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Swan 2, Episode 4 – Sister Act

Sisters Kari and Gina B both applied to be Swans. At the beginning of the show, Kari is told that she was accepted into the program and Gina wasn’t. Gina tearfully let her little sis go off to be transformed and said she was happy for her, but she was sad a little too.

Well, SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Gina will also get to be a Swan. She has to keep her involvement in the program a secret from her baby sis, however. That’s gonna be hard since the girls are virtually joined at the hip.

Kari and Gina both have weight issues (and huge bazooms.) They are among the few would-be swans who have to have BREAST REDUCTION.

Kari’s plan entails:

*brow lift
*veneers (She asked Dr. Worth if she’d break her veneers because she falls a lot. Dr. Worth was like, “but do you fall on your teeth?” :clap:
*1,200 calorie a day diet
*6 day a week, 2-hour a day training sessions in the gym.

Gina’s plan entails:

*tummy tuck
*dental work
*diet (* when meeting with the nutritionist, Gina was scared because she’d have to give up her beloved soda. She wasn’t sure she could do it!)

To quote the crazy guy in the Waterboy, I say, YOU CAN DO IT!

After her first round of surgery, Kari had trouble waking up from the anesthetic. Her breathing rhythm was off or something. Dr. Haworth was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to have the breast reduction. OH NO! Not that!

Regardless, it was good to see that they do extra precautions and had Kari undergo several tests including those with sleep specialists to ensure that she would be okay to undergo more surgery.

It put her progress back a bit, but Kari seemed to have a good attitude about the whole ordeal and I was rooting for her.

Gina felt encouraged as Dr. Dubrow told her that her progress was good and her tummy looked great. She had the most trouble (almost) with keeping the secret from Kari.

In the end, both sisters looked absolutely gorgeous. They went from being overweight to very little. They worked their asses off literally! 😆

Kari saw herself first. She cried, of course. Then, Gina. Then, Kari was brought back in so they could reveal to her that Gina was her competition. Gina was gracious and said, “we’re both winners.”

I hope that’s good consolation, sweetie, ‘cuz your lil sis beat you out for a spot in the pageant.

SPOILER – next week, one of the Swans will have a brush with cancer. It’s bound to be another tear-jerker 😥

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