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Project Runway All-Stars, Feb. 16 – Live on Broadway

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to make sportswear for a high-end vacation during any one of the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter).  They were divided into pairs according to which season they were using.  But rather than being teams, each pair had duke it out in a fashion face-off that produced one winner and one loser per pair.  Jerrell won and Rami was sent home.

The following morning, at the apartment, Kenley and Austin talk about how shocked they are that Rami was sent home.  Jerrell also expresses shock, but then tells us, “Eventually they all have to go so I can get my check.”

The designers then head downtown to meet Angela.  To Austin’s great delight, the gang meet her at a theatre in Broadway.  Angela then introduces everybody to Steven Schwarz, a Broadway composer who has written music for such hits like Wicked.  He wrote the music for Godspell, which is being revived for its 40th anniversary.

Schwartz tells the designers that the prize for this challenge will be their version of a Broadway debut.  The winning designer’s costume will be featured in the performance, and they will be the subject of a write-up in Playbill.  As for the challenge, the designers have to make a costume for a character in Godspell, a rich woman who steals from the poor and flaunts her wealth.  The costume has to be made of separates.  The designers will have a budget of $200.00 and a day to complete the challenge.

The designers begin sketching in the theater.  Austin is delighted to be able to do this, as it lets him soak up the ambience.  Michael draws a skirt and a top.

At Mood, Austin thinks a brocade would be just the thing for the character, while Kara chooses fur for a jacket or stole.  Kenley also chooses a brocade, while Jerrell opts for some lamé.

Back at the workshop, the designers get busy.  Kara starts work on a dress.  Mila explains the Godspell character again.  Several other people will do the same thing during the course of the show, and it’s annoying.  The concept isn’t that complicated:  design a costume for a rich, ostentatious thief.

Joanna comes in to check on people and she starts with Austin.  He explains the character, and adds that he imagines her as being like Marie Antoinette.  Joanna likes the idea, but tells  him that he needs to make “hideous into fabulous,” as his look, so far, is hideous.

Kara is doing a maxi-skirt, and Joanna tells her that her look isn’t ambitious enough.  Kara, who is in her 30’s, gets upset, cries, and protests that she’s doing her best.

Mila is making a gold and white striped shirt and pairing it with a green and yellow striped skirt.  She’s debating with herself about whether to make a pencil skirt, and Joanna suggests she make a pencil skirt as those look “powerful.”  I do know the pencil skirt is a popular style for business attire.

Mondo is working on a coat that he says is the character’s father’s old smoking jacket.  He plans to put her in clothing that has sentimental value.  Each piece will come from some place important to her.

Jerrell tells Joanna that he loves texture.  He is making a jacket that he views as a “statement piece” and a “piece of jewelry.”  Speaking of jewelry, he plans to use a lot of it for his look.

Kenley cheerfully tells Joanna that she isn’t using polka dots this time.  She’s making a jacket and plans to use feathers for glamour.  She describes her look as “signature thrift store pieces.”

After Joanna leaves, Michael and Mondo try to comfort the still-distraught Kara.  The models then come in for their fitting.  Austin is pleased with how his look is shaping up, but Mondo thinks his outfit looks heavy and overwrought.  He’s also still upset about his loss at the last challenge, and Kara tries to comfort him.  On that note, it’s time for everybody to go home.

The following morning is the day of the runway show, so the designers get back to work.  Mila has finished her skirt and top, and is now working on a jacket made of white fur.  Austin get annoyed when he finds somebody using “his” sewing machine– which is silly, since there are probably plenty of sewing machines available, now that roughly half of the designers are gone.

The models come in to get ready for the show.  During this, Michael finds the shoes he’s picked out won’t stay on his model’s feet, so he quickly conjures up some straps to hold them in place.  Mila has gotten a lot of gold accessories for her outfit.

On the runway, Angela introduces this week’s guest judge:  Sutton Foster, a Broadway actress.  Then it’s time for the show.