week:  The designers gather at the U.N. headquarters.

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